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Help a Brotha’ Out!

Help a Brotha Out! Our buddy Dave Streen had an accident an has burned his hands to the point that he cannot work at PDR for a while.

We would like you to go to his tool site and buy his new edge tools, the Hookers, to repair edges with a slide hammer. These little guys will slide between a fender and door while the door is closed! Something no other edge tool will currently do. 

Buy the set, help yourself and help a fellow tech out at the same time.

Here’s the link to his tools Edgy Tools


In addition to that, both Keith and Shane will be donating 20% from all sales on their respective sites from Friday to Sunday night to help Dave and his family.

Shane’s site Blendinghammer PDR

Keith’s site


Good Friday morning everyone. I am Shane Jacks, one of your hosts of the PDR College podcast, and thank you for listening to the Friday short series. And what I want to do this Friday, today, is challenge you to do something this weekend. That’s what we do on every Friday short is give you a small challenge or something to do over the weekend, and this weekend I want to challenge you to help a brother out. Help a brother out. In the PDR community, we come together quite a bit whenever one of us or one of our family members is in need or is sick or any host of other issues that we’ve had in the past and we come together and we help one another out. Well one of our own, Dave Streen, has burnt his hands in an accident and is, we decided we were going to help him out, help him get through this time, because he’s not going to be able to use his hands for some time now and make the money that he normally makes with his hands.
But we’re going to do a couple of things to help Dave Streen and his family out this weekend. The first thing I want to do is ask you to go to, and Dave makes an edge tool that hooks into the slide hammer that you use for glue pulling and to pull edges out, folded edges out of doors. And these things actually work well in conjunction with the edge jack that I sell, so we ask you to go to and check out his site, and he’s got some other things for sale there, some tape, and a few other items. So go check that out. Help Dave out. Buy some tools from him, and that will make his day. We also want to offer this to Dave and his family. Keith and I both, as you know, have separate tool companies. Keith’s is, and mine is, and anything that we make this weekend, 20 percent of what we make through this weekend only we will be writing a check to Dave and his family to help him out and get him through this kind of difficult time that he’s going through. So again, today is Friday. Today is our Friday short series, challenging you this weekend, go to,, and, buy some things, and help Dave and his family out with some money while he’s recovering from these burned hands.
Guys, ladies, it’s been a pleasure talking to you today. Until next time, get better.

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