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Bonus Episode! Level-up Your Phone Skills

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Hey, PDR College people. This is Keith. Listen, I’m coming to you today with a special little message because I’ve been challenged by a friend of mine. And she said, “How can you help more people this week?”, and I thought and thought about it. And I thought; you know, I get quite a few questions regarding working the phones for your PDR company. And it’s a subject that a lot of guys have some trouble with – they struggle with. And a lot of ‘em don’t know they struggle with it. They think the customers are bad, or they suck, or they’re crappy or, you know, everybody calling is trying to yank my chain and all this kind of stuff I hear from guys. So I know that there’s a lot of improvement that people can make on the phones.

So I thought okay, let me put a quick little message together about what I do on the phones, and I’ve got an entire system, but I wanted to just reach out to ‘ya and see if I can help you a little bit today. And you might remember some of these topics, or tips from one of our previous podcasts. But I can sum it up my entire system in just a little bit if you can remember the three C’s that we talked about when you’re trying to close in person. They apply to a phone conversation just as well. And the three C’s are connect, clarify, and close.

So what you wanna do when you get on the phone is of course, you wanna answer it in a chipper, happy attitude, and mood. You wanna make sure that you sound like you wanna be on the phone. You wanna make sure you’re not doing something else in the background, making noise or acting like you’re not interested because it will come across in your communication.

So the first thing you wanna do is connect with somebody. You wanna connect with them on a personal level. They might come straight to hello, is this dent repair company? Yes. Hey, what do you guys charge? If you just answer the question, the call is gone. It’s a wasted call. Unless you’re the cheapest guy in town. You’ve gotta connect with them first. So let’s connect with them first. Slow ‘em down. Come back to the purpose of their call. Tell me what’s going on with your car. Get the story. When you get a little bit of the story you can find something in there to connect to. Oh, those are fantastic cars. It can be that simple. You know I’ve got a whatever, whatever. Oh, those are awesome cars, you know. My daughter’s son, that’s the car I chose for him because it’s crazy reliable. It’s a great car. Too bad that happened to it. Boom. Done. You’re connected.

Now, listen to them. Find out what they want, and then clarify. That’s the second C. So you’re gonna repeat in your own words, what they’re asking about and make sure you’re on the same page. And then you’re gonna tell them what you can offer for them. What kinds of solutions you have. And then you’re gonna give them a price range. You’re not gonna give them a price because you haven’t seen anything. You’re gonna be clear about that. You’re gonna talk to them about that a little bit and then you’re gonna try to clarify a little bit more after they give you some type of response. You’re gonna ask them; does that make sense to you? Are there questions about that? You sound like you’ve got a question. Blah, blah, blah. And like I said earlier I’ve got an entire system that, that conversation is three or four pages that I can write on how to handle the middle part of that conversation.

But then, once you’ve clarified what they need, and what you can offer, then the third C is to close. You’ve got to try to close for the appointment. You can just let ‘em go. They’ll be happy to go. They’ll say some stuff like well, okay, that sounds good. I’m just gonna, you know, you guys open – some stupid closing remark and they’re out, and you’re putting it back on them to get back in touch with you. You’ve got to ask for the appointment. Even when they’re on the way out, once they’re gone, they’re gone. So you gotta throw a Hail Mary. If they said “You know, sounds good but I’m gonna call around.” Fantastic. Listen I can promise if you call around enough you will definitely find someone to beat my price if the only criteria you’re shopping for is super low prices. Once you find that low price you can get somebody to beat that, too. But what we do is a little different, and then you go into telling them why you’re better.

And I’ve closed plenty of jobs with that Hail Mary when they were gone. They were looking for some more prices and I brought ‘em back with the Hail Mary by closing. Trying for the close and telling them you can shop more or we can be done. I can look at it in person. Again, I’ve got pages and pages I can write on closing. But that’s the basic format to a really successful phone work to really successful phone work all the time. You know, you can close everybody and some of ‘em you’re not supposed to close. They’re bad. They’re junk and you can get ‘em to commit to an appointment and you’re gonna lose. So I can show you to avoid that situation as well, because sometimes people are really eager to make the appointment with you and that’s actually a red flag.

So I just wanted to share that with you this morning. See if you can use that today and this week. Make some more money. Get some more appointments and let you know that if there’s enough interest from you guys, if you would like to purchase an entire program with all of his audio and all of these worksheets and everything that I would give you to teach you everything I know about working the phones for a PDR company, if there’s enough interest in it I will create that entire system.

So I’ve included a link in this email and if you just pop over to the link and purchase it I’m gonna – if I make it it’s gonna be much more expensive when it’s done and it’s all packaged and it’s on the site and it’s gonna stay there forever, it’s gonna be super expensive ‘cause this is crazy valuable to me. You close one job that you didn’t close before and it could be a three, four, six, seven-hundred-dollar revenue in that one job that you might’ve missed before, so this is stupid valuable to me. This is the one thing that probably makes me more money than anything else when you’re working a mobile company because if you can’t get there, you can’t fix anything. So you’ve gotta get that appointment. Everything stems from that.

So if enough guys purchase, I’ll create the entire system. And it I only get three or four or five or ten of you guys that say you want it, sorry it’s not gonna happen. It’s not worth my time to sit down and put it all together. Happy to help through the podcast still and that’s super fun and I enjoy doing it and we’ll cover more of this stuff for sure. But if you guys wanna get down and dirty and learn all this stuff fast, and get it in your mind, you know, in a matter of 30, 60 days, I will be stoked to put it together for you ‘cause it’ll be a win for both of us. So if you’re into it click the link. Pay for it and in about four to five weeks, Shane and I will put it all together, polish it up and send it out to you.

Now what is it gonna include? Well, everything I talked about just a moment ago. We’re gonna have some worksheets that kind of give you a layout of how we’re gonna handle all your phone call section. A ton of audio that you can listen to on the job, on the way to the next appointment, while you’re waiting for the phone to ring so that when you hear the phone ring you can pause me in your ears and you’re fresh and ready to go. It’s like you just got pumped up and you stepped right in the ring and the bell rang and you were ready to go at it.

I’m gonna record my actual phone calls with customers. This is a really valuable thing. You’re gonna not just hear me talk about it, but you’re gonna hear me do it. And I’m not gonna edit ‘em up. ‘Cause I make plenty of mistakes, but as long as you stick to the format you can be really successful So I want you to have a realistic expectation of what you should be doing, and I’m going to include all of the crappy phone calls, some of the mistakes I make, and I go right over them as soon as I hang up the phone and I tell you where I screwed up and where I should’ve – what I should’ve said differently and the customers that you didn’t wanna close. I’m gonna let you hear those too so you can hear at one point that I know I needed to get outta here because I was gonna lose some money.

That’s crazy important because if you close the wrong guy for an appointment and you go out there, you are gonna lose a ton of money. You could lose two hours. 25% of your day sometimes. Just on one bad phone call. So I’m gonna show you how to recognize those and how to get out of ‘em before they ever happen.

All this stuff we’re gonna put together in a package and it’ll get it to you and you can access it from any device. You can look and listen from desktop, from your phone, from a tablet. Anything that gets on line, you’ll be able to access the stuff. So that’s what it’s gonna be. If you’re into in, fantastic. It’ll be fun. I’ll enjoy making it for you guys. Click the link and let’s do it.

So listen. This challenge is only for this week. So it’s super short notice but I will let this email hang out there and this show hang out there for a couple of days and I will tally up the number of guys who are interested and in on this deal by Friday afternoon, Friday night. And if we don’t have enough guys by Friday night, I’ll just refund everybody’s money who’s paid. And if we do have enough guys on Friday night, I’ll send an email and say, it’s on. I’m working on it. You guys are gonna get it as soon as it’s done which will be number one priority. We’ll crank it out really fast. I’m getting so many phone calls every day that, gosh, I will have too many recordings. I’ve already got some that I’ve been saving because I’ve wanted to do this for a while. So I’ll crank it together really fast but I’m not gonna make any shortcuts so it’ll take a few weeks.

But we’re just leaving this offer up until Friday night and then if nobody’s into it, everything’s going down and we’ll shelve it. But if you guys are excited, I’m gonna be pumped to put it together for ‘ya. So it’s just like a kick-starter. If you’re into it, commit and the project will happen. So let’s do it. Let’s get better.

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