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Today is the day! 10-26-2015 We are opening registration for the Advanced Skills Seminar and Training 3 day live event in Orlando FL January 26,27,28 2016

Listen to this episode for details and we will see you there!


Shane: In the past when we have made it to repair dents in double panels, along edges or in seams, we’ve used rather imprecise and dare I say ineffective methods of tooling. Screwdrivers, awls and hammers were all we had. Now, with the development of the Edge Jack from blendinghammerpdr.com, that has changed.

Using the power and precision of a mini lifter, we can now effectively repair these damages with control. It takes interchangeable tips. You can vary the tip that you need depending on the damage and what you need to lift. Again, crazy control, crazy power; you’re gonna fix dents in double panels and seams that you struggled with before in half-quarter, one-tenth of the time. Grab these bad boys and start making some extra money fellows, blendinghammerpdr.com.

Special Guest Intro: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 100th episode of the PDR College Podcast, live from Sacramento, California, to Greenville, South Carolina where for two years neither rain nor sleet, not even hail could stop this incredible Monday morning podcast. At times, live from remote locations – Las Vegas, Boston, even from a hotel parking lot at 1:00 in the morning.

Sometimes it was a solo podcast due to food poisoning, others with special guests like Ryan Hampton, Jordan Fischer, Joe Mathis, Under the Sink, Jeremy Langdon, Paul Cordin, Colton Lamey, Derek Reed, Mike Broughton, Bryce Kelly, Sal Contrares and that guy who really, really knows insurance, all from the relentless, the selfless but never thankless efforts of two men who helped techs get better from around the world Keith Cosentino and Shane Jacks. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to podcast.

All right, Episode 100 of the PDR College Podcast; Shane, I am excited for today.

Shane: Yeah, Keith, as you can already see, we’ve had some pretty funny quotes and quips and that was intro actually that we used before and that’s what we’re gonna talk about today for our 100th episode. Everybody probably thought we were gonna be serious with this guy, No. 100, because we do teach a lot, etc., but man, we’re gonna have a little bit of fun today with No. 100.

Keith: It is a blast to do this show. We make a lot of funny, ridiculous jokes. Over the last hundred episodes, we’ve had a blast and laughed like crazy so what we did is got on our Facebook group, which is the PDR College Podcast Community. It’s a closed group but anybody can join it and we asked the guys in there, guys and gals – I don’t think there’re any gals – we asked the guys in there to post their favorite quotes or clips or episodes from the past two years and we’re gonna pick our favorites and talk about them on the show. And we’ve already laughed probably enough to last us for a couple of weeks just putting the list together because there’s some stuff that we don’t remember saying.

Shane: Yeah, Keith said, “Who said that, you or me?”

Keith: I don’t know, dude.

Shane: It was one of us.

Keith: And there are a few of them that we simply do not remember saying. I think I was drunk on a few episodes and that’s tough to do for a guy that doesn’t drink.

Shane: That doesn’t drink, exactly.

Keith: So, but if you by chance are new to this podcast on this Episode 100, we’ve got 99 other episodes that are deadly serious and are gonna help you level up in your paintless dent removal business but this one, we’re just gonna have some fun. I’m sure it’ll be some nuggets of information thrown around here and there because we can’t help when we talk for a couple hours talk about something serious when it comes to dent removal, but make sure if you enjoy the show you go into iTunes and leaves us an awesome review like so many have. We are very appreciative to you guys who have taken the time to do that and to you guys who are just getting ready to do it, thank you.

We will be reading those reviews on the show at some point. Everybody will get some airtime with that. And Shane, more than myself, but we both do a lot of broadcasting on Periscope. Periscope is a cool app where you can download the app and then when one of us decides we wanna share something live, we’ll turn on the app on our phone, you’ll get a little bee-bop on yours and you can hang out with us live and comment on the screen and see the video that we’re streaming. So, that’s Periscope and it’s PDR College Keith and PDR College Shane so hop on in there and interact with us that way. It’s a lot of fun.

Shane: Keith’s way of rationalizing why he’s losing in the heart game on Periscope is that I do more scopes than he does.
Keith: So, on Periscope –

Shane: Both are true, I do more scopes and I am killing you on the hearts right now.

Keith: How many do you have?

Shane: Like over 20,000 more than you.

Keith: Why the confidence? You don’t even know how many more; you just know you’re beating me.

Shane: I think it’s about 20,000 hearts man.

Keith: On Periscope, when you enjoy the content, you can tap the screen and little hearts will float up to the top and then it keeps track of how many hearts so Shane and I are in a race to one million hearts. That would be one million taps on the screen like a crack monkey and I think I’m around 108,000 and Shane is apparently 128,000.

Shane: I’m 135,000.

Keith: You are crushing me.

Shane: Yes.

Keith: I’m doing the next one with my shirt off.

Shane: Ha, ha, ha, okay, so when you tap on the screen, it doesn’t cut it off because that’s the only way you’re gonna get more hearts on that one is people trying to cut that thing off Keith.

Keith: Thanks Shane.

Shane: You’re welcome.

Keith: That kinda leads into our first quote perfectly, doesn’t it?

Shane: It does, it actually does. Good job; nice segue.

Keith: So, we went into our Facebook group and pulled up the list and we picked our favorites. And just in chronological order, the first clip that made us laugh was from our loyal listener of the show, Richard Roudsen and he referenced a time that I claimed to have the perfect lesbian body. Man, I’ve always had that it thing where I don’t have to do anything for women, they just come flocking to me.

Shane: Um-hum.

Keith: I got it like that. They used to call me a player, but when I say “they,” I’m referring to the stuffed animals I still had in my room when I was 27. I don’t think anybody outside of that room would ever refer to me as a player unless you saw my wife you would think he definitely has game.

Shane: He’s got game.

Keith: Because there’s no way that woman would marry that dude.

Shane: Or cash.

Keith: He looks like Mr. Potato Head but an outofshape version.

Shane: An outofshape version of Mr. Potato Head.

Keith: I used to be in a lot better shape when I was less busy.

Shane: When you said less busy, I swear you were going lesbian there.

Keith: Less busy. No, actually, I have the perfect body if I was gonna be a lesbian and I don’t have to change anybody. That’s about what I look like right now.

Shane: I think your equipment is a little different. I haven’t seen it personally however.

Keith: Let’s hope. But I got the whole body type.

Shane: True that, true that.

Keith: Minimal muscle tone, that funhouse look that they’re all going for. Those who listen to us a lot know that Shane and I are both quite into fitness but we’re also quite into business and sometimes business wins and fitness loses so consequently, we’re consummate yoyo dieters and we’re in shape and out of shape and quite often I’m out of shape and I think I was feeling particularly pudgy and plaid at one time and talked about having the world’s perfect lesbian body.

Shane: Including hair.

Keith: Receding gently with a tad bit of edginess.

Shane: I was talking about body hair.

Keith: I have a receding chest hairline; it looks horrible. What’s the next one you’ve got there Shane?

Shane: Why do you wanna get off of your body so quick? This is fun for me as much as you make fun of those hail guys. The next one is Max Marino. He said, and neither one of us remember this, but it’s pretty funny and I can imagine you saying it Keith. It says that you one time said that if you got a bloodied nose and your doctor told you to stuff strawberries up it then it’s probably time to find another doctor. That’s a true statement.

Keith: That is a true statement. I do not remember saying it, but I would stand by that. I’d stand by that today. I have a feeling that was on the show Who’s the Expert and we were talking about coming into any situation with confidence but being able to smell BS and if you don’t know what you’re talking about, people are gonna pick up on it. I could be completely wrong about where that came from, but it does sound like something I would say.

Shane: Random objects.

Keith: Yeah, you know, from a practical standpoint, we are in the process of having the show transcribed so every single episode is going to live in a text format on the website with each respective episode and you’ll be able to search them in a Google search for our hilarious terms and find them but more importantly, you’ll be able to search for important terms about growing your PDR business and you’ll be able to find those episodes and read them if you want instead of listening to them. So, that’s coming up in 2016. It’s being done right now so we’re excited about that. It’s a lot of work actually even though we’re not actually transcribing it.

The next one is one of Shane’s favorite quotes by one of our buddies, Patrick Borten. It’s Shane’s quote, “It’s easy if you know what you’re doing.”

Shane: I originally said it not as a joke is the funny thing. It’s the truth. It’s easy if you know what you’re doing. Keith laughs pretty much every time I say it so.
Keith: Because it’s funny but it is true. I mean pretty much anything you’re talking about, it’s easy if you know what you’re doing.

Shane: So, that’s a quick and easy one there. Next, Keith, you say this as one of your closes which I find pretty funny and you’re better at closing than I am so –

Keith: Well, I don’t know if it’s so much a close as it is a screen.

Shane: It’s from Colin McManus and it’s, “Fixing a dent is like make sausage; it’s not always pretty halfway through.”

Keith: Yeah, the way I used that line is that, you know, you’re working on a big smash or something and the customer comes out in the middle of it and they’re getting nervous because it’s all lumpy and it looks weird and I’ll tell them, “You know it’s a lot like sausage. You don’t really wanna see it until it’s all done.” Send them on back inside. Or I’ll use that when they say, “Hey, can I watch you?” And I’ll say, “Yeah, you can; however ….” So, that’s one of my favorites. Colin thanks for bringing that one up.

You know you’ve got a lot of options when you decide what to do with your invoicing and your data capture for your dent removal or other reconditioning business, but the choice I’ve made for my company is ReconPro™ by AutoMobile Technologies. This stuff has proven invaluable. I had a mountain of paper invoice books stacked up in a room in case I wanted to look something up. It was archaic, ridiculous. Now, all of my technicians are on iPhones, they scan the VIN of the car, they enter a few pieces of information, including capturing the email for your customers.

It’s 2015; you need to be building a mailing list for your customers so you can keep them updated if you wanna run specials, you wanna reach out and touch them, you need an email. This prompts you to capture their email so you can send them the receipt which comes via email; no paper in the truck to get lost. Guys, this is the way to do it. There’re a lot of options you can take.

There’re lots of competitors, but this is the one I’ve chosen. Check them out online, automobiletechnologies.com. The product is called ReconPro. It’s not one guy who is also a PDR tech building software; it’s a team of nerds dedicated to making your life better and that’s what you want. Check them out; tell them we sent you over there, ReconPro. What’s the next one on our list there Shane?

Shane: The next one is from Chris Dillard and he references something that we talk about a bunch in the podcast and that is yachets.

Keith: Ah, bigger yachets.

Shane: Bigger yachets.

Keith: Honestly, some yachets.

Shane: A yachet.

Keith: I like to talk about – so, again, if this is your first episode, we sound crazy.

Shane: What is a yachet?

Keith: Yeah, but and in the South where Shane comes from, they don’t speak English that great and read it even worse so what we here in California would refer to as a yacht, in South Carolina, the call it a yachet.

Shane: It’s not like it’s a rule Keith. In South Carolina, they’re called yachets.

Keith: And we talk about wanting a yacht and I particularly don’t love being in the middle of the ocean because there’s no land there and it only takes about two cups of water to kill you and there’re like a billion gallons in every quarter of a mile so I don’t really like being in the middle of the ocean but I do like hanging out in the marina so I figure I can pull that off a lot easier if I get a salvaged yacht that doesn’t have an engine in it or has it blown out or something like that and I can just get that big yellow cord and then put it through one of those little portholes and I can plug it in basically and be like a plugin hybrid yacht

So, I’m putting zero CFCs or whatever the diesel spit out, putting zero of that in the atmosphere but I am wearing khakis, I got a sweater vest and I got those little white shoes that don’t mark anything up and I’m just hanging out. You can come on my yacht, I can string those little lights around the top, we can have a party.

Shane: Sounds like a plan.

Keith: I mean it sounds amazing. If I get a big enough one, you can land a helicopter there although I don’t know if you can do it with the lights. You have to put the lights on after.

Shane: It would be tough.

Keith: It’s on my vision board.

Shane: I like being out in the middle of ocean so I need a motor in mine. I need an engine.

Keith: Well, that means I’m gonna have a nicer one faster than you because those engines are not cheap.

Shane: No, they are not.

Keith: And they talk about fuel in how many gallons per hour.

Shane: It’s insane. It’s like operating an airplane basically.

Keith: A lot it, if you actually look at those numbers and then you imagine a gallon of milk, some of them, you can’t pour a gallon out that fast. You gotta cut the back open to get it to come out that fast. It won’t come out as fast as those things will suck it up and burn it. It’s amazing.

Shane: What do we have next Keith?

Keith: Our good buddy, John Dans, who’s also responsible for bringing Michael Buffer on the show to bring us in talks about one of his favorite quotes is “to rupture the spleen of mediocrity.” I gotta take credit for that one.

Shane: That is a very, very good one.

Keith: We used to have a little more fun on the intros. I kinda got away from it and got a little more serious lately, but I do like to kick mediocrity square in the nuts, just stand right in front of him and nail him and sometimes you rupture his spleen and sometimes you just take him down and ground and pound him, but mediocrity is getting his butt kicked in the PDR College and I enjoy every second of it; striving for perfection Shane.

Shane: Yes, and while we are on that, John, man, he sent us a bunch of those things. Thanks John because you make us laugh on those SpeakPipes that you send to us where he just goes on and on with these impersonations and crazy stuff and we laugh like crazy. You guys haven’t gotten to hear all of them, but man, when we open one up from John, there is guaranteed to be a laugh. So, SpeakPipe, Keith, why don’t you explain what that is because John knows what it is for sure –

Keith: He sure does, but –

Shane: – and a few of you know what it is but if you don’t, let’s talk about what SpeakPipe is and what we can do with SpeakPipe.

Keith: So, we have lots of cool ways of interacting with people who listen to the show which is really cool. The technology these days is freaking awesome. And one of those ways that’s frankly underutilized is on our website, there’s a little tiny bar on the side of the screen that says send us a voice message. You click that little thing and you’re able to just record audio through your device, whether it’s your phone or your computer or whatever you’re looking at the website on, you can record audio through that device and it’ll send us a voicemail so you don’t actually call a number.

You just leave a voicemail through the computer or through the website which is really, really cool. They limit you to 90 seconds; that’s why John has to call and leave several sometimes because he’s pretty longwinded, but if you want us to talk about your topic on the show, you can just pop it in there or if you just wanna ask us a question and have us get back to you personally, we’re happy to do that as long as we don’t get too many of those because we’re pretty busy guys.

But we’ve answered quite a few people’s questions directly through there but they’re fun to make shows out of too if you have a good idea that you think more people would wanna hear about or you and your pals talk about and say I wonder what Keith and Shane would say about that, send us a SpeakPipe message and we make a show out of it. It’s really fun for us. We like getting them so do that anytime you wish.

Shane: Next up Keith, Phillips Byes brings in – actually, I guess it would be our catchphrase or our mantra around here.

Keith: Get better.

Shane: And that is get better.

Keith: So, we end the show every time and it is kind of a way of life for you and I, we’re just always trying to claw a little bit farther up the tree, get a little better than we were yesterday. I think there’s some cool coach audio clip that says are we better today than we were yesterday or something like that, better tomorrow than we were today?

Shane: Yeah. One of my favorite – Keith, have you ever seen the movie Something About Mary?

Keith: A long time ago.

Shane: Okay, there was one part and I’ve seen that movie a hundred times.

Keith: You see a lot of movies a hundred times for a guy that tells me you’re super busy all the time.

Shane: Yeah, well, there’re a few movies that I will watch over and over and I mean remember, this movie came out a long time ago.

Keith: It sure did.

Shane: But my wife and I watched it about six months ago again. She said, “Hey, let’s watch Something About Mary.” I said, “That’s cool.” And there’s a part in there where he says, “Yeah, man, married life looks great” to his buddy. He said, “Each day is better than the next.”

Keith: I’m waiting for the punch line.

Shane: That is the punch line, “Each day is better than the next.” It just keeps getting worse and worse for him, but it took me forever to figure that out, what he was saying there.

Keith: Oh, I got it. I didn’t get it.

Shane: I didn’t either the first time he goes, “Each day is better than the next.”

Keith: That’s a genius line and I didn’t even get it.

Shane: Yes, it is; it’s really good.

Keith: All right, the next one is from our good buddy and contributor to the show in the several ways and that’s Colton Lamey and he’s talking about your shoes Shane. Why’s he talking about your shoes?

Shane: Okay, so, my wife and I were down in Charleston and went to a Gucci outlet. I was a little bit offended that my wife said you don’t wanna go in there because I didn’t know how much Gucci stuff cost, right? This has only been like a year ago also and so I was like oh, bump you woman, we’re going in there and I’ll buy everything in here if I want to.

So, we walk in and I figured out that I didn’t wanna buy anything and so I said that my dream was that my wife is sitting in the kitchen with her friend and her friend said, “Is that a Gucci handbag?” And Rona turns around and says, “Yeah, Shane bought another one. He forgot he had bought me one last week.” And she turns and goes, “Wait a minute, do you hear that?” That’s Shane coming up the drive in his yellow Gucci shoes. I want them to be so stupid loud in color that you can hear me coming.

Keith: I think you posted a picture somewhere, either with the podcast or on the Facebook community, but like banana yellow Gucci –

Shane: They are laughy-taffy banana yellow.

Keith: Yeah, that’s a better way to put it.

Shane: Yes.

Keith: And no natural banana can shine with such brilliance.

Shane: It’s basically I’m so rich that fashion doesn’t matter honestly. That’s what those things say. They do not look good.

Keith: And they’re adorned with some kind of platinum embellishment at the top.

Shane: The only way those things look good on you is if your name is Jay Z or Diddy or something like that so they’re awful; they’re terrible, but I will have some at some point.

Keith: Yet, yeah, you still want –

Shane: You’re dang right I do.
Keith: How much were they?

Shane: Twenty-eight hundred, I think, 2,800.00 bucks.

Keith: Any decent pair of shoes under three grand is really a bargain these days.

Shane: Yeah, that’s for sure, for sure. What do we have up next?

Keith: Under three grand.

Shane: Oh, wait a minute.

Keith: My current shoes are under three grand.

Shane: All of my current shoes are under three grand together, totaled.

Keith: You and I both like to play on words and stupid jokes like that, but I always imagine – this has nothing to do with our list but it reminded me of something that makes me laugh every time I talk about it. When you’re trying to say how good something is in relation to other things, right, you can almost always say it’s one of the best as long as when you line them all up the thing you’re talking about is not the worst one, it’s one of the best.

Shane: Yes, it is. That’s very good.

Keith: So, there you go, but if you’re working on your website now and you wanna reference yourself as one of the best dent guys in the country, as long as you’ve seen somebody that’s slightly worse than you, it’s true.

Shane: I like it.

Keith: The next one is from Patrick Borten and it’s a Periscope reference, isn’t it Shane?

Shane: Yes, that scream like a little crack monkey. That was you Keith and apparently it’s not working –


Shane: It’s not blowing you away, that’s right.

Keith: I try to bring such amazing content to my Periscopes that I get a lot of hearts when I do them but sometimes it’s hard to make up, you know, I’m like a 50cal sniper rifle; it’s very powerful, but I’m up against an Uzi and it’s hard to beat it. There’re just so, like for example, if I just turn the Periscope on while I was driving down the road with my family, you know, I could do that and then just try to snag a couple extra hearts but it’s just not my style. I really wanna bring a podcast of intense value.

Shane: Haters gonna hate.

Keith: If you missed Shane’s –


Shane: – I am cheap and I will buy those hearts in any way I can. I’m just gonna turn it on my wife like you said the other day Keith.

Keith: Shane was in the car, I mean I’m busting his chops, it was cool; he was enjoying the fruits of his labor and took his family down to, I don’t know, a playoff game or a championship game?

Shane: Yeah, it was the college football playoffs, yeah.

Keith: Way down in Miami so they took a rodey down there and Shane was giving us an update on the way down and –

Shane: Actually, that was a dent repair related one, remember?

Keith: I do, but I can’t remember what point you made. I did watch it.

Shane: Well, you said, “What?”

Keith: No, I watched it. I know about it, but I can’t remember –

Shane: You said, “Great story.”

Keith: I know. It was, but I don’t remember what it was right now.

Shane: He don’t listen to me.

Keith: What was your story?

Shane: By gaining the dealership back –

Keith: Ah, yeah, I remember.

Shane: – and also about the perspective of all those cars I saw driving down the highway and we just have to capture a very small amount of those.

Keith: The story, that’s what it was about, the story about getting the dealer back. I do remember. I was mesmerized by your beautiful wife Rona and you put her on the scope for a minute and I said, “You could probably get a lot of hearts if you just sat that phone on the dashboard and pointed it at her while she’s driving for a couple hours.” You would beat me handily.

Shane: I already am. All it takes is my pretty face to beat you Keith.

Keith: We’ll see about that.

Shane: All right.

Keith: First one to a million gets a vacation purchased by the other one.

Shane: I dig it. My vacations are really expensive.

Keith: To such beautiful locations as Sacramento, California?

Shane: Exactly.

Keith: The next one we’ve got is from our buddy Ben Wah and I hope I am pronouncing your name correctly. I believe I am. It’s one of Shane’s favorite quotes, “Jump in and swim,” and it’s not a joke but it’s a serious quote. Tell us about it Shane.

Shane: Yeah, I mean it is a way of life for me almost Keith and I’m trying to change it a bit. It’s still not a bad thing to do. Man, okay, so I had a gentleman ask me the other day, I think it was through a personal message, he was like, “Man, I need to know about when it hails and I’m already doing retail and I’m already doing wholesale and I’m busy and I’m this and I’m that, how do I handle that” and it’s this way of life that I have, just jump in and swim.

I do it in a lot of areas in my life and not just business. You just do it. You just figure it out later. It’s not great for the body and for the psyche, I can tell you that, but I mean it hails here a lot Keith, smaller storms most of the time.

Keith: Not enough to get me called out there.

Shane: I have called you as many times as you have called me and so whenever it hails out here dude, I just jump in and swim. I’m busy already, okay, and I will call guys in, I will work a little bit later, especially at the beginning, it’s gonna be kinda crazy, you know, phone calls like mad and you’ve just got to rearrange.

That’s what life is about is adjusting and adapting, right Keith? You’ve got to adjust and adapt to the situations ahead of you. Now, you can adjust and adapt – Ben Wah could have said here’s my adjustment and an adaptation is I’m just not doing it and I’m gonna refer it to somebody else, but he decided he was gonna jump in and swim.

He adjusted, he adapted, he took matters into his own hands. I’m sure he made some big sacrifices, especially in the beginning, the first couple of weeks but I’m also sure those sacrifices paid off in the wallet. He’s probably got sciatica from sitting sideways on that fat wallet over the last few months so that’s what just jump in and swim means. You just do it. It happens; life happens and you have to adjust and my way of adjusting is just treading water for as long as I can.

Keith: And quite often, I mean all the time honestly, your plans can be amazing and great and ideas are great but they’re worthless until you actually do something. You know you’ve actually gotta pull the trigger on something; otherwise, you’ve done nothing.

Shane: Right.

Keith: So, just jump in and swim forces you to just do. You just gotta do and then figure out the details later because if you’re waiting until you have everything figured out before you take one step, you’re going nowhere.

Shane: Precisely.

Keith: Let’s talk a little bit about hot glue specific for paintless dent removal. What kind are you using? You know you can get a decent pull from any type of glue, I mean any. You can go get some stuff from the craft store, you can get stuff from Wal-Mart. In fact, I used Wal-Mart glue for a long time before I really got into the manufacturing side of PDR, Wal-Mart glue was my glue.

You know what I thought? All these colored glues are fancy ways to trick me out of money. How much better can they work? Well, to some degree, I was right. Some of those colors suck and they’re there just to take your money.

However, once I opened my eyes and got some of the samples of glues that were the real deal, glues that really did work better, I thought holy smokes, here I am again doubting the technical progress of our trade. Just because something looks different doesn’t mean it’s not better. It doesn’t mean it’s a scam. So, I started using colored glues. I found two that worked amazingly. Green glue and the pink glue and we stock both of them on blackplaguepdr.com, but I wanted a glue that worked even better than that.

Now, can a glue work too good? Yes, superglue and liquid nails work too good. They will take the paint off the car. That’s not what we’re after. It’s a fine line of maximum adhesion but not going over the top and ripping the paint off the car, putting us further back than we started in the first place. We wanna leave the paint on the car so we need something that doesn’t have maximum adhesion for a hot metal glue. There’re a lot of glues out there that are made for construction and manufacturing that will make this glue look like it doesn’t work, our glues that we use.

But we have a specific purpose and we need to find the maximum adhesion we can get out of those conditions and that’s what we’ve done with our new line of glue TabWeld. TabWeld is the new standard for PDR. You don’t think it can get better because what you’re using works now, but if you want to function at the highest level, you’ve gotta squeeze the last 2, 3, 5, 10 percent of performance out that everyone else is leaving. It’s just like racing cars.

Everything has to be dialed if you wanna go faster than the other guy, and if you wanna do a better repairs with less pulls or do a repair that someone else said couldn’t be done, you’ve gotta have the best tools and glue is so stinking cheap for how much you use. I did a $600.00 repair the other day. I was on it for four hours and I used two sticks of TabWeld the whole time and glue pulled the whole time. It’s not a lot of money to put in and there’s almost no other expenses in our business. Stop being shortsighted, buy the glue that’s gonna make your life easier and more profitable.

Don’t forget; that’s what I’m all about in this business, making more money, and if you’re using the right tools, you’re gonna make more of it. I can promise you that. You got the right lights, you got the right tools, you got the right tabs and the right glues and you know how to use it all, magic happens. So, that’s what I’m trying to tell you about. There’s a glue that works better than what you’re using now and it’s called TabWeld. Check out the website, tabweld.com. You can bop yourself onto our mailing list there. We’ve got some exciting stuff coming out.

With that, you are going to be impressed I promise you. And if you don’t like it, I’ll buy it back because I use it every single day and I can’t have enough of it so buy it, enjoy it, make more money, tabweld.com.

Shane: Next quote is also yours by Toby Barwick, “Forty-yard Barbie.”

Keith: What?

Shane: Whoever didn’t hear that episode is going huh, but if you think about it you can figure it out. So, I was referencing a gold-plating company that was in my area for a long time and it’s been out of business for a while, but –

Keith: Really?

Shane: Of course, yeah, believe it or not, but dude, I don’t remember the topic, but it was probably something about appearance and sales and everything and she could sell son because all she had to do was be female, wear short shorts and have blond hair and dude, she sold it. You know why? Because from 40 yards she was fine so she was a 40yard Barbie; you get any closer than that and ooh, it got kinda bad. She’s kinda ugly.

Keith: Forty yards, that’s farther, you only need ten for a first down, right?

Shane: Correct, correct. This was like a sack though. It was 40 yards behind the line of scrimmage so she was a 40yard Barbie, but you know that passes –

Keith: She’d been roughed.

Shane: That passer has been roughed. Your sportsman [inaudible] [00:36:32] is absolutely on time.
Keith: The next quote is also yours and also from Toby Barwick; Toby bringing the volume today. Shane likes to say what?

Shane: I’m your stinking dent guy or I’m your freaking – I’d probably say freaking more than stinking.
Keith: I think so.

Shane: Yeah, I’m your freaking dent guy and that is in reference to the way things used to be in paintless dent repair, especially in the hail world. Well, I guess in the retail and wholesale lizard stuff too Keith is where you just walked up and there were so few of us it didn’t matter what kinda personality or sales skill you had, you were their freaking dent guy because supply and demand states quality isn’t always the indicator of who’s gonna kill it and at that point, there just weren’t that many of us, right?

Keith: Right.

Shane: And guys would come in and I’m your freaking dent guy. The problem is every time that I referenced that, I’m talking about guys a lot of them they still have that mindset and they’re so proud of what they used to be that they can’t change and they’re not gonna change and it just doesn’t work that well anymore. Talent will only get you so far. Will it make you money? Oh, yeah, you’ll make money off of talent. How much more can you make if you had some sales skills and some actual personality on the positive side, not negative personality?

Keith: What’s bananas about it is we are almost still in like a wild west because beyond your freaking dent guy mode it worked 15 years ago, ten years ago even. Now, all you need to do is be clean cut, well spoken, say what you’re gonna do and do what you’re gonna say and have a way for people to find you and you can make a million dollars. It’s not gonna stay like this. It’s gonna get crazy competitive and then the prices are probably gonna start going down because there’s gonna be more competition.

But right now if you just get four or five things right, you can write your own checks. It is still the wild west; it’s just slightly different so the companies who set themselves up now and do just a handful of normal business procedures and take everything a little more seriously, if you actually try to build a company, you’re gonna have some serious legs and it’s gonna be hard for people to catch up to you in the following years, but if you just stick around now and have the same I’m your freaking dent guy mentality of well, yeah, I got a website and I got reviews so yeah, you wanna use me or not, you know.

If you have that mentality, you’re gonna get smoked in the next few years because there’re hungry, hungry guys coming up who have way more information now than you ever thought you could all at their fingertips mostly for free. So, get serious about it. If you’re thinking about it, just get serious.

Shane: Yep, I was that guy for a while.

Keith: Yeah, I think everybody was at some point.

Shane: Yeah. What’s up next Keith? I think our next one is from Chris Dillard, right?

Keith: Yes, he really wants to know what’s going on with avocados. We talk a lot about avocados on the show. They hail mostly from Temecula, California, which is a place of broken dreams and sad children and empty mansions. We used to talk about it a lot more than we do now; almost like out of respect, you know, the same way you would of like a lost family member or something. You don’t wanna just keep talking about it all the time, but it is sad and you do bring it up once in a while just out of respect and that’s pretty much all we’re gonna tell you about avocados.

Shane: That’s it. We’re also gonna tell you to go You Tube the kid that gets an avocado for Christmas. It’s tough. Have you seen that Keith?

Keith: I have. Somebody posted it to our PDR College Group.

Shane: Oh, it’s good stuff.

Keith: You know, we talk about –

Shane: Great kid; man, I wish I had a kid like that.

Keith: No doubt. We talk a lot about the Facebook community which is a cool place where everybody can hang out for free, but that’s kind of what it is for Shane and I; we hang out there, you know, it’s like a couch, but we’re putting our actual community online very, very soon. In fact, it’s in its infancy stages right now and we are actively using it.

You can’t get in there yet except for a handful of founding members who are in there helping us build it out right now, but when our PDR College Community, the actual community is live and up and running, if you wanna learn anything about what we talk about and what we know, it’s in there and it’s gonna continue to grow into a massive beast of networking and information and videos and audio and everything that’s gonna help you make more money in the dent business. So, keep your eyeballs open.

Make sure you’re on our email list and you can be a part of the PDR College Community when it comes live in 2016, early, early 2016 like January or February, right in there. So, we’re super pumped about that. We’re spending a lot of time in there. That’s why you’ve probably seen us less active in the Facebook group because we are jamming inside our own community so we hope to see you guys in there when it comes open.

Shane: Can’t wait to see you fellows.

Keith: Our next quote –

Shane: Our next one –

Keith: Oh, Dan Knoltner, also a loyal listener of the show, you know, and I paraphrased his quote here. Do you have his actual quote though?

Shane: I do. He says, “If you don’t have dents that don’t turn out a couple times a year, you’re just not trying hard enough stuff.”

Keith: Yeah, I believe that was my quote and it is the absolute truth. Totally, totally stinks when you don’t have a dent turn out, when it’s bad, but if you don’t have a couple a year, you haven’t pushed all the way to that threshold and slightly over. Like you don’t know where the edge is sometimes until you fall off like you’re walking up to a cliff in the dark.

Sometimes you can surprise yourself with your skills and I know that’s one of the ways Shane and I have gotten to such a high level of repair expertise is by taking on stuff that when you first put a tool on it, you honestly didn’t know if you were gonna fix or not, right Shane?

Shane: Oh, yeah, quite a bit. I would say more than two a year for me.

Keith: Oh, yeah, way more, but I’m saying at least two.

Shane: Yeah, at least two yeah, yep.

Keith: And it sucks every time; nobody likes to work for free but you just have to look at that as part of an investment in your in your PDR career, you know, you learn what to do and sometimes you learn what not to do. Early on in my career; early, early on, before glue pulling was really popular my buddy’s wife had this, I’ll never forget, this green Four Runner, what year was it, probably like oh, ’02 or ’01 and it was like the first new car she ever had and it was nice for us, you know, we were young guys, nobody really had anything really nice.

But she got this Four Runner and somebody backed into it in the left rear door and it was just a slight cave in. I don’t know if you remember those Four Runners Shane, but they had that real sharp bodyline about a quarter the way up the bottom of the door so the whole bottom section of the door was like its own little section and it caved that probably like a volleyball size dent right there through the bodyline and I took the panel off and everything.

I wanted to do it right, but I was not a student of the heat yet. I did not have constant heat on this dent and I was just pushing it out with my hand to kinda see what was gonna pop and it did pop and it snapped the bodyline and broke the paint. I’ll never forget what she said either. She said, “I knew that was gonna happen.”

Shane: That’s pretty good.

Keith: Yeah, it was terrible because I desperately wanted to fix this thing because my buddy, her boyfriend at the time; they’re now married with a bunch of kids, but he’s a huge car guy and we were really, really good buddies like best buddies and I really wanted to fix this thing nice and I was trying to take all the steps and I still freaking screwed it up but that lesson helped me realize hey, you should heat everything that’s big and even has a chance of going anywhere. Make sure it’s hot.

And guys, it still cracked paint, blow my freaking mind. If you heat the paint, it won’t crack. That’s the most valuable tip you’ll ever get. Now, if you’ll do anything with it, it’s doubtful but if you crack paint this last month, I don’t know how to help you. Now, if you crack it again next month. If it’s hot, it doesn’t crack; end of story. No disclaimers, no conditions, nothing; it it’s hot enough, it won’t crack. All right, I’m done with that.

Shane: I was letting you soapbox for a minute.

Keith: I have to. It makes me so freaking upset man and sometimes the heat is on but it’s pointed 3 inches into the wrong direction. The paint will still crack man. It has to be at the spot you’re pushing. This is not rocket science. It’s not invisible molecules. Put your hand on the part you’re pushing. Is it hot? Yes, you have it right. Is it hot? No, it’s not right. That’s it. It’s a yes/no.

Shane: Oh, that’s funny.

Keith: What’s the next quote Shane?

Shane: I want you to keep going. I like it when you get riled up. It doesn’t happen much. The next quote is from one of our good buddies, Gene Betty. This was yours Keith. “You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken poop.”

Keith: And that’s actually a false statement; you can –

Shane: It just won’t taste very good.

Keith: – but it’d be terrible. That is my PC version of the popular term, but I like that one better because I can say it to my kids.

Shane: Yep, and it rhymes a little better.

Keith: Um-hum, people say salad, but man, nobody wants chicken salad. Like if you show up somewhere and they’re like what’s to eat and then the answer is chicken salad, nobody’s like oh, hell yeah. It’s like oh, I guess.

Shane: I completely disagree with you there.

Keith: No, I promise you have never told me about the restaurant that serves the most amazing chicken salad, you haven’t. You never have. We’ve known each other a long time and you’ve talked about boiled peanuts and steaks –

Shane: Okay, okay.

Keith: – and everything in between, pancakes –
Shane: If you wanna get rational here, –

Keith: – blueberry pancakes.

Shane: – how many times have you said this place makes the most amazing chicken soup? Never, so okay, do you wanna go tit for tat here or do you wanna –?

Keith: I think I just lost. We gotta move on.

Shane: All right.

Keith: Let’s talk about glue tabs. More specifically, let’s talk about Black Plague Smooth Series Glue Tabs. These guys come in a variety of sizes and are specifically designed for maximum adhesion. They’re designed differently than other tabs and I can say with all honestly that they stick better than any other tab out there.

From the itty-bitty tiny ones that seem as if they wouldn’t pull anything all the way to the larger ones, these things pull like a tanker and best of all, they pull with finite precision. They pull exactly where you want in the exact spot you want. I’ll tell you what. Pair these guys with the TabWeld glue and you’ve got an unbeatable combo. Visit blackplaguepdr.com, pick these guys up, pick up some TabWeld glue and take your glue pulling to the next level.

Are you trying to stay on the cutting edge of paintless dent removal when it comes to your tools? Well, if so, you need to make sure you have two things in your arsenal. One is Shane Jacks’ Jackhammer Blending Hammer. Find it at blendinghammerpdr.com. If you wanna learn blending, we’ve got an awesome tutorial to go along with the hammer right there on the site. You’re gonna love it, you’re gonna learn something and you’re gonna get better and make money. In addition to the hammer, if you are doing any glue pulling, you need to have the Black Plague Crease Tabs. It’s a six-piece crease pulling set.

The two largest are absolute monsters. They’re gonna pull out collision damage like nothing else you’ve got available and the smaller sizes are gonna be for the normal everyday kinda door edges and minor, minor collision dents and a dog leg and a bottom of a door. I’m telling you guys, it is going to change the way you do your repairs when you have the cutting edge tools and these are two of them, blackplaguepdr.com, blendinghammerpdr.com – check out the sites guys, bring yourselves into the 21st Century.

The next one is mine from Kevin Culture. Now, this story –

Shane: This isn’t actually your quote.

Keith: No, it’s not. It’s my story, but it’s not – I mean it could be your story because you were right there too but it’s the one I enjoy telling.

Shane: You brought it up, yeah.

Keith: I give Shane a hard time all the time for not calling me for hail but we have worked together and there was a deal at the BMW manufacturing plant that Shane got his start in PDR and they needed help working on hundreds of cars so he called me out. It was a lot of fun; I had never been inside of a place like that.

It was a blast to work in there and see how those cars are made. But man, do they have some crazy characters working inside that place and it takes somebody that’s a little bit crazy to be locked in this giant six-million square foot box with no windows for 24hour shifts working on the same thing over and over again for your career until you die. It is a strange place.

And one of the guys we met in there, it was like he was an actor acting like someone crazy. The way they tell stories in South Carolina is they take, and Shane, you’re the one who really keyed me in on this, they take any element of a story and they find out a way to stretch it out by ten or 20 times and then if they can stretch that out, they’ll do that too. So, they can take a 30second story and tell it to you for 30 minutes. So, this guy was talking about a snake that got out of the cage, okay. That story just got finished.

Shane: However, when he told it, he said, “Now, a snake, he ain’t got no arms, he ain’t got no legs, he just has a body.” I’m like man, you could have stopped at arms, you could have stopped at legs and you gotta – you really need to see these people too because he’s what Keith, 60?

Keith: At least.

Shane: He’s leaned up on the back of an X5 or one of the Xs, right. He’s got one arm on the hatch area and he’s leaned forward as much as a man can possibly lean forward without falling down –


Keith: Yeah, imagine leaning so far forward and almost like a photo finish at a track event, his teeth are leading him, all three of them.
Shane: Yes.

Keith: Not a full rack by any stretch of the imagination. Apparently, boiled peanuts does something to your dental work –

Shane: Destroy your teeth – they say that it’s meth but it’s actually the boiled peanuts. Oh, man. The next quote is from Anthony Ramano and it’s one of yours Shane.

Shane: Okay, I’m lost, hold on.

Keith: “I rarely get lippy” with customers –

Shane: Oh, I rarely get lippy.

Keith: – just like one out of every six.

Shane: What’s so funny is that’s true or it was in the past. That was a joke when I said that by the way, but it was a joke that had validity to it in the past Keith honestly. Not one out of every six, okay, that was a little bit of a stretch but yeah, I mean it’s tough when you answer the phone four million times a day and the No. 1 question is how much is it to fix a dent, you know, and you know nothing about the dent and it gets a little unnerving, right Keith? For me it does.

Keith: It can; it sure can.

Shane: It doesn’t for you? But honestly, one of the guys that works for me right now, he helps me a lot with that with this one – and he thinks he’s being a smart aleck and he is but it helps. The phone will ring and I’ll look down at the phone and I’ll just kinda sigh, I’ll go, ah, and the reason I’m saying is because before I pick up the phone, I wanna get it out of me, right, get rid of the negative.

So, it’ll ring one time and I’ll just look down and I’ll phew and then he’ll look over at me and go, “People just trying to throw money at you, it’s terrible, ain’t it Shane?” And that kind of puts it into perspective so, yeah, I only get lippy one out of every 20 to 25 now so I’m doing better, a lot better.

Keith: That’s over a four times improvement just by listening to PDR College Podcast.

Shane: Just by producing it.

Keith: You know I say the same thing when the phone is ringing and you’re in the middle of something and you don’t wanna stop what you’re doing just to pick up the phone and I try to realize these are people calling saying hey, when can you be here to get my money? I’m trying to get rid of this money and I need somebody to come and get it. You gotta take that call man.

Shane: For sure.

Keith: The next quote is from another loyal listener to the show, Jason Corne, and I will take this time to give a shout out to Jason Corne. He does something that I didn’t know existed. He had a video on his Facebook and I believe we’re Facebook friends is probably how I saw it and he’s riding a horse through an arena with a loaded weapon shooting balloons like left and right and he’s hitting every single one of them.

It reminded me of that scene from The Last Samurai where they’re riding through and slicing watermelons or whatever with swords, but he’s shooting them with guns and I said this looks freaking awesome. Did you know this was an event Shane? Is it just me in California?

Shane: I’m not saying definitively that I’ve seen it but when you said it, images came to mind so honestly, I’m glad he’s on my side and your side, right, at this point.

Keith: No doubt, but he told me it’s called Cowboy Mounted Shooting and he looks pretty damn good at it so I think man, if I ever have too many balloons and they’re all stuck on poles and the only way to get to them is horses, I got the guy.

Shane: Making fun of his skill.

Keith: I’m not either. It’s a fantastic skill or you got a bunch a guys who you wanna kill with one shot and they’re all standing still in a perfect line –
Shane: I guarantee you after listening to this, Jason would be game to tell you why don’t you run around a little bit boy, let me see if I can hit you.

Keith: Yeah, let me see if this horse runs better than you.

Shane: Oh, man, this is fun Keith. I like this.

Keith: And I think Jason knows us well enough to know I’m busting his chops and I really, legitimately think it’s cool. It struck me as really, really cool because riding a horse is not easy by any means but to go like left and right, left and right and be able to shoot and hit a balloon, pretty cool.

Shane: That’s crazy. I’m gonna have to search that out on his page and find out.

Keith: Yeah, it’s cool.

Shane: Or if you’re listening to this Jason, tag me in it or one and tell me what you really think about Keith after listening.

Keith: He’s gonna start doing that same thing with a sniper rifle and I’m just gonna drop one day when I’m at a fair as my balloon gently floats to the sky.

Shane: Next up Keith, Bubba Cane sends this one in and this one takes the cake for me and for a lot of people honestly.

Keith: You know what? I had honestly forgotten about this one until Bubba posted that and this is from Episode 52. It’s the intro that I –

Shane: Hey Keith, hold on, did we actually say what Jason’s was? We didn’t –

Keith: Oh my, gosh.

Shane: Hey dude, let’s go back to Jason again now that we know that he’s awesome at shooting balloons on horseback.

Keith: It was one of our serious quotes, yeah.

Shane: Yes, it is.

Keith: We’ll just rewind a little bit here by the magic of editing or not.

Shane: Either way, I think we should leave it alone.

Keith: Let’s leave it.

Shane: So, Episode 49, I don’t remember this, but he says that I said, “Goals, you don’t set any and you’ll hit them every time.” And it’s the truth, you know, and it’s not only for our business lives but personal lives also Keith, I mean you’ve gotta have goals. You’ve gotta have goals in life and if you don’t, I mean there are so many people – I may have been talking about, I’m not sure in this episode, there was a few episodes I talked about the people in my area Keith. You’ve heard me talk a lot about them.

Keith: I sure have.

Shane: And man, they’re like wandering around aimlessly and now that I’ve been out to Sacramento, you guys have the same thing out there also.

Keith: We sure do.

Shane: Not quite as many I don’t think, but oh, I didn’t take you to the nice places. Over here man, you walk into the grocery store – I live in a small town, right? It’s a really small town.

Keith: Yeah, you can’t get good money there.

Shane: It is backwoods, okay. No, actually, that is the truth Keith. Williamston, South Carolina, dude, you could not open up a shop here. You’re not gonna make any money. I’m telling you. You might get one car a year. Greenville is a different story, but anyway –

Keith: Thirty minutes away.

Shane: Thirty minutes away, yep. So, anyway, you see people walking around and man, just watching how they react to everyday situations, watching them shop, you know, and you’re going man – I tell my kids this all the time. I will see somebody, and I know this sounds horrible, okay, people are gonna judge me for this, but I don’t care, you know me. So, I see these people and I’ll look and I’ll go Nathan, Hannah, that is not what I want you to be right there.
Just watch them for five minutes and how they have – you can tell just by the way they hold themselves, by the way they speak to other people, by the way they interact with other people and everything they do they have zero aim in life, none; it’s just live to the next second and then once they get to that second, they live to the next one.

That’s not a goal at all. Well, I guess it could be, but it’s a very small goal and something that’s very easily attainable so I think what I was trying to say there – it’s very evident what I was trying to say – set goals, set them high and you know what, you’re gonna miss some of them. It’s just like those dents Keith, if you’re not missing some of them, you’re not setting them high enough.

Keith: Nope, that is the truth. Goals are probably the biggest driving factor for me in everything that I have accomplished and I still feel like I could do a lot better. I really do. And in fact, we have another quote, it’s not on our list Shane, it just escaped on accident, but Tony Barwick brought up, and it’s not my quote, but it’s one I brought into the show, “A goal without a plan, well, that’s a wish.”

Shane: Yep.

Keith: And totally true so you gotta have a goal but then you gotta have a plan to accomplish that goal. It’s easy to say like yeah, I wanna be a multimillionaire. Okay, cool, how are you gonna do it? I don’t know, man, just crush out, you know, get out there, kill it.

Shane: That’s exactly what I was thinking you’d say, I wanna be a multimillionaire and how are you gonna do it, I’m gonna win the lottery. That’s a wish. There’s no plan there. The plan is to buy tickets every week.

Keith: You know they could have a plan; it’s just not a great one. You’ve gotta have a good plan.

Shane: All right, up next, this is one of my favorites Keith.

Keith: Oh, yeah, we skipped Jason, we just went back to him so now we’re on Bubba’s, Episode 52.

Shane: On Bubba, yeah, Episode 52, when I was out puking my guts out and Keith wanted to make fun of me the whole time.

Keith: I don’t know if that’s true. You know I gotta take Shane on his word when he tells me he’s “sick,” and then he’s posting pictures from the beach, but he’s not always here for the PDR College Podcast and sometimes –

Shane: I don’t think I posted pictures from the beach on that one.

Keith: No, Shane actually got salmonella poisoning and I was thinking I’m gonna tell everybody what’s going on and I think nobody’s gonna believe it so I just kinda riffed on that and well, you’ll hear for yourself on the intro to Episode 52. We had a pretty good time with it. I know I laughed probably as much as anybody and I had forgotten I did it and then when Bubba brought it back up, I laughed again because I played it and I played it for my wife. She hadn’t heard it yet because believe it or not, that must be one of the only episodes she missed.

[Playing clip]

Now normally it’s Shane and I right here talking to you but today Shane is gone. He is somewhere out training pigmy goats. He is out right now building an orphanage. He is working on his short game. Shane can’t be with us today. He is going to Subway Sandwich Making School. He is working out with weights. He is developing a new tool or technique. Man, I wish Shane could be with us today, but he can’t. He is actually getting his pilot’s license to fly fighter jets. He’s been hit by a truck. Shane cannot be with us this morning.

Unfortunately, he has come down with measles, pneumonia. He’s writing the script to Smurfs 3. He’s interviewing potential – Shane has broken both of his feet in a karate accident. Shane cannot be with us this morning. He is sleeping. I wish Shane could be with us this morning but he can’t. He is actually down spending some time with the mayor of Possum Kingdom, Pumpkin Town, Sugar Tit, Chicken Lips. Shane’s advising on – he got Salmonella. That’s the real reason. That’s the actual real reason he’s not here.

The dude got Salmonella. I haven’t even talked to him to find out where he got it, but he got Salmonella poisoning. He’s doing fine now, but he’s a little too weak. He actually lost more weight than I did last year just in a couple days so that’s good. Of course, all you had to do to beat that was not lose negative ten pounds and you would beat me, but that’s why Shane’s not here but we’re gonna have a great show without him and here is what we’re talking about.

[End playing clip]

Shane: Next up, Han Kim.

Keith: Han Kim.

Shane: Okay, I’ve got a funny story for this one. When we wrote all these down, we were going over them and my handwriting is terrible, and I know Han Kim’s name. I see him on here all the time writing. I went what is Hankim? Stupid. So, what did Han Kim say there Keith?

Keith: “I can do less for less.”

Shane: I think that was your quote.

Keith: It might have been, you know, I’m 99 percent sure it is. When customers will try to negotiate with you fruitlessly with their crappy negotiation skills and just say well, can you do it for less? Say, well, I can do less for less and that’s not always a quote I use but it is a mindset when negotiating. If you got multiple areas of damage and you’re giving them a price altogether and they wanna negotiate lower, I will just do less work. Like yeah, we can do that for that figure. We’re just gonna eliminate this one and this one and I always pick the two hardest ones or the one hardest one or you start at the hardest one and eliminate that.

That way if you get that job for less, it’s actually more profitable than it was in the first place because anytime you have a car with a handful of dents, there’s always one that’s more difficult than the others or more than one but there’s always the hardest dent so just eliminate that one. When they say can you do it for less, you say of course I can, we’ll just get rid of this one. They’ll almost always come back and say well, I really wanna fix that one so why don’t we just go ahead and do it or you can just take all the other ones off and explain that one’s really difficult, that’s why you took it off. It’s called the takeaway close.

When you take something away, they want it back desperately because nobody likes to lose things. Zig Ziggler told me that the fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain. So, I like to play off of that oftentimes in my negotiating. So, yes, I can do less for less. Next quote is, again, from our good buddy Richard Roudsen and he references one of my favorite stories that you told Shane and we call that the sweatshirt sleeve story.

Shane: Why am I cursed to live in this area?

Keith: I think you’re blessed to live in that area.

Shane: There are so many characters here man, it is not even funny.

Keith: You live in a sitcom.

Shane: It is good stuff. We’re just gonna let you listen to it. Rather than explain it, let’s just listen to that story.

[Playing clip]

Keith: You know what, you gotta tell that story about that dude that came to the shop with a dent in his hood.

Shane: Oh my, gosh, this is good stuff. You want me to go ahead and do that now?

Keith: I love it. I wanna hear it again.

Shane: Okay, so let me clear my throat here. This is a little long. So, I’m outside of the shop, we’ve got a lot of hail damage here right now so I’m putting a washer nozzle that I lovingly broke while I was working on the hood in a car and I’m outside just doing it real quick and this gentleman pulls up right behind this Odyssey van that I’m put this nozzle on, pulls up right, I mean just noses right up against the back of it, sticks his head out the window of ’90 something Taurus station wagon and goes, “Hey, bud,” – well, actually he was from Utah so he doesn’t – everybody around here talks country whether you’re from New York or from here.

So, anyway he says, “Hey, bud,” and I’m being sarcastic. He says, “Hey, bud, you work for Dent Pro?” And I looked back at him and immediately looking at him and the car, I’m like I don’t have time for this. I went, “Yeah.” And he says, “When you get a minute, why don’t you come back here,” too lazy to even get out of the freaking car, right? So, I’m like, “Yes sir, I’ll be back there in a minute” and immediately even looking back there, my eyes go to this – apart from the oxidized paint, the two wheels that have hubcaps on them and the two that don’t, the roof rack is oxidized, the very large, looks like he could chase hail, individual sitting in the left front seat that is yelling out the –

Keith: Easy, easy now.

Shane: You’re the one that started –

Keith: What color is this rig?

Shane: The light blue that they have.

Keith: All right.

Shane: So, apart from all of that, my eyes first fixed on this dent in the hood right behind the left headlight. So, I’m like that’s what he wants fixed, you know, so I walk back there and he says, “Hey, man, you see that little dent on the hood?” And, again, this is not the best salesmanship, this is not my customer so I really didn’t care at this point Keith. So, he says –

Keith: I’m telling you, you gotta get mean sometimes.

Shane: “Did you see that little dent on the hood?” And I went, “That’s not a little dent.” And he goes, “Yeah, that little dent right there on the hood behind the headlight.” And I said, “Are you talking about the one” – and I do my hands the size of the dent and this thing is literally like 18 inches in diameter, okay, and he says, “Yeah, that little dent right there.”

I said, “Yes sir, that’s not a little dent.” He said, “Well, let me tell you what.” He said, “Will you grab a suction cup and suck that thing out for me real quick and I’ll give you $5.00?” And I just stared at him; I literally stared at him for a second. That awkward silence that we talk about, this one was really awkward.

Keith: That’s not the way you use it.

Shane: I know, that’s why – you didn’t let me finish. This is not the way you use the awkward silence. I was using it to make him feel stupid and so I just stared at him and he just looks up at me and I can’t remember whether he says well, are you gonna do it or if he didn’t say anything, I believe he didn’t say anything and I went, “No, I won’t.”

And then he goes, “Well, what will you charge me to fix that?” And I said, “Look man, if this was a nice car, and it’s not,” I said, “I would charge somebody five, six, seven, eight hundred bucks for that depending on the car access and everything.

I said, “I’m gonna be really nice and tell you I will just rough that thing out for $300.00.” He goes, “Oh, my gosh, let’s just be clear here. That little thing on the hood up there behind the headlight?” And I said, “Yes, it’s not a little dent.” I said, “It doesn’t work that way. They don’t just pop out.” And he says, “Huh, well, I didn’t think it’d be that expensive.” I said, “Dude, look at the building behind you. Do you think I would have a business doing dents for $5.00?” And he goes, “I don’t know.” I didn’t know what to say at that point.

And he goes, “Well,” – he said something about doing it again and I went, “Yeah, for $300.00, I will rough it out and make it look better. I have to push it from the backside.” And he goes, “Huh, well, do you know anybody around here that will do it for –?” he didn’t say $5.00, he said, “for cheap” and I went, “Again, if there was somebody like that that will do it for $5.00, do you think I’d have a business?” He goes, “Well, I don’t know.” It completely floored me the way this guy was acting and I’m sure I floored him the way I was acting also.

Keith: Dumb share.

Shane: But the guy, man, he was wearing, I believe he was wearing a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off that was burgundy, okay, and he had on his left arm a sweatshirt sleeve just cut off. It was a gray one, a Heather gray, typical sweatshirt material color, with the elastic armband at the bottom that holds it on your wrist, you know, it’s cut off and it’s cut off up at the upper arm and it’s just dangling on his left arm. And I’m staring at this thing; this guy, I swear he could have been in Men in Black. I know he could have.

Keith: Just to get this straight, he’s wearing a sleeve only?

Shane: Only a sleeve on his arm.

Keith: In case he got cold on that side of the car.

Shane: I don’t know if that thing tells time, that’s why he had it on, I don’t know, but it was just a sleeve on his left arm, a true rocket scientist.
Keith: That’s awesome, $5.00.

[End playing clip]

Shane: Five dollars. That’s one of my favorite stories from my “customers” in this area Keith.

Keith: Yeah, that is one of mine too and I swear that I see that guy all over the place in California and when I see a Taurus Wagon, I look for him in there. And I even have a customer that’s almost that guy, all the way down to the sable wagon, but he not that guy but he’s close. Next one is from Kevin Culture from Episode 24, and I think it’s your quote Shane.

Shane: Yeah, we were talking about texting and emailing customers and that causing a disconnect with, you know, not actually speaking to them face to face or No. 2, on the phone. Face to face is always best; on the phone is next. Texting is so impersonal, you know, it’s bad so I was kind of relating to that and talking about it’s like when you wanna tell your wife that she’s gaining weight but you don’t really wanna say it to her face, you just send her a text. Hey, you’re getting fat.

Keith: I’m just trying to imagine a world in which you would even wanna communicate that to your wife let alone discussing the method by which to deliver the message, but yeah, texting your wife to tell her that she’s gaining weight, not ideal, but a great way to remember that texting your customers is also terrible.

Shane: I would like to put a disclaimer in there that I’ve never done that, okay?

Keith: Text a customer?

Shane: No, text my wife that she’s gaining weight.

Keith: Well, she has never gained weight.

Shane: That’s what I’m trying to tell you. I don’t want people to think that this was actually something that’s happened in my life.

Keith: No, and I don’t doubt that it could. If she gained weight, you might text her because you don’t wanna go head to head with a woman who has put up with you for 20 years because she’s tough as nails dude.
Shane: True that.

Keith: She will take you down. She might look sweet and act sweet and be pretty and all that stuff but she’s got a dagger.

Shane: For sure.

Keith: The next quote is from John Dans and it’s not actually a quote, it’s a reference to another awesome story, probably one of my favorites over the last couple of years, and that was an interview we did with upcoming presenter for the Advanced Skills Seminar, Master of Smashes Bryce Kelly, and he was talking about working in Florida – should we just play the clip?

Shane: Yes, it’s too good not to play.

Keith: All right.

Shane: It’s way too good not to play.

[Playing clip]

Keith: So, were you like five days right off the bat at that place?

Bryce: Yeah, I literally was there – when I first started man, I was there seven days a week.

Keith: Wow.

Bryce: Because I had to try to keep up with the overflow of the original dent guy just not showing up and, you know, he was party crazy and just he actually came back to the account, wanted it back and they actually let him in because of the fact that I was so far behind. You know it’s actually a good thing that they let him back in because he was a really cool guy, you know, he was probably a 20year tech at the time, and he just didn’t have that fire, that drive, you know, that I did but he really kinda showed me some things that I really needed to learn.

Keith: I was just gonna ask you that. Who did you call when you had questions? Now, I know who that is.

Bryce: Yeah, yeah, and that really kinda helped me out, you know, just get my foot in the door there and going and so it was kinda heaven sent I guess you could say but he just didn’t work out, you know, he just was hooked on the drugs and alcohol and things like that and it just didn’t –

Keith: Imagine that.

Bryce: Yeah, yeah, and they’re all over man. Yeah, actually – go ahead.

Keith: If you wanna get as good as Bryce, first, go to a oneweek training where you learn everything and then get a hung-over guy that just got out of jail, and a couple days –

Shane: If you need numbers of several hundred hung-over guys that just got out of jail, I’ve got a rolodex slam full of them.

Bryce: Oh, man, that’s too funny.

Shane: They’re not hard to find in this industry. Go to MTE, throw a rock and you’ll hit six of them with one rock.

Keith: Easy, they’re good guys. They’re on vacation, give them a break.

Bryce: This guy actually came to work, I mean when this guy worked, he would literally take his shirt off in the blazing sun and he would have a parrot on his shoulder the whole time he worked. That’s the God’s honest truth.

Keith: Why not? A literal parrot, a real one?

Bryce: Straight up parrot on the shoulder while he worked.

Keith: He was a pirate.

Bryce: He had a beat up –

Keith: That’s awesome. He could have been a pro wrestler.

Bryce: – a beat up Volvo with just tools thrown in the back, looked like a mangled metal mess in the backseat there, but –

Shane: How do you not have pictures of that guy with a parrot on his shoulder?

Keith: Standing in front of a Volvo with all these rods sticking out.

Bryce: You know I still talk to him man; I still talk to him so he’s not doing terrible, you know, he’s just making ends meet. He’s one of those guys.

Keith: There’s a pretty good chance that parrot is still around. They live a long time.

Bryce: Yeah, he’s mean as hell too. You couldn’t pet it, let’s put it that way, nip your fingers off if he didn’t know you.

Keith: That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.

Shane: I know, it’s so awesome. He had a mascot. I don’t have a mascot. I need a mascot.

Keith: I can’t imagine showing up to one of my lots like hey, so this is basically how I do it, I mean –

Bryce: I’m your dent guy.

Keith: This is Peko, don’t come close to him, he’s gonna be with me for the rest – that doesn’t make any sense.

Bryce: No, he was literally known as the birdman around the office.

Keith: So, how long did the parrot –

Shane: The parrot is probably sitting –

Bryce: I knew this was gonna take us –

Shane: – my life sucks.

Bryce: I knew when I talked about the parrot that it was gonna bring us off track but you know what, hey, it’s funny.

Shane: I wonder if this guy listens to the podcast. I know he doesn’t, but –

Bryce: Oh, no, yeah, he probably doesn’t.

Keith: I promise he doesn’t.

Bryce: He’s not listening.

Shane: But maybe there’s another dent guy out there listening that also has a parrot –

Keith: Okay, all right, listen, maybe not a parrot but a parakeet, you know, that’s easy to take care of and I get the same kinda response –

Bryce: Ah, that’s funny as hell.

[End playing clip]

Keith: So, the next story, it’s not really a quote, again, by Patrick Borten. He listens to a lot of our shows and pays close attention, but it was one of the few times when we had multiple media elements involved in the show. Just like this one, we used Facebook.

Well, this other show, we used Facebook as well and I happened to snap a photo at the only dealer that I personally still do – my awesome employees have taken the majority of the weight off my shoulders when it comes to wholesale and retail for that matter, but the only dealer that I do still personally is an Acura dealer and I was walking out front and I looked to my left and here is a salesman just laying on his back on a picnic table with his feet dangling off the side and his hands like perfectly folded on his chest.

You couldn’t see his face for the way the wall was cutting him off but just imagine he’s laying there peacefully like he died and then we had a caption contest and gosh dang, you guys are funny, you made me laugh so hard, I could barely get that episode done. I don’t even remember what episode it was. We’ll find the number and plug it in here via the magic of editing I guess, but all right, you gotta listen to that show because man, if you like to hear somebody laugh and it makes you laugh, you’re gonna like that one.

[Playing clip]

And you can go on our Facebook group and see the photo; if you go into the Facebook PDR College Podcast Community Group on the desktop – it’s hard to search from my phone, but if you’re on the desktop and you go in the search bar, you can search “caption this” and the post will come up and you can see the photo and see all the quotes and even add your own. It lives on there, but man, that was funny.
I enjoyed the show today Shane. Thank you for –

Shane: As well as I.

Keith: – hanging out late. I had a crazy schedule today so Shane had to accommodate mine so I appreciate that.

Shane: It was my pleasure.

Keith: Oh, you know what? I offered – I have a photo caption contest on Facebook. Did you see that?

Shane: I just glanced at it. I didn’t really see any of the answers. I saw a few of the answers, the captions.

Keith: I’m pulling it up now. Forgive me, you’re hearing it live here, and it’s at the very top of the PDR College Podcast Community Group so if you’re not a part of that, go get in it. That’s where we’re having some usually pretty serious but sometimes just fun conversation and I posted this photo that I snapped while I was at one of my dealers of this guy.

And I actually know this guy; he’s a really good guy and I don’t know what the hell he was doing, but he was laying down, completely laying down on a table with his legs suspended in the air like he’s dead and I said it’s a caption contest so give me your best captions and the two winners were – to me, they were tied. One was Gerald Miller and one was Dave Streen and I’m pulling it up now to see exactly what they were. Forgive me. Make some noise and kill the silence while I look these up.

Shane: You want me sing or scratch my beard? You can hear that.

Keith: Okay, Dave Streen, so you picture, you got all the balloons and all the new cars lined up. Just go to the group and you’ll see the picture, but Dave said, “After realizing that the vulture approach was turning off customers, dealerships are trying the opposite: Hiding behind –” I can’t even say it without laughing. “Hiding behind walls and laying –”

It really made me laugh when I read it. “Hiding behind walls and laying –” I’m sorry, I can’t even say it. This might be the winner because I can’t even read it. “Hiding behind wall and laying down really shows our commitment to a nopressure approach.” Dave made me laugh and then Miller’s was, “Hey, Bob, lay down is just an expression.”

Shane: Didn’t see either one of those; I didn’t read a whole lot of them.

Keith: Those were early on.

Shane: Those are good. Congratulations you two.

Keith: I love a caption contest, especially for a goofy photo.

[End playing clip]

Shane: Good stuff; we have a lot of fun on this show.

Keith: Too much fun and even if no one ever listened to the show, I think you and I would enjoy doing it.

Shane: Oh, yeah.

Keith: But you guys do make it perfect, I mean we wouldn’t laugh as much without the input from all you guys listening. You guys make our day more often than you don’t.

Shane: The last one we have here Keith it’s from Eric Patton.

Keith: That’s your quote, isn’t it?

Shane: Yeah, I’ve said it a few times, talking about clubbing baby seals. He wasn’t quoting me. He says, “I just wanna know if Shane is still clubbing baby seals for therapy. That’s fine. I’m gonna tell about that. I’m gonna get a little political here Keith. Keith asked me, said, “Can you say something about that?” I said, “Heck yeah, I can get freaking fired up about this if you want to.”

The whole baby seals thing, it’s not for my therapy; it’s just saying it because I am an extreme independent thinking, especially politically, and I can’t stand the PC police and all that stuff. So, I would never personally club a baby seal unless there was a liberal in front of me and then I’d do it just for fun.

Keith: Yeah, you do get a little fired up about civil liberties and things like that. I remember you – I think you put another post in that Facebook group when you said you were traveling. I think it was when you were coming home from Sacramento and one of the TSA screeners told you, “You are free to go.”

Shane: Oh, oh, yeah, I would have clubbed a baby seal in front of him.

Keith: You probably would have clubbed him, but you would have ended up with about 14, 62yearold ladies on your back with that big old belt, nothing on it.

Shane: “You are free to go.” Let’s don’t go there. So, no, I have never personally clubbed a baby seal, but if a liberal were in front of me, I’d do it just for giggles.

Keith: If you wanted to do that from Greenville, South Carolina, I’d imagine by about the time you got to that seal, you’d probably change your mind.

Shane: Probably; you’re probably right.

Keith: What, about 8,000 miles?

Shane: Yeah, we do have a zoo here.

Keith: I’m sure you’ve got a zoo just like the Temecula Zoo with just a handful of attractions.

Shane: The unstriped zebra.

Keith: The stripeless zebra and the world’s most motionless crocodile.

Shane: The snake with legs.

Keith: Oh, man, I knew I’d need a laugh at some point. I didn’t know it was gonna be from one of my own jokes. It wasn’t even on the list. It wasn’t even anybody’s favorite. Oh, man.

Shane: So, what is your favorite Keith? Just give me one; we could go on for three hours, just give me one of your favorites.

Keith: One of my favorites is probably, I mean self-serving, but it’s probably the intro I did about you missing. I laugh every time I listen to it and even though – at least one person from this list sent me a message and said, “That was the worst thing I’ve ever listened to.” I’m not saying any names Gene, but I am saying that somebody did reach out to me personally and tell me that was terrible.

Shane: Gene is wrong.

Keith: In a sick way, it actually made me think it was funnier that it caused somebody misery. What’s your favorite?

Shane: I’ve gotta agree; that’s probably it honestly. That was pure genius for sure.

Keith: Well, maybe in 2016, one of us is gonna get that same treatment if we’re not on the show from the other one.

Shane: Yeah, yeah, but I mean now that you’ve done it the way you did it, I think everything is gonna pale in comparison to it.

Keith: I don’t know.

Shane: Even if you do another one, the shock of that one coming in the beginning, it was good man.

Keith: It is hard to redo a perfectly timed oneliner.

Shane: It is very hard to redo that so that would have to be it. Oh, oh, oh, sleeping – the gift that we had – sleeping under the sink, you know, I think you and I went quiet for a few minutes, we were not expecting this. We were talking about crushing it on the hail trip or going – no, going from –

Keith: Local to hail chasing.

Shane: – local to hail chasing and it turned into listening to how he was under the sink, sleeping – living under a sink and just thank God he can keep talking without prompt because I wouldn’t have known what to say.

Keith: Just the physical mechanics of it, it was hard to comprehend because we live in some pretty opulent spaces down here but there’s just no sink of mine that you could sleep under so I just imagine that it was without a vanity, like a slop sink.

Shane: The parrot; the parrot was pretty good too.

Keith: Yeah –
Shane: I liked that one.

Keith: – there’re so many of them, but I think the –

Shane: There are a lot of them. There’re a lot of them.

Keith: – but on a serious note though, what is your favorite takeaway from the podcast that you actually used to make more money in 2015?

Shane: Okay, now, this is gonna sound self-serving Keith, but I watched it on a Brain Games show and then started doing some study on it and that’s what really got me thinking about doing this show because I did it by myself and that was the Price Anchoring Show.

Keith: Yeah, that was awesome. That was one of my favorites for useful content. It’s a concept that is part of my everyday thought now when I’m talking about pricing with a customer, anchoring, so if you don’t know what we’re talking about, search through the old episodes for anchoring and listen to that show. You’re gonna make more money because of it.

Shane: And, again, that was, I just started studying and after I saw the show on it on TV and I was, which is a really good show by the way, you can learn a lot about psychology and how people think on that show, Brain Games, after seeing that, I started studying and I was like this is it. This is why people think the way they do when they’re buying and that’s what we’re getting people to do is buy.

Keith: We sure are and I guess my favorite thing over the past year has probably been the full emersion and adoption of the Paul Cordin Pricing Guide.

Shane: That was No. 2 for me.

Keith: Yeah, it’s no coincidence that our favorite things involve us making more money.

Shane: Precisely.

Keith: But that’s why, I mean that’s why we do the show. It’s not so we can make you a better dent guy, you can live in a cabin in the middle – like the Unabomber, you know, we want you to use these skills and make some dough and more of it, more of it tomorrow than you did today. So, the Pricing Guide has made such an impact on our company and I think it has made an impact on the industry, at least the frontrunners that are part of this movement and that are online trying to network with each other and especially the guys that are coming to our seminar where Paul’s gonna be personally presenting.

The concept of taking the pricing and putting it in a format that the customer can see and understand and using that to present the figures to them, it’s such an integral part of the selling process when you’re trying to get these high dollars that before it was almost impossible. I mean some guys would pull it off but it wasn’t easy and you always were pulling a number out of your rear end so you were not hard on that number. You were easy to push around, say well, you know, you just seven, how about five and like oh, you know, that’ll probably be okay.

I mean you have a $200.00 swing in two seconds, but using that guide has brought that decision out of your mind and put it on paper and it’s so much easier to get it to stick and to get the numbers that you’re quoting. It’s almost like black magic. So, that’s probably my favorite thing that we’ve worked on over the last two years probably because it makes me a ton of jack and that makes me happy. So, thank you Paul.

Shane: Thanks Paul.

Keith: We love Paul.

Shane: We love Paul.

Keith: Top rate technician too by the way. Forget about his Pricing Guide but the dude can fix a car.

Shane: Sure can.

Keith: Well, thank you for spending the last hundred episodes with us on the PDR College Podcast. It’s been a blast. We are now gonna drive off a cliff holding hands in a convertible and this will be the end of everything. That’s not true. We’re gonna do another hundred episodes at least –

Shane: Yes.

Keith: – because the industry is changing and we’re changing with it and we’re trying to stay at the front and keep you there with us so you don’t have to do all the hard research and interviews. We do that and we just give you the useful stuff and you go make more money. Sound like a good plan?

Shane: It does to me.

Keith: I knew it did. Fellows, until next time.

Shane: Get better.

[End of Audio]

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