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Bonus Episode! The Phone Skills Course is GOING TO HAPPEN!

We had enough interest to proceed with the course!

We will be offering the intro price for the week of 8/24/2015 ONLY!

Get in line early and secure your spot!

RESERVE your Phone Skills Course HERE


Hey guys, so great news. We are going to be making the phone skills course absolutely. We’ve got enough interest that it’s worthwhile and we’re gonna put it together. It’s gonna be about four more weeks and that thing is gonna be released. Super excited so for this last week, we are going to leave the option open to give you a chance to get in on the introductory price of 97 bucks. After it’s completed and it is up, it’s going up to $300.00, $297.00, so you’ve got until the end of this week to get in there in the intro price and then we’re shutting that sucker down while I go ahead and build it and then release it.

Listen, if you don’t think I can help you close one more job with everything I know about working the phones and making appointments and qualifying customers, if you don’t think I can do that for you then I’m gonna ask you to please refrain from buying the phone course. Do not buy it. But if you think that you had one, one dent slip through your fingers that you should have gotten, you know you should have gotten it and you just don’t know why you didn’t, you couldn’t close the appointment or when you got there it wasn’t as you thought it should be or as the customer thought it should, if you’ve had any of those problems, make this small investment and let me help you make more money with the skills you already have. Take advantage of that now. Follow the link in this email and get better.

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