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Happy Friday, everyone. I am one of your hosts for PDR College podcast, Shane Jacks, and here’s another Friday short, where we challenge you guys and gals to do something a little bit different, just a little homework assignment if you will, over the weekend, and what I want to talk to you about today is videos. I use YouTube videos, videos for my business, and although I am not wildly successful, I don’t have hundreds of thousands or millions of views on my videos, I do have a few tips for you to help get your videos out there and help to make them just a little bit more effective, if you will. Number one thing I want to challenge you to do, if you don’t have any videos on YouTube, YouTube is an insanely effective medium. They call it the number two search engine. I’ve done some research and that is debatable whether it actually is the number two search engine. But whenever you’re looking for something on the internet, think about it, you do click on videos quite a bit. If you want to learn how to do something, you’re going to go to YouTube for the most part, or some other video service.
But what I want to challenge you to do is if you don’t have any videos out there about your business, about PDR in general steering them toward your business, I want to challenge you to get one out there this weekend. You may not be able to do one this weekend, but I bet you probably could, even just with pictures if you have to. It doesn’t have to be actual video. Your before and after pictures set in a video editing program that you can find online, some of them are really cheap and simple, and you can put it to music and put your voice behind it and talk about PDR, talk about this smash door you did on this BMW five series, and just show the before and after picture and tell the people about kind of what you’re doing there. So that’s the first thing. If you don’t have any videos, I want to challenge you to get at least one out there. Number two, if you do have videos, or if you’re making this new video, I want to challenge you to make sure your keywords are pointing in the right direction. So if you live in Greenville, South Carolina, Greenville PDR. Greenville paint less dent removal. Greenville dent. I even put my name in there sometimes, because some people are searching for my videos sometimes, just by my name.
So I put all these keywords in there, and what that does is it helps point people towards your videos whenever they type those keywords in. Another trick that I use is I will simply put my video on Facebook or other social media for you guys to look at, and you guys will view my videos a few hundred times, makes it pop up on the first or second page of the relevance and it just kind of grows from there. So put your videos out there for other people to watch. If you just put it up there in YouTube and nobody clicks on it, people aren’t going to get pointed in that direction. You need some views to get it rolling. And not only do I put videos up there for you guys to see what I’m doing, I put them up there so you guys will click and I will have some views, and it gets the ball rolling. It’s quite simple. You also want to, in the description, if you want your video, if you want a link to your website, to your business website on your video, I actually don’t know how to do the links inside the videos yet. I know that is possible now. I haven’t done that yet, but in the description, make your description have nice keywords also. That’s another tip. But in the description at the end, if you want them to go to your website you’re going to have to put in your website name, and it doesn’t work if you just put You’ve got to put the, and that will actually be a live link that they can click on, that your viewers can click on, to get to your website. So those are just a few tips.
That’s what I want you to do. Make a video. If you don’t have any, spruce up some of your videos with key words, descriptions, a link to your website, so that is your homework for this weekend is to either make a video or make your videos a little bit better and make them more relevant as far as search terms are concerned. And I’m going to put a shameless plug in here. Go to my YouTube channel, theshanejacks, and watch some of my videos and get my views up. Hey, I don’t mind asking. I have no shame. There’s no shame in my video games. So if you can, if you want to see some of my videos and how I do them, they’re not theatrical, they’re not going to win any Academy Awards, that’s for sure, but they get the point across and I rank very highly in Greenville, South Carolina dent repair. My videos are extremely relevant. Let’s just put it that way. You can do some searches if you want to. But again, go check those out and see how I do it, and some of these other guys that are absolutely crushing it have three, four, five, ten times as many views as I do, check theirs out too. See what they’re doing and see what their keywords are and how they’re getting relevance and how they’re gaining viewers. Guys, that’s your homework assignment. Until next time, get better.

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