PDR College Podcast #2

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How to Increase Retail Business

In this episode Keith & Shane reveal the practices they use to establish, grow and dominate their local markets for retail business

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4 thoughts on “PDR College Podcast #2

  1. Thanks for taking the time to make the podcasts. I am enjoying them very much, It’s great to hear from guys who have shared so many of the same experiences as me.

    I’ve been working wholesale for almost 20 years. I developed a great route. I have two techs working for me and I’d like to attack the retail market. Would you recommend paying to advertise with yelp or google? I’m in the process of having my website built. I’d like to be able draw visitors to my website and convert clicks to repairs. Will having a site that is easy to find by potential customers be my first step? Or, should I spend money driving traffic to my site?

    • Hey Barry! Great to hear that you’re getting ready to attack the retail market! DO NOT PAY for Yelp. you don’t necessarily need to pay for google ads at this point either, although it couldn’t hurt.
      Our customer’s searches are so narrow that if you build a nice relevant site, it will be easy for folks to find it rather quickly.
      Make sure the site is nice and clean with LOTS of photos and video if you have it. Just start taking a camera to work for a few weeks if you don’t have that content already. A couple of nice youtube videos that have your area and dent repair in the title will help google list you up front as well. Yelp is a very powerful tool and I endorse it highly. I just don’t see the value in their premium offering. I feel it works too well in the free model to pay anything.,
      Here’s the website for the web developer I recommend http://www.designwithenergy.com
      They are very nimble and competitively priced.
      Make sure your site is optimized for mobile and your contact number is easy to find and click.
      You don’t need to spend a ton of money driving traffic to a PDR site. Just build a nice one, have a few things linking back to it and promote the review sites with your customers, that phone will start ringing!

      • Thanks for the quickly reply. I started a Yelp account and I have one review. I’ll do better to direct customers to it. My website is under construction now. If I run into issues I’ll use the web developer you recommend. I have some photos and video of my work. I do have a youtube channel with a few repairs on it. My company name is popular and plenty of other PDR guys use it. I have http://www.doordingfix.com as my website and http://www.youtube.com/doordingfix as my youtube channel. I don’t want to change my company name nor do I want people confused by other Dents Be Gone PDR companies that are on the internet. I’ve been doing business under that name 18 years. What is you opinion of having a different name for my company and the website address?

  2. After listening to this podcast it has made me change the people I target. You brought up a lot of good points. I really appreciate these podcasts.