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Shane’s Local Adwords Results

In this show we dive a little deeper into the results Shane is getting from his local google adwords account for PDR and give you some ideas you can use for your business.

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Podcast #33 – About Adwords


Keith Cosentino:    I’m Keith Cosentino, he’s Shane Jacks, and this is the PDR College podcast, the number one source for you in the universe for paintless dent removal information.  We’ve got the stuff here that’s going to help you grow your business.  We’re going to take you from zero to hero, or from fantastic to something that rhymes with fantastic that is even better.
Shane Jacks:    Yes sir Keith, fantastic is a great word, but there is another out there in the English language, although it is unknown at this time.  We’ll have to make it up.  How are you doing, but?
Keith Cosentino:    I’m doing fantastic. How are you today?
Shane Jacks:    You’re doing better than fantastic, remember?
Keith Cosentino:    I was going to help everybody get to a place that is better than fantastic.
Shane Jacks:    I’m doing good.  Doing good.
Keith Cosentino:    So today I’m excited about this show.  I want to first thank everybody for all of the private messages that we continue to get and compliment us and thank us for the information that we’re sharing and for being so open, because there’s guys that are changing their business every day, and they reach out to you and I and I want to recognize them for that.  Some of them want to stay private, understandably.  They don’t want to say, “Hey, tell everybody I was sucking before and now I’m doing great.”  So they don’t always want us to share their story, but they reach out and they’re thankful for both the stuff that we share and the conversations and thoughts that it starts with them and their peers.  When you start talking about this stuff, you start coming to a better place and really working on it.  But when it stays in the closet, nothing happens.  So we’re starting conversations and we’re changing minds and we’re ultimately helping you guys make more money.  So thank you guys for letting us know you enjoy the show and keeping it up.  We appreciate that.
Shane Jacks:    Yes, it is.  Man, when we hear, or when I hear a success story or somebody saying, “I did this because you guys said do this,” it makes the time that you and I put into it, it makes it worth it man.  And that’s why we do this, to make this business and you better.
Keith Cosentino:    Yes, and a lot of these guys we’re going to get to meet in person in January at the Mobile Tech Expo.  I’m really excited about that, Shane.
Shane Jacks:    Oh yeah, yeah.  It’s going to have a different feel with you and I there this time, Keith.  It’s going to be different, because guys are going to, you know, they’re going to come up to us and we’re going to hear more of these stories and that’s what we want to hear.  We want to hear that.
Keith Cosentino:    I’m really looking forward to meeting the guys in the seminar.  I’m excited about that.  Bummer if you couldn’t make it in.  I’m sorry about that.  We’ll do another one sometime soon I’m sure.  But to you guys that are in and are excited about coming, we are probably more excited than you guys are.  It’s going to be a blast.  When’s the last time you got to hang out with a bunch of other high level PDR guys for a couple of days, in an intimate group?  You hang out at the multi tech expo and guys are coming and going.  You might talk for five minutes.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, but it’s going to be different, man.  It’s going to be a limited number of guys in a couple of small rooms right there at the Careeb Royale and learning some stuff.  It’s not going to be a stuffy learning atmosphere.  We’re going to have fun in there, and we’re going to be able to talk about anything they want to talk about, as long as I want to talk about it.
Keith Cosentino:    Dumb question.  Next.
Shane Jacks:    That’s where you come in, Keith.  You’re going to have an index of podcasts.
Keith Cosentino:    Listen to podcast number 37.  You know what?  I should know them better than I do know them.  Somebody’ll ask me, “What episode was it when you reviewed the such and such tool?”  “We haven’t made a list for that.  I don’t know.  Listen to all of them.”
Shane Jacks:    You’re better than me.  I didn’t even listen to the last one.  However, I had no idea it was even coming out, so I was – it’s a long story.  I’m making excuses.
Keith Cosentino:    It is tough to understand the pace at which we put out a show.  It can be very confusing to people who are not familiar with the calendar system.
Shane Jacks:    You know the story; you’re just trying to bust my chops.
Keith Cosentino:    Yes.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, I’m okay with that.  It’s too early for me to explain it and it would just sound really desperate anyway.
Keith Cosentino:    So, I talked to one of the guys over at Recon Pro the other day and he said he wanted to thank me because so many guys are coming over there, learning about the software, and ultimately getting on board, so, there’s lots of businesses that are coming into the 21st century thanks to the podcast and just helping guys open their eyes a little bit.  So guys are changing their businesses.  Recon Pro is one of the steps.  So if you haven’t looked into it, look into it.  You’re going to enjoy it I’m sure if you finally pull the trigger and switch.  But it’s a little scary changing what you do, so I understand it takes some guys longer than others.  But there’s plenty of guys who are switching.  Are you trying to stay on the cutting edge of paintless dent removal when it comes to your tools?  If so, you need to make sure you have two things in your arsenal.  One is Shane Jack’s Jackhammer Blending Hammer.  Find it at  If you want to learn blending, we’ve got an awesome tutorial to go along with the hammer right there on the site.
You’re going to love it, you’re going to learn something, and you’re going to get better and make money.  In addition to the hammer, if you are doing any glue pulling, you need to have the Black Plague Crease Tabs.  It’s a six piece crease pulling set.  The two largest are absolute monsters.  They are going to pull out collision damage like nothing else you’ve got available, and the smaller sizes are going to be for the normal everyday kind of door edges and minor minor collision dents in a dog leg in a bottom of a door.  I’m telling you guys, it is going to change the way you do your repairs when you have the cutting edge tools, and these are two of them.,, check out the sites, guys.  Bring yourselves into the 21st century.
Today, what is our topic, Shane?  You’ve got something special for us.
Shane Jacks:    We’re going to talk about the dent business.
Keith Cosentino:    You are every local guy that I talk to.
Shane Jacks:    Why do you say that?
Keith Cosentino:    Just like, locked in at three miles an hour.
Shane Jacks:    Come on man, you’ve been around me.  I’m not three miles an hour.  I’m 1,000 miles an hour.
Keith Cosentino:    In your mind.  Then in your personality, three.  It’s a smooth, southern thing.
Shane Jacks:    That is depressing.
Keith Cosentino:    Don’t let them see you sweat.
Shane Jacks:    That is depressing and insulting.  Thanks.
Keith Cosentino:    You’re welcome.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, yeah.  Today, all right today guys, we are going to talk about AdWords campaigns and how we can utilize AdWords campaigns to make our businesses better.
Keith Cosentino:    It’s California style.
Shane Jacks:    I know.
Keith Cosentino:    You know what?  Somebody asked me that same question I was talking about earlier, like what episode was it when you reviewed XYZ tool and I was back listening to a couple of them, and you made me laugh so hard.  There was one show, and when we said, “Why are you trying to make so much money,” you said, “Well, Keith, bank accounts are better with money in them.”  So we’re very self serving today.  We’re laughing at our own jokes, but hey, we have microphones and you don’t.
Shane Jacks:    You have no input whatsoever.  You think you do with the speak pipe and leaving messages, but we filter 97.8 percent of those.
Keith Cosentino:    If we answered every question about Shane’s shirt size, what my favorite ice cream is, we’d be answering questions day in and day out.  We try to keep it just to the dent business.
Shane Jacks:    Just for the record, my shirt size in the shoulders is XXL and in the waist is XS.
Keith Cosentino:    Excess BS.
Shane Jacks:    Spelled differently.
Keith Cosentino:    So a while ago we did an episode on AdWords for PDR, and that could be a whole podcast by itself, optimizing AdWords and learning that part of the business, but we covered what we could.  I honestly still don’t have an AdWords account, but Shane, you’ve got one, and you were talking about it then, and today we’re going to do a little bit of follow-up, right?  You’re going to tell us what kind of results you’re having from these ads and what does that mean in terms of revenue, and what would you different if you could do it again?  So why don’t you just kind of give us the rundown and I’ll hit you with a few questions and see if we can get closer to the Promised Land via Google.
Shane Jacks:    Okay.  I guess there may be a few people that are listening that we possibly need to go over what AdWords is really quickly.  AdWords is Google’s form of paid advertising that you can get on to enhance your business, basically.  And it is really simple to set up.  Basically you can set the amount of money that you want to come out of, or that you want to pay for your campaign.  Each of these ads is called a campaign.  So you get on there and Google will help you with this.  They have, I mean Google, this thing is free.  Getting on there, I mean, you can set as low as a dollar a day or even lower if you want to.  You’re not going to get any clicks.  You’re going to get a couple of clicks maybe, per day, but you can sit this amount of money as low as you want and you can still call Google.  So let’s say you’ve got $1.00 a day set.  So you want to spend $30.00 a month on advertising, which is foolish.  You want to spend $30.00 a month on advertising through AdWords, you can call Google and get your own representative and they can step you through everything.
I would recommend not telling them how much you want to spend per day, but rather help you step through how to set this thing up, and then you set your budget per day, that’s what it’s based on, per day, and basically if you see the little ads at the top, whenever you’re on Google and you search for something, the little ads at the top and on the right side of your screen, that’s AdWords.  That’s the advertising that comes through on AdWords, and then you click on that and it takes you to whatever website they’re advertising there.  So there are different ways, different ideas about where you want to be on AdWords, but I can guarantee you there is no wrong way of being at the very top, okay?  There’s nothing wrong in that.  It’s just a matter of whether you want to pay for that or not.  Some people are okay with being on the side over there.  Me personally, when you’re on a mobile site, those ones on the side are not going to come up.  The ones on the top are going to be on the top.  So there’s typically only, what Keith, two or three at the top?  I think it’s two at the very top, normally.
Keith Cosentino:    Honestly I’m no expert in this, but I believe it depends on how competitive that search term is, whether there’s two or three.  Generally there’s two, I think.  And then there’s the list on the side, on the right hand side, but there’s also some at the bottom too.  So what your goal is, this is advertising so, again, it’s how much you want to spend per day depending on where you want to be ranked, and that can vary.  If there’s no one in your area, if there’s very little competition in your area, you can be number one with a few bucks a day spending on this thing.  So I spend a good bit more than that for, I believe, I had shared this with you earlier, that I also set up a display network only in AdWords, which is basically I’m okay with that being branding, basically.  I’m okay with spending X amount of dollars a month just to get my name out there.  Now what that is, that display network only, is other related terms closely related to your industry that you’re going to come up on the side or on the top there, depending on your rank.
Shane Jacks:    All the dentists choose, and that’s why you see all this dental stuff when you’re looking for dent removal.
Keith Cosentino:    Exactly.  Exactly.  That’s money well spent there.
Shane Jacks:    For the dentists, yeah.  But it depends on – well, it’s really not money well spent.  Here’s, foolishly spent.  Here’s why here, and you can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.  The dentists can put it at the top there, but as long as their campaign specifically states what they’re doing, they’re not getting charged unless somebody clicks on that.  So if you look up paintless dent repair and then this guy, Harrison Orthodontics up top, and you’re looking for paintless dent repair, the likelihood of you clicking on Harrison Orthodontics is fairly slim, unless you are looking in the mirror at the same time thinking about your dent and you noticed your teeth are really crooked.  So if you say it’s not money well spent, people can click on it, and they do.  That’s why I said a few minutes ago, I’m okay with this display network only ad just being a branding thing when people are on automotive reconditioning sites or whatever.  I’m okay.  It’s kind of a trial for me right now.  I’ve only been doing this a few months, the display network only.
So I’m okay with that strictly being branding.  When people are looking for related repair about their cars or whatever, I’m up and people see that, and I’m getting a fair amount of clicks.  And you know what?  That may just be people going, “What the flip is paintless dent removal?”  in Greenville, South Carolina.  But I’m spending that amount of money per month.  I’ve just set that aside.  You may call it foolish, but I’m branding with that network.  The other ad is the search network with display select.  There’s so many different, I’m not going to go into that.  It’s basically the search network.  So, if you type in paintless dent repair Greenville, I’ve got X amount of dollars a day set aside, bam, I’m on the very top, so if you search for dent repair Greenville, paintless dent repair Greenville, ding repair, the company that rhymes with Schmidt shmeasure, if you type in any of that I’m going to be up there at the top and I’m paying for that.
So, I’ve changed it up a bit, Keith, since we last talk, because I was really basic and I was spending a fairly little amount of money on this, and I was doing, there is a way of tracking it, and you and I have spoken about this before, Keith, and with a separate phone number and all this stuff, I haven’t actually done that yet.  I keep saying I’m going to but I just haven’t done it.  But this thing, I can tell just by the volume of calls that I’m getting since then and the amount of clicks that I’m getting, clicks don’t translate into calls of course.  They do translate into calls, but they don’t directly translate into calls.  So if I get 100 clicks then I’m not going to get 100 calls, and I don’t know – that’s the way that I could track it is to get that separate phone number and track exactly which calls are coming from AdWords, but I just haven’t done that yet.  But the amount of calls that – I was already getting a ton of calls Keith, but they’ve gone up considerably since I’ve changed it, and the amount of money has proven to be well spent.
Keith Cosentino:    So, when we talk about advertising you talk about it should be able to produce exponentially more than it costs, so if everything is working well with these ads, are you thinking about doubling down on how much you’re spending just to get them out there even better, or are you maxed out on your capacity to fix cars?
Shane Jacks:    There’s – well maxed out on capacity to fix cars, we could take this in a whole different direction and spend another hour on it, Keith.  No I’m not maxed out, because I’m not as efficient as I should be.  Are you?
Keith Cosentino:    It’s very challenging to handle a phone volume that gets really really high and do a good job of it still.
Shane Jacks:    Exactly.  And on a side note to that, I’ve had my phone forwarded to one of my guys here the last four weeks now, and he came up to me a couple of weeks ago and he says, “Home, I’ve got to give it to you, that is a lot harder than it looks.  So yeah, and – but it’s hard when you get the volume of calls that techs like you and I are getting, Keith.  It’s really hard to juggle it all.  So am I at capacity?  I am getting fairly close to it because I have a shop.  Now let me explain that.  Keith, if I were to tell you right now that if you were to do an AdWords campaign and two other forms of advertising for X amount of dollars but I could guarantee you 10 times that in return, Keith, you could immediately open a shop and increase your efficiency big time, just because you’re not driving anymore, okay?  So I don’t have that where I can cut, but there are a lot of other ways that I can cut.  Hiring an office manager just to deal with all the other BS, yes, but you’ve got to weigh, I have to weigh whether that is worth it or not to me.  It’s in my mind, let me just say that.
Shane Jacks:    It’s almost impossible to grow to the next level without having a management team to run all the day to day stuff and the coordination of the repairs.
Keith Cosentino:    Right, and I’m not certain – you and I have spoken about this many times and I think I’ve talked about it on the show also, Keith.  I’m not certain I’m okay with doing that and letting go.  Is it the smart thing?  No.  We know – read the book E-Myth, guys.  Talking about everybody has a job, everybody has a reason for being in the company, and Keith, you and I have talked about we started out, we had a skill and then we started a business, and now we’re learning that that business, as that business grows, as with any business, you learn you have to let go of some things and responsibilities have to be divvied up.  And my personality, just in case none of you all know this, it’s hard for me to let go of anything.  I’m just not certain I’m ready to go there, Keith.  So having said all that, to answer your original question 14 minutes ago, yes, I could feasibly double down on this, up the amount of money twice as much, and I know I would make it back.
Well, I didn’t mean make it back.  I know I could make it worth it.  Let me rephrase that.
Shane Jacks:    So it’s a manpower issue.  If you’re looking for a job, hit up Shane.
Keith Cosentino:    Yes.  Thanks.
Shane Jacks:    If you’re looking for a job, you’re probably one of the best technicians ever, hardest workers, and very motivated, just looking for something.
Keith Cosentino:    I’m a highly motivated individual who hasn’t repaired a dent in the last week and a half.
Shane Jacks:    Like the worst thing ever is to be needing a job when you’re looking for a job.  People want to hire people who are already working.
Keith Cosentino:    Who are already working.  That is correct.  So if you’re a high level tech out there who is crushing it and want to make less money, I am open for inquiries.
Shane Jacks:    We will pay you a percentage of what you used to make.  But you know what?  Quite honestly, working for a guy like you or a guy like me, yeah of course you’re going to give up a few percentage points, because that’s the point of working for someone versus riding your own thing, but man, when you can just show up and do the work and go home and get the check, you don’t have to do anything else, sometimes I wish I was on the end of that deal.
Keith Cosentino:    I wish that quite a bit actually.
Shane Jacks:    There’s a lot of work.  I can’t remember, I think it was an interview with this guy Joe Polish and Damon Johns from Shark Tank FUBU notoriety, and I think it was Joe that said, “If I would have known being successful was this hard, I would have stayed broke.”
Keith Cosentino:    However, none of those guys are going to –
Shane Jacks:    No they’re not, but it’s like, it doesn’t get easy.  It just gets harder and harder and harder.
Keith Cosentino:    It does, and harder and harder.  Some of the guys – I’m doing some training right now, and as you know, Keith, some of the guys that are there, they were like, “Man, you’ve got it made man,” and again, I’m speaking even more southern than I normally do.  Believe it or not, it’s a lot worse around here than what I sound like.  Keith can attest to this, by the way.  What about a snake, Keith?
Shane Jacks:    A snake?  Now a snake, he ain’t got no arms, he ain’t got no legs, he just has a body.  For those of you who are new to the show, that was a real story told by one of Shane’s “coworkers”, industry brethren there in Greenville.  Like, “Man, okay.”  You can take a fact of nature and make it into a five-minute story.
Keith Cosentino:    Yeah, everything we do down here turns from a 30 second explanation into a five-minute story, and normally ends with Momma or Grandma somewhere in the mix.  So where should we go from here, Keith, on discussing this thing?  Any questions you have about it that I have – I mean, I have a few other things here that we need to talk about, numbers and stuff.
Shane Jacks:    Well you know me, I’m a numbers guy.  I want to hear the numbers.
Keith Cosentino:    So let’s just dive right into the numbers.  With AdWords, and again, we’re rehashing some stuff that we went over on an earlier episode – which episode was that, Keith?
Shane Jacks:    I have no idea.  I only said that because of your statement earlier.  On an earlier episode when we spoke about AdWords, you’ve got clicks and impressions, click through rates, so the clicks, that’s pretty self-explanatory, right?  Your ad is at the top or on the side, wherever you’re at.  AdWords break this all down for you, which is really cool.  It breaks it down daily if you want.  So you can go into your AdWords campaign and check out how many clicks you’ve had today, yesterday – Well, it won’t give you today.  It’ll give you the day before.  Check your clicks day to day, by the week, by the month, by the year, and the one by the year is really helpful also Keith because I changed mine, as you know, over the last few months, so I can go back and I can see really quickly on my dashboard exactly the difference that it has made from me changing that ad.  Now it’s more expensive than it was before, but I can see the difference that it’s made.
So you can go back and look at your last week, your last month, your last year, how many clicks you’ve had.  So you’ve got clicks.  Then you have impressions, which is basically whenever people are searching for these items or, in the case of the display network only ad that I’m just okay with it being branding of DPU, that’s how many people see that thing at the top, okay?  That’s how many people, when they click on, “Paintless dent removal, Greenville, South Carolina,” all of your results pop up.  AdWords is at the top in a little faded yellow box, typically, and so that’s an impression, okay?  And then you have click-through rate, which is after those impressions, your clicks, how many in a percentage wise of your impressions are being clicked on?  So your click-through rate is going to be fairly low.
I did some research a while back, Keith, I should have done that before we came on today, and I’m thinking if I read that your click-through rate is two percent, that you’re really really doing well.  Okay?  I know that sounds crazy.  I believe it was two percent.  So anyway, so you’ve got clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and then your cost per click, which you can set yourself.  You can set the maximum amount for each click and this, if you go back and listen to the other podcast; you really need to do that to understand click-through rates.  We don’t really need to go through all of that.  Episode 33.  So each click costs a certain amount of money.  So if you set $5.00 a day as your budget for one of your campaigns –
Keith Cosentino:    You could sponsor a little girl in Guatemala.
Shane Jacks:    The poor little Guatemalan kids.  So if you set $5.00 a day and your cost per click is, let’s do this easily, easy map, $.50 a day, how many clicks can you get a day, Keith?
Keith Cosentino:    1,000.
Shane Jacks:    $5.00 a day at $.50 a day, a cup of coffee, that’s three kids.  How many clicks that would be 10.  Is that correct?
Keith Cosentino:    Yeah.
Shane Jacks:    I believe so.  That would be 10 clicks a day.  Okay?  Which is a pretty good amount of clicks, honestly.  Seeing people come to your website off an ad, their interest is, off of this ad, their interest is peaked enough they’re looking for something, so they’re coming on your site.  So you’ve got all that.  Now numbers, as far as what I’ve done, my numbers have exploded.  I don’t remember the numbers we talked about on the last episode, Keith.  I have no idea.  I could go back yearly, but that dashboard is pretty wide and complicated and it would take me a few minutes to figure that out.  Right now I will give you the amount of clicks that I had last month and I will give you the amount of clicks that I had over the last week.  Okay, so for the month of November, we had through both of my campaigns, or both of my ads in that campaign, I had 1,061 clicks in one month.  So let’s break that down into 30 days.  What would that be?
Keith Cosentino:    Per day?  That’s 35 clicks per day.  Okay?  That’s 35 people going to my website every single day, on average.  All right?  I think around 27 of those are you guys just wanting to get closer to me.
Shane Jacks:    No.
Keith Cosentino:    So 35 clicks per day on average in the month of November, and it’s broken down into two different ads, but we don’t have to go that deep.  That was last month.  Okay, so out of the 35, what’s your closing percentage on people on your website?  Have you figured that, or do you have a great estimation for it?
Shane Jacks:    I honestly have no idea.  Out of the people that are calling me, 20 some odd percent, I would say Keith, around 23 percent.
Keith Cosentino:    Okay, so that’d be eight people, approximately, from the 35 visits on your website.
Shane Jacks:    Not from the visits.  I’m speaking more from calls.  Again, I can’t track the calls from that, okay?  I can’t track the calls coming from that, so let’s say off the 35 that are visiting, let’s say 20 are calling.
Keith Cosentino:    Just to be completely honest, I’m sure that there’s easy ninja voodoo ways to track the calls that we don’t know about, because there’s guys who build their fortunate around optimizing ads and tracking where they come from.  So I’m sure some of you listening know exactly how to do it.  We don’t.  We try to learn as much as we can about every aspect of the business and take the easiest to learn/most effective things and run with those, because we still have to fix cars, talk to people, sell jobs, do our accounting, we have to do everything.  So everything from sourcing our own work shirts to writing our ads, placing them, there’s a lot to learn.  So there’s no way we can be the best at everything.  So I’m sure there’s 25 percent if not more improvement to be made on these ads by somebody who lives and breathes ad tracking, but we don’t.  So for right now, Shane doesn’t have a system for tracking what seems basic.
You want to know how many phone calls are coming off that ad directly, but –
Shane Jacks:    We just don’t have that.
Keith Cosentino:    We only have so much time.
Shane Jacks:    Right, I only have so much time.  So out of those 35 on average clicks per day, and 20 of them are giving me a phone call, and we get a percentage of those in there, which is fairly high, actually, and then we end up closing that number we said earlier around 23 percent of people that call, okay Keith?  So that’s what we’re tracking right now.  So let’s say around 20 call from the AdWords campaign per day, out of the 35, so 20 call per day at 23 percent of those calls per day, that’s four and a half people per day.  I did a little bit of number, I didn’t crunch very far back.  I went back a little ways, and at an average of $265.00 per retail customer –
Keith Cosentino:    And four a day.  So that’s –
Shane Jacks:    That’s $1,219.00 a day.
Keith Cosentino:    Just from the one ad.
Shane Jacks:    From the two ads.  Yeah, one campaign with two ads inside of it.
Keith Cosentino:    So that’s better than what most guys are doing with all of their efforts combined.
Shane Jacks:    Correct.  And I can’t guarantee that 20 calls are coming from it.  Again, I’m not tracking that.  I can guarantee you this though, Keith.  I have a ton more phone calls per day since I changed this out a few months ago.  Okay?  We’re receiving more calls than we were before and I was crazy before.  So I can’t say 20 calls are coming from that, but I can tell you this.  The revenues went up and calls have went up, revenues have went up, so it’s, again, maybe I need that office manager in this to be one of their deals, but finding somebody that can do everything, including an AdWords geek, may be a bit of a stretch.
Keith Cosentino:    It might be.  You know guys ask me that question a lot.  “Should I hire somebody to do my AdWords ads?”  And my answer is always no.  And I don’t know if it’s the best answer, because I’m sure there are companies that can just crush it.  They live and breathe the Google stuff, and they know every box to click and every, how to lay out the ad and everything.  But the problem is, you don’t know what company you’re getting.  You don’t know if you’re getting some dude who’s just taking your money and is going to copy someone else’s ad and not put much time into it.  You just don’t know.  So my advice has always been no, don’t hire somebody, take the time and learn it yourself like Shane has done or like Sal, when we were talking about episode 33, and understand what’s going on.  At that point, once you have a basic understanding of what needs to happen.
You can either A leave it on autopilot or B when you hire somebody, you know what to ask them and you know what to look at and see what it should be doing, what it could be doing, and what it is doing.  But just to blindly throw your money at somebody, it’s like investing your retirement with some guy you’ve never met and you never look at what he’s doing and you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like.  You’re going to fail.  But if you put the time in and you’ve learned the system yourself, at least to a basic level, then I think you could be a little more comfortable hiring somebody.  But if you guys have hired somebody and you think it’s great and you still don’t know what they do but you’re busy, share your story with us, and maybe share a link for the guy or the company and we’ll talk about it and see if maybe I’m way wrong about that, but I have a feeling I’m not.
Shane Jacks:    Right.  And again, what you could do, Keith, probably the smartest thing to do, and I may do this really soon because I’m throwing some money at this thing, right?  And one of the ads I’m telling you I’m okay with it making me X amount for the ad to pay me back, but its main focus is branding.  Because it’s coming up on related searches, not just the paintless dent repair searches.
Keith Cosentino:    How much are you spending on that?
Shane Jacks:    I am spending $6.00 a day on that.  So it’s fairly, that’s – no, I’m sorry, I’m spending $8.00 a day on that.
Keith Cosentino:    So that’s a lot of money.
Shane Jacks:    It is.  It is.
Keith Cosentino:    Just for somebody who is looking for car wax to see your name up there.
Shane Jacks:    It is.
Keith Cosentino:    That’s kind of a gamble there.
Shane Jacks:    It is. I said that to you before.  It is, it was and it is a gamble, but it’s, there’s a lot of clicks coming through that thing.  Am I converting 10 percent of them?  No.  You know, is it paying for itself?  That’s where I was about to take this when I said, “The smart thing to do.”  So I’ve been doing this differently for a while now, and so I see what’s going on.  I see the number of clicks and I can track this back over the last three months.  So now that I know the basics of this thing, I know what I’m paying, I know what I have been paying, and I know how many clicks I’m getting, paying a guy or a company, whatever, X amount of dollars a month, I’m already gambling, right?  So, if I could gamble a little more and I say, “Okay, for the next six months I’m going to pay this company and then I’m going to let them show me how my numbers are tracking better with their services,” with the same amount of money me putting into the campaign, the two ads in that one campaign, even if I’m paying them a little more, again, we may differ on this opinion.
I’m okay – I want to stay lean, and I stayed lean for a long long time, Keith, but I am willing to spend a little extra money to gamble and see how these things are working, you know what I mean?  I’m okay with it.  I’m fine with it.  It doesn’t bother me a bit, as long as my wife doesn’t find out.
Keith Cosentino:    Well when you have revenue, you have options, and when you’ve got money coming through the door, it may not all be profit, but you’ve got some options, and you can do stuff like this.  If you’re broke, you probably want to be a little more selective about it.
Shane Jacks:    Correct.  So I’m paying for this thing and I’m seeing where it takes me, and right now it’s just based off of, I mean, unless something cosmic happened in the last six months, based off of what my numbers are tracking for phone calls, from retail customers, this thing has to be working.
Keith Cosentino:    It’s working.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah.
Keith Cosentino:    I’ve tried to talk to you on the phone before and your phones were not forwarded and it’s impossible.
Shane Jacks:    Keith thinks I don’t like him.
Keith Cosentino:    So what most people are going to want to know is how did you write the ad, what did it say, and which one was more effective?  And I think you’re going to keep a little bit of this still close to the vest.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah.  I mean, you can figure it out fairly easily.  It’s basic stuff.  And I changed that also.  So although you can go on there and figure that out fairy easily, I change the wording a little bit at times.  So that, it’s not only in the wording but it’s also in your keywords.  Keywords are huge in this thing, and I gave you a couple for free in the beginning that were pretty self-explanatory, honestly.  But we can go over that at a later – it’s basically a paintless dent repair ad.  You can figure that out.  Don’t be lazy.  I’m not going to tell you that here.
Keith Cosentino:    Well I think if you’re open to it at some time in the future, maybe near future maybe not, we could put together a program that has everything that you’ve learned, everything you’ve done, condensed down in one place.  So if somebody wants to get into AdWords for PDR and doesn’t want to go through all the steps you took, they could acquire this guide and just plug in the same values that you’ve plugged in, tweak them for their town, and be off and running a lot faster.
Shane Jacks:    Oh yeah, for sure.
Keith Cosentino:    So if you guys are interested in that, reach out to us and let us know, and if enough people want us to do it we’ll put it together and make it available for you.
Shane Jacks:    We will definitely do that.
Keith Cosentino:    That’d be kind of cool, because that’s one of the things I’m worried about with hiring just some generic Google AdWords specialist is they don’t know squat about my business, so, they’re going to get me showing up on all those dentist websites or dentist web searches and stuff like that, and body shop stuff that’s not really related to what we do, or not related enough, and I’m going to be wasting money getting clicks that are irrelevant.  So if someone was able to just piggyback on all the work you’ve done, all the hard work you’ve put in for your company, you’d get a pretty good slingshot to the front of the line.
Shane Jacks:    Oh yeah, for sure.
Keith Cosentino:    So let us know if you start your AdWords campaign and how it works.  We want to hear back from you.  I keep threatening to do it, I’m just so busy I have not had time.
Shane Jacks:    It’s exactly the question you asked me a few minutes ago, could I double down on this thing and do better?  Well yeah, you could just start one and do better; you just don’t have the freaking time.
Keith Cosentino:    I don’t, and I don’t have anybody sitting on their hands.  All my guys are busy.  So I will do it.  I promise I will do it, because I want to.  I just don’t want to bad enough to stop what I’m doing and make it happen.  But maybe once you compile all that information it’ll be easier for me to do.  I’ll just copy your settings.  That’s something I might be interested in myself.
Shane Jacks:    Mine says, “Country dents while you wait,” so it wouldn’t work for you.
Keith Cosentino:    While U wait, the letter U?
Shane Jacks:    Yes.
Keith Cosentino:    When I started my career I worked for another company, and they had a retail shop, believe it or not, years ago, and it said, “Repairs done while you wait.”  And it was a Saturday I was working, we used to trade off Saturdays, and I had like four or five people in the waiting room, because I would never say no to a car.  I’d just say, “Yeah, we can do it,” and bring it around back, and nobody knew how many people were back there.  Turns out it was just me, so I’d have like five cars stacked up and I’m working on one at a time and then bringing them up strategically and telling people things were done.  So kind of stressful, but that’s how you made money.  You didn’t want to turn anybody away.  So some lady came up with four or five people in the waiting room and I go out there and give her an estimate and she said, “Okay, well how long does it take?”  And I said, “Well, honestly, it’s probably going to be three or four hours before we can do it,” and she says, “The sign says, ‘Dents repaired while you wait.’”
And I said, “Well, nobody’s saying you can’t wait.  You can wait all day if you want.”  She didn’t think that was as cool as I did.
Shane Jacks:    And the funny thing is, is you had this boyish charming smile on your face while you said it also.
Keith Cosentino:    And tons of hair on my head.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, those were the days.
Keith Cosentino:    I was once a lot more attractive and taller.
Shane Jacks:    I was never taller.
Keith Cosentino:    Nor attractive.
Shane Jacks:    Wait a minute.
Keith Cosentino:    I’m just going on what the ladies tell me.
Shane Jacks:    Whatever.  Haterade.
Keith Cosentino:    You also had a couple of stories you wanted to share with us, kind of success stories that guys have shared, in more detail.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah.  Hold on, let me quit yawning.
Keith Cosentino:    There’s a lot of excitement here on the PDR College.
Shane Jacks:    It’s not a lack of excitement, it’s a lack of sleep on both of our parts.
Keith Cosentino:    There’s a lot of things we’ll share with you on the podcast.  One of them is not the actual times we make the show.
Shane Jacks:    I believe it would ruin the mystique.  So a major hail storm has affected your area.  What do you do now?  Your phone is ringing off the hook, dealerships are inquiring about your services, and retail customers and body shops are eager to get in touch with you as well.  You want to capture as much as possible while still maintaining your sanity.  Now how do you do this?  How do you close deals, interact with customers, and answer an unrelenting phone, all while not losing your mind?  Enter a PDR management company like The Hail Company.  The Hail Company will come into town and manage sites of all sizes and kinds to maximize your profit potential.  From placing the correct techs in the correct positions that they fit best, to total management of wholesale operations.  The Hail Company will do whatever is necessary to make your storm experience a good and, more importantly, profitable one.  So give Ryan a call today at 636-734-5470 or email him at
So now I’ve got to put my glasses on because not only am I bald, I’m also old and can’t see, so here we go.  This first one was from another dent tech that I had seen –
Keith Cosentino:    That’s good.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, this first text was from a cake baker, and he wants to know why we use cake knives to cut glue with.  So this is from another dent tech that I’ve seen, a hatch that he had quoted, and so he sent me a text, right?  It says, “So was $500.00 too low for that hatch?  I know it could have gone for more than that, but I was just hoping they wouldn’t bite.”  He really didn’t want the repair, and it was an older car.  I think it was a Kia or a Hyundai, something like that.  It’s like a 10 or 12-year-old car, and he’s like, “Any price I throw out there is going to scare them away.”  And I said, “Wow, we need to start a little bit higher.  Let’s say $800.00.  If they say yes, we should then tell,” because he was selling it on the premise of 85 percent, Keith.
Keith Cosentino:    Now here’s a smashed hatch.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, that’s fairly smashed.  It was only a two to three-hour repair, honestly, so he’s trying to talk them out of it, so he gives them, right off the bat, a price of $500.00, and it’s only going to be 85 percent.  And he actually told them, “The pain tis probably going to crack here more.”  He’s really selling this thing away.  So the lady says, “Okay.  I don’t really want to do it anyway.”  She told him, “I don’t really want to do it anyway and my husband is the one wanting it done.  I really don’t care what it looks like as long as it’s better.”  So he’s kind of a little angry at himself for pricing it the way he did, right?  And not because he’s not going to make any money on it, right Keith?  Because he can basically do anything he wants to this Hatch short of taking the thing off, and the lady is going to be okay with it.
Keith Cosentino:    You said it was a two to three-hour repair?
Shane Jacks:    Yeah.
Keith Cosentino:    When you said that I realized that I could make literally any repair a two to three-hour repair.
Shane Jacks:    Exactly.  So it’s not like he wasn’t going to make any money on it, right?  It’s not that, it’s the fact that it was worth more than that in the beginning, and even though he was just trying to save 50 percent, even if he had said 50 percent better, if there’s money left on the table there, there’s money left on the table.  So I’m like, “All right, so one of the things,” basically I told him that we’ve got two scenarios here. You tell the lady $800.00 to begin with, and you don’t say anything about the percentage.  If she bites and goes, “Well that sounds great.  When can you do it?” “Yes ma’am, we can do this next Thursday and we will make it look really good.  It’s going to come out at about 80 percent,” really selling here, “to the point that you and I are going to be the only ones who can tell what’s going to happen here.  And see this little area where the paint’s gone?  The paint is probably going to come off just a little bit more there, but we’ll touch it up for you.”
Because he has a paint guy around him.  “We can touch this thing up for you for another $20.00,” or whatever.  So I said, “And then if she backs down off of that, if she starts to become hesitant, then you can back the price away a little bit and you’re good to go.”  I said, “Scenario number two is you tell her $800.00 and then she feels the cold water and it doesn’t sound good to her.  It sounds too high for what she’s wiling to pay.  Either way, you were trying to get rid of the repair in the first place, but for $800.00, you’re making this thing lucrative for yourself at this point.  So, if you tell her $800.00 and scenario number two comes around and she goes, ‘Oo, I wasn’t expecting that,’ and then you ask her, ‘Well hey, what were you expecting?’ and she comes back with the $500.00, then you could go back in the middle and say, ‘Hey, how about I’ll meet you at $675.00 and this thing is going to be 85 percent?’”  So I’m explaining it to him that he doesn’t let the 85 percent out of the bag in the beginning, okay?  He tries to sell it at $800.00 and then if they bite you come back with exactly what’s going to happen and let it go from there.
Possibly they’re still on it.  This person would have been because, like I said, she didn’t care.  Her husband was the one that wanted it fixed and she was fine with it being better.  So if she’d have bid at $800.00 she’d have bid at $800.00.  And scenario number two, if they don’t like the $800.00 and then they say $500.00, then you can come back with your 85 percent repair thing.  Both times you are planning on doing 85 percent repair to begin with, but you didn’t have to let the cat out of the bag to begin with.  Does that make sense?
Keith Cosentino:    Oh yeah, absolutely.  It’s similar to what we were talking about last week and then once before, a tiered quality level.  And that’s the show that you were not on, but we were talking about Daniel Gromm had called into the show and said what he does is he asks people, “What kind of service do you want?  Do you want standard PDR or deluxe PDR?”  And they say, “What do you mean?”  And he says, “Well standard is good and deluxe is perfect,” or something like that.  So he brings the quality thing right off the bat and lets them tell him what they’re looking to spend and then crafts the repair around that.  And I thought it was interesting.  I don’t know if I’ll do it like that.  I do it a little differently, but you’re basically talking about the same thing, but you’re bringing it up a little more like I do.  We’re going to talk about the price first, and then when they start squawking, you say, “Okay listen.  This is what I can do.  I can dial the quality down a little bit and save you a lot of money.  It’ll still look great.  It’s what I do for dealers,” etc. etc.
Shane Jacks:    Right.  And this guy came back to me, he goes, “So basically I need to quote high, or quote where I want to,” even if it’s a deal like he didn’t want to do this repair, he said, “I need to quote high and let them come down to think they’re getting a deal.”  And I’m like, “Bingo.”  I said, “That’s the art of selling, right there, and perceived value and letting them kind of set that.”  They’re not setting it.  If she was expecting $500.00 in the beginning, she’s not setting the $500.00.  He’s setting $800.00, she’s setting $500.00, and he’s getting $675.00 and an 85 percent repair.  But I thought that was a pretty cool text back and forth from another dent guy, and he completely bought into it.  And that was another thing, was that he completely bought in and understands what we’re trying to do, and what that is is trying to make everybody out here better.
Keith Cosentino:    Every week guys are reaching out to us, and sometimes I wish that there weren’t so many private messages, and I wish there was more stuff posted either on the site or on the Facebook page, but the fact is, people aren’t as comfortable talking about their personal stuff in the World Wide Web as Shane and I are, and that’s cool.  But I wish that half of the stories that we have could make it out for everyone else to hear because they’re very inspiring, and guys are getting better and making more money all the time.  It’s fun to listen to and it’s very inspiring for me and Shane and it would be for everybody else too.  But a lot of this stuff is just on a private level, so we share as much as we can while still being true to our word when people ask us to keep it private, you know?
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, for sure.  The next story, I’m going to preface it by talking about the interaction that me and this gentleman had a year and a half to two years ago.  I thought the guy wanted to strangle me on Facebook. He literally said something about pummeling me into the ground, this guy I’m about to talk about, so I just said, “Well, yeah, whatever.” So he calls me about two or three weeks ago, Keith, and he said, “Man, I have to tell you this.  I’ve been meaning to call in on the speak pipe but every time I do, either I jumble my words in the middle of the speak pipe and I can’t get out what I’m wanting to say and it sounds stupid, or I could just send you all a message.”  I told him, “You can just send us a message,” and he says, “Maybe I’ll do that, but I’m just going to tell you over the phone what’s happening to me right now.”
I said, “Okay shoot, dude.”  So he starts telling me, been on the hail circuit since the beginning of his career, and he’s been listening to the podcast, and I believe he’s listened to dang near every one if not every one of them.  So he’s been listening to the podcast and he decides he’s going to stay home with his wife and kid and he’s going to try to make it happen at home, Keith.  So cool.  He set out for that. He said, “I’ve been here for two weeks.”  When he was talking about two weeks, he’d been back home for two weeks off of the hail trail.  He said, “I’ve been home for two weeks.  When I got back home, I basically made a bee line for getting this retail and some wholesale stuff going.”  He’s getting a good bit of wholesale stuff going in the beginning, which is completely understandable to start off, because he’s starting completely anew here.  So he says, “The retail is going pretty good.  I’m actually getting some calls,” which is, two weeks in, surprising to me.
I guess it is to you also, Keith, so he says, “But these wholesale deals I’m going in,” I can’t remember how many.  I wish I could remember the number.  I think it was 15 wholesale deals he went in.  He said, “Do you know how many I’ve closed?”  I said, “I don’t know, how many?”  He said, “All 15.”  I went – now he had had prior relationships with these dealers.  Years ago when he was doing spot paint repair, stuff like that, but this was years ago, all right?  So he says, “All 15.”  He said, “Most of them said, ‘Yeah, we’ve already got a guy.  He’s alright.  We’ll give you a go,’” you know, which speaks bad for loyalty.  But he apparently, apparently, had a good relationship with these people before he left, right?  So hurtle number one, I guess he’s a pretty personable fellow, okay?  Believe it or not I am, when I’m not online.
So he – so apparently he’s a personable fellow.  Here’s what he said.  Here was what really resonated with me and what really made me feel all warm and gooey inside, Keith, was he said, “You know what, every time I come out of those dealers,” he said, “I’ve closed all 15 of those accounts and I’m going to service them.”  He’s also opening a shop up, a really small shop where he can do retail in it also in that town that he’s in, but he says, “You know what I tell myself or what I ask myself when I come out of every one of those accounts?”  I said, “What’s that?”  He said, “Man, I hope I didn’t let Keith and Shane down just now.”  I swear to you that’s what he said.  Now whether that’s what he actually says when he comes out of it, maybe he’s just giving me lip service, you know, but man, that was really cool.
Not only is it a cool story, because he’s talking about me, which I like a lot.  It’s also cool because he decided to do something, he’s implementing practices to make that successful, and he’s going out and, at this time, he’s crushing it.
Keith Cosentino:    Super cool, man.  And he’s able to stay home now instead of running all over the country or the world trying to chase a buck. He’s able to stay home and make a living.  For those of you with little kiddos, like Shane and I, Shane’s are a little older than mine but they’re still babies, I can’t imagine leaving them, trading their childhood for money.  When you could make a good living at home.  It’s not like the only way you could work is being in the Army, you know?  You can do what you do at home and you can make great money.  You may not make full time hail chase money, but your kids are growing up without you.
Shane Jacks:    I still trade that some.  I shouldn’t.
Keith Cosentino:    You know what?  But you’re not full-time.  It’s a vacation.  You do a month or two months.
Shane Jacks:    It’s a vacation.  You’re making it sound like I need to get away from them.
Keith Cosentino:    What I meant was it’s a vacation from your normal business.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, we talked about that and it is really mentally great to get away for a bit.
Keith Cosentino:    It can be.  You know what I want to remind everybody about?
Shane Jacks:    That you and I are really cool?
Keith Cosentino:    No, they don’t need to be reminded.  The Mobile Tech Expo is coming up and we have prize money for the Dent Olympics.  If you get into the glue pulling contest with the Smooth series tabs and you win, you are going to win $1,000.00 from me, and if you use the Jack Hammer in said repair from Shane, what are you winning, Shane?
Shane Jacks:    $1.00.  $1,000.00. Another $1,000.00.
Keith Cosentino:    Two grand if you can use Shane’s hammer exclusively and the Smooth series tabs.  That’s a pretty good payday for taking a dent out of a rail.
Shane Jacks:    Not bad at all.
Keith Cosentino:    So get your practice on right now and get in that competition and, like I said before, I don’t know if anybody will take me up on it but if you want to use a glue tab in the pushing competition, I believe that’s permitted.  You’ll have to find out from the guys running the show when you get there, but in the past one of the guys had told me, “You can do whatever you want.  You can push it, you can pull it.  It’s a really deep dent.  Most guys are going to have to push it.”  But if you’ve got the glue pulling skills and you can go up against a tool, that would be revolutionary.  I will pay $1,000.00 if you win it with that as well for sure.
Shane Jacks:    I’ll do the – we had spoken about it before, Keith.  If you use the jackhammer for the Dent Olympics dent, the regular, not the glue pull dent but the regular Dent Olympics dent, and you use it exclusively, another $1,000.00 there also.
Keith Cosentino:    Wow.  All right, sweet, and that’s much more likely somebody can do that than they can glue pull that dent.  So you’ve got a really good chance of winning $1,000.00 straight up from Shane in two areas.  I think there’s been a guy that’s won both, right?
Shane Jacks:    No, not –
Keith Cosentino:    There’s guys, like Simon from Canada, he’s won glue and pushing, but I don’t think he’s won them on the same competition.
Shane Jacks:    Not on the same competition, no.
Keith Cosentino:    So I talked to Kevin, who runs Mobile Tech Expo, the other day, and I don’t know anything about what goes on to run a trade show, but he helped me understand that a little bit.  And what I wanted to tell everybody on his behalf, well, one is to go, because it’s the best thing for PDR that you could possibly imagine.  If you want to talk PDR with other techs and take down all of the barriers that could be there when you meet a guy in town.  You meet somebody in your same town, nobody’s telling the truth because everybody’s positioning and trying to figure out what the other guy is up to.  Bu there, everybody’s in one place and nobody’s at home, so everybody’s a little more open, I think.  But so go, just on that basis, but Kevin was telling me to get these venues, Kevin has to financially commit to a certain number of rooms, and it’s a lot of rooms, like 150 or 60 rooms.
He has to, he basically buys those rooms, and if nobody comes and fills them, he has to buy them.  So, if you guys are waiting until the last minute to book your hotel room, you’re doing a disservice one to yourself, because your plans are up in the air until the last minute, but two, you’re doing a disservice to the guy who’s spent so many years trying to build this show up into the great thing that it is for us in the industry.   And the rooms are not expensive.  They’re like $150.00, I actually have the flyer right here.  I think they’re $159.00.  $159.00 per night.  That’s exactly what it is, with free parking, Wi-Fi, and no resort fees, and a complimentary theme park shuttle.  If you’re going to the theme park, you’re not spending enough time at the show, but $159.00 is not an expensive room, and it’s a relatively nice resort.
You’re not going to mistake it for the Four Seasons or whatever, but it’s nice.  So, if you’re saying, “Oh, I’m going to stay around the corner at a place that’s $80.00,” or, “I’m going to stay someplace that’s a little bit nicer, a little bit different,” or whatever, do it if you want to do it, but know that you might be one of the people that are helping push this thing in the wrong direction and not the right direction.  Because as it grows, he either needs more space or another bigger venue, eventually, and then there’ll be more rooms to purchase to guarantee for him to make that happen.  So it’s stressful for him, and he’s been able to make it happen every year, and I’m sure he will this year, but I wanted to, since that was news to me, I thought it’d be news to a lot of you as well.
So if you’re on the fence, book the room, because it helps the event move forward and keeps this thing going so it doesn’t go away.  And I, for one, hope it never goes away.  I think it’s great.
Shane Jacks:    Just go.  You said the, one thing that kind of struck me, was the barriers.  There are also barriers online.  There’s some guys that think it’s going to be just this Affliction t-shirt laden, which it is, Affliction t-shirt laden ego fest.  It’s not.  You know, there is very little of that going on down there.  There’s a lot of comradery.  It’s a really fun time, honestly.
Keith Cosentino:    It really is.  And for how many hail techs there are, there are surprisingly few snacks available.  That’s something we could probably work on.
Shane Jacks:    So what Keith is saying is, if you have a burgeoning snack bar business that you would like to bring down also, you could crush it right outside the gate.
Keith Cosentino:    Yeah it’s got to be out, that’s another thing I learned.  The venue controls all the food, so that’s why there’s not more snacks all over the place.  Sorry hail guys.  There might be a great market for snacks.
Shane Jacks:    Smuggling in tubs of peanut butter.
Keith Cosentino:    So anyway, we’re excited about the show.  We always get excited about it, but now in the closing month, and it’s coming up, it’s really exciting.  So it’s is the website, and you’ve got links to the hotel and everything directly from there.  It’s called the Caribe Royale.  Caribe Royale.  But go, go, go.  You’re going to have a lot of fun, and where else can you hold every PDR tool that’s made practically in one place?
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, you can’t.  You can’t, man.  You can’t.  There’s nowhere else.
Keith Cosentino:    The time has come.  The black plague smooth series tabs are a reality.  They are available for you now on  If you’ve been living under a rock, it is time to come out.  We are making money out here with glue pulling, and we’re using the smooth series tabs to do it.  We are getting pulls out of these tabs that you cannot get from any tabs no matter the price.  These things flap hook up strong, snappy pulls, every time.  These tabs, along with the green glue that we have also on the site, are blowing people away.  If you want to be a part of the movement, get yourself over there and get some tabs into your box. or  Guys, the game has changed.  Don’t get left behind.  Stay on the cutting edge.  We’re running a little late on time.  Let’s head to tool review.  I know you’ve got an exciting new tool you want to tell us about.  Let’s hear that, and then we’ve got to get rolling here.
Shane Jacks:    Yeah, Dent Craft sent me a new tool, a new set of tools, to try out about a month ago, and I am pimping these things right now, so what you’re going to have to do is call them and tell them to get these things on the market ASAP.
Keith Cosentino:    Because hey Dent Craft, I didn’t get squat.  You’re sending stuff to Shane, Mr. Trophy Winner, I didn’t get anything.
Shane Jacks:    I don’t think it had anything to do with that.  I think it’s simply they like me better than you.
Keith Cosentino:    That’s probably true.
Shane Jacks:    But, you guys, the whale tails, and I think you can explain it better, Keith.  So go ahead.  I explained it to you before the show.  The whale tails that they’re not attached to the handle, but rather they have the gap between the handle and the shaft of the tool itself.
Keith Cosentino:    Yeah, so, I’ve never seen these actual whale tails that you have because they’re new, but Dent Craft has a model of whale tail where if you’re holding the tool in your hand and pointing it at the dent, the shaft starts at the top of the handle, comes toward you, and then does a U turn and then goes out to the dent.  And the purpose, I believe, is that the whole top of the tool is flat and straight with no handle bump, so it’ll slide against the skin all the way through the brace.  Whereas a normal whale tail, when the very top of it is completely flat with the top of the tool, you’ve got the tipped handle that sticks up an eighth inch, so when you’re jamming it into a brace, it’s like a rubber stopper and it hangs up on the skin.
Shane Jacks:    Actually that’s not the reason for it.
Keith Cosentino:    No?
Shane Jacks:    I mean that’s a bonus, but when you’re, okay, and the reason Keith doesn’t know this is as much as some of these hail guys, when you’re working on the front of a roof and you’ve got the sun roof set really close to the brace that you’re trying to go into, these tools will slide so much further in, you can have a shorter brace tool, or shorter whale tail, okay, and get it inside a really tight gap between the sun roof cassette and areas like that, so that the tool will slide further in.
Keith Cosentino:    I can see that, because they’re actually hanging out underneath the shaft instead of behind it.  Okay.
Shane Jacks:    Correct.  And these things, I thought they were a gimmick at first, four or five years ago, just like I thought glue pulling was a gimmick 10 years ago or whatever.  Not glue pulling, a mini-lifter, was a gimmick before I tried one, but once somebody showed me what they were for, I’m like, “Face palm.”  I was like, “What an idiot.”  That’s why I buy so many tools now.  I mean, this thing could be, it doesn’t matter what it is.  I’ll purchase it now.  And you and I had this discussion the other day, Keith.  But anyway, these tools are really really really nice and these guys that he sent me are the one and a half inch wide and a two inch wide.  And they’re so freaking strong, man.  Well I showed them to another tech that I have in town helping me right now.  He’s a hail tech that really kills it out there, highly respected.
I showed it to him and he went, “Man, this is the best thing that’s happened to me in three months.  I’ve been waiting on these things.”  So he was super excited about them.  If you know what they are and how to use them, those guys are really handy.  So call them and tell them to get these things out as quick as possible.  He may not like me for this, but they are that good.  They are really good.  He will like me eventually because they’ll sell the crap out of them.
Keith Cosentino:    Well I guess I might have to be the first one to buy one because I’m not getting a free set, it sounds like.
Shane Jacks:    I’ll let you borrow mine.
Keith Cosentino:    The shipping label, if it said PDR College anywhere, you’re sending one of them at least to me.
Shane Jacks:    It didn’t.  I’m smarter than that.  Even if he said, “Hey, should I send this PDR College C/O Shane Jacks, South Carolina?”  I’d say, “No, no, no, no, no.  You just put my name on that bad boy.”
Keith Cosentino:    All right, so let us know what’s going on with you guys.  Share some stories with us, share your updates.  We want to know if you got into AdWords, if it’s been great, if it’s been terrible, we want to hear that too.  And go book your room at the NTE.  If you’re going to be at our seminar get excited, because we’re getting close, because we’re excited that it’s going to be a blast. We’re working on a couple of little surprises for that that we haven’t talked about yet.  If we can make them happy, it’s going to be even more fun than we thought it was going to be in the first place, so watch your email if you’re on that list.  So if you’re interested in the next training we do, which is not set yet but there will be another one, make sure you are on our list so we can let you know when that happens.  So head on over to and make sure you put an email in the right place.
Guys that are interested in the inner circle, our networking group, that is plugging along.  We’re getting to the point where we’re going to start rolling out more details on that, so thank you for being patient, but we are continuing to get excited on that.  So stay tuned for more info there.  We are doing a lot of stuff here and it’s exciting.
Shane Jacks:    Keith, you said we didn’t really have any more info on our seminar down there this year?  We do.  We’ve got our venue that we’re taking guys out to for dinner.  So it’s a really cool place.  There’s going to be a blues band there and some good food, so we’re feeding you one of the nights.
Keith Cosentino:    Yeah, in between the two nights probably I think is the night we’re going to go, because the night after some guys have other plans or whatever.  So in between the two nights, we’re going to all go out to dinner, Shane and I are taking care of the bill there, and we’re going to have a good time getting to know each other outside of holding tools and learning.  We’re just going to hang out and have some food and listen to some music, sounds like,
Shane Jacks:    We’re not taking care of your alcohol though.  That ain’t happening.  Or your cab ride back.  Because if you get plastered, you’re not riding with me.  I’ll go ahead and tell you that.
Keith Cosentino:    All right, fellas, thanks for spending some time with us and we look forward to talking to you and spending another hour with you next week.  Until then –
Shane Jacks:    Get better.

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