PDR College Podcast # 6

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Paintless Dent Removal is an interesting and challenging business to grow. Find out how two Pros are handling these challenges…and winning!

Keith & Shane talk wages, how soon is too soon to hire, How to price dealer accounts, and adding mobile software to your PDR business to increase revenue and productivity!


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3 thoughts on “PDR College Podcast # 6

  1. You guys are awesome! I gotta say this is great to hear other techs talk about there business, You both have inspired me to look into my own game and see how i can tweak what I’m doing to produce more money and i would like to thank you guys for that! Keep them coming! Just the other day by skipping lunch at one of my busy dealer accounts i made the most I’ve ever made in a day for dealer work! Im gonna have to skip lunch more often. Ive also noticed my retail sales getting better as well using some of your guys tips thanks. As far as hiring a tech so i can grow my business this is something I’ve been thinking of doing, i feel i’m at the point where i could use an other tech but I been hesitant on making that decision. You guys said you have your techs as independent contractors i like that idea, but whats stoping them from going on there own or getting there own accounts and cutting you out in the future? I know the 70% your paying them is a good deal and thats what i use too get as well but i went on my own and i feel once a tech gets to the point were there billing 12-20k/month, there gonna try and go on there own as well. Do you guys have a contract with them? if so how does it work? If you guys could help shed some light on this i would appreciate it very much. thanks

    • Salvatore, nothing will keep our guys (mine and Keith’s) from leaving and going on their own. The only thing that can influence them to stay is simply the way we choose to do business. Keith and I treat our guys very well, and I believe they would tell you the same. Add to that our abilities to get lots of work, and keep them busy, and it is a recipe for them wanting to stay with us. Some techs are ok with making a lot of money at 70% and not having to go out and secure work, do billing, etc. They realize that 30% is well earned by us. Will that keep everyone? Certainly not, but you surely can’t grow with only two hands. You need more to make more money. Thanks for the question, Salvatore!