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Keith Cosentino: I’m Keith Cosentino, he’s Shane Jacks and this is the PDR College podcast where we want you to go out there, square up toe to toe with mediocrity, fake with a left and come with a strong right-hand karate chop to the throat. Drop mediocrity to the ground and arise triumphantly on its lifeless body in the clutches of success.

That was very dramatic but, man, we want you to get out there and crush it. We want you to quit being okay with okay and let’s be spectacular in the dent-removal business. That’s what we’re excited about and that’s what we wanna help you with every single day. Except on the weekends I want you to take a little bit of time off.

Speaking of time off, Mr. Shane Jacks has been enjoying plenty of it as of late. He will be absent for this episode but he will be back next week, together he and I, the dynamic duo, feeding off of each other’s expertise and making the show even better. But for tonight we’re gonna talk about a couple of different things.

Of course I say tonight but that doesn’t mean you are listening tonight. You are probably listening this morning but I’m recording this in an evening because that’s how I roll. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on during the day and the evening is my time to do a podcast.

So before we get into it, I want to let you know if you haven’t already seen an email from me with an audio clip, look for that. And if you’re not on our email list, hop over to and check out the bonus episode. It’s gonna sit right between episode 79 and 80. And I put a little bonus audio together for you to just kinda kick start you with your phone work and then give you an idea about what we could do if we wanted to dig dipper on phone skills and how I can help with that.

So if that sounds like something you want a little bit of coaching on, hop over, listen to that episode and take the next steps, if you want. But that’s going to be just hanging around for a week so that’s gonna go down next Friday, at least from where it is now. It might pop up somewhere else in a different format but for the first week it’s going away after the first week. So keep an eye out for that. There’s links to it in your email if you’re on our email list, or there should be. If you didn’t see them, check your spam folders and things like that.

But a little housekeeping on our Advanced Skills Seminar, that sucker is gonna be here before you know it. And we keep adding and changing things and making it better. And, as you know, if you’ve been listening, the last update we gave you we told you we are gonna have Mr. Sal Contreras come and teach with us for at least a portion of the two days.

And if you don’t know who he is, he’s the Dent Olympic winner from last year and the originator of the Dent Dial tools that are really unique. There’s nothing else like them There’s copycats after he came out with his but they are a very unique way of fixing dents and [inaudible] [00:03:21] and just big giant smashed up stuff that you honestly probably don’t want anything to do with. But he fixes it and he does a really nice shop.

So he’s got that Dent Dial tool and just the way he attacks the dents from the back and from the surface is really unique. He uses a big what he calls a slapper tapper which is a slap hammer that he custom makes with a special bend on it and the tip. And he has a special way of striking it. So he’s just a really unique dude and we’re excited to have him come teach with us and show some of that stuff.

Well, along with him, I gotta give a shout out to our buddy Rich Routson up at DentMasters in Virginia. He sent me a message and said, “You know, there’s a dude named Bryce Kelly who is just over the top with his big dent skills as well.” And I said, “Oh, I agree 100 percent. I’ve been watching Bryce’s videos for the last handful of years and the dude just keeps getting better and better and better. And his repairs are amazing and he’s taken on some grow stuff, stuff that – I mean, I do big ugly stuff myself but, man, I’m getting tired of some of it and he just keeps getting hungrier for it.

So Rich said, “You know, you gotta ask him if he’d come because he’s a Florida guy anyway. He’s probably close by.” And I said, “That’s a great idea. I will do just that,” which I did. I reached out to Mr. Bryce and he said he’d be honored to come and teach some of his techniques for big smashes too. So we are gonna have Bryce, Sal, Shane and myself plus all of our other buddies that are gonna come and share some of their skills in their areas of discipline.

So, man, there’s gonna be a ton of high-level knowledge thrown around for those two days. I know I’m gonna learn a bunch and I’ve been in the business a long time and I’ve got a pretty good network of buddies. But if you don’t have that, your hair’s gonna get blown back and you’re gonna go back home ten times more powerful than when you left.

So get in on the email list if you’re interested in coming to the seminar. It’s two days prior to the Mobile Tech Expo in Orlando, Florida. I should have the exact dates here but I don’t. I think it’s January 26 and 27 but I’d have to check the calendar. There’s only gonna be a limited number of spots. It’s gonna be a little larger than it was last year, which is kinda – it was really small last year because we wanted it that way.

We wanted to work out the kinks. Shane and I had never held an event like that but now we have and we know a couple of things we wanna tweak to make it better and we’ll be able to accommodate just a few more people. But it’s still gonna be a limited number.

So what we end up doing is keeping everybody on an email list and then sending out an offer to subscribe to the seminar to attend it in the order with which people have subscribed to the email list so that if somebody’s been waiting forever get a first shot in there. So if you’re interested, get on there sooner than later because we don’t want you to lose a spot if you wanna be there. It’s gonna be awesome.

So that’s what’s going on with that, Bryce Kelly – his website, if you’re never heard of him, it’s And he’s done a really good job of getting a lot of his videos, I’m sure it’s not all of them, but a lot of his videos up on the site so you can see what’s going on and see what he’s up to and what type of repairs he’s doing.

And honestly it’s a pretty nice website, if you wanna check it out just to see what a nice retail website should look like. It doesn’t have dancing chickens, it doesn’t have flames, it doesn’t have lasers, it doesn’t have any of that crap on there.

But what he has is a big photo of a smashed fender on a Rav4 and the fender fixed right next to it. He’s got a video right on the homepage of another nasty smash on a fender that he did on a Porsche Cayman, a little bit about what he does and what PDR is and visuals of his reviews in three different formats, Yelp, Facebook, texting right there on the homepage. And I’m looking from a desktop when I talk about this. I believe it’s a responsive site so it’s gonna look a little different on your phone. But if you just wanna check that out to see what a guy who knows what he’s doing is doing, have a peek. And he’s got a nice little schedule-repair button like I recommend.

Something tells me Bryce has taken some of my recommendations over the last year-and-a-half and put some of it to work because I like his website. But we’re excited to have him. That’s gonna be a blast. Thank you, Bryce, if you’re listening, for agreeing to come and share your knowledge. That’s what makes the industry better, everybody willing to share their high-level stuff.

You know, when this trade was created, you had knuckleheads stringing up tarps and sheets so nobody could see what they were doing. The ironic part is you could watch all you want, you still can’t do it. You need a couple years of practice. But that’s what they did.

You know, needing a couple years of practice that kinda leads me into a call-in question that we got that I’m going to answer on the show today. So let’s pipe that in here via magic and see what this question is.

Caller: Hi Shane and Keith. My name’s James Richardson. I’m from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I wanted to get y’all’s opinion on a couple of questions I had for y’all. First off, I wanted to start a local route here in town. I know there’s five other ding companies that I know of here. And I wanted to concentrate on retail work. And of course everybody’s telling me there’s no room for another tech in our area and not enough retail work. I don’t believe that just due to Keith’s thing with the cars cost the same here as anywhere else. I wanted to get y’all’s opinion on that.

And second question is I have no experience in PDR and I work at a local body shop as a production manager but wanna get into the industry. And the only way that I can do that right now is my thought was going through Dent Trainer online course and pushing dents in the evening from what I learn. I don’t know if you think this is a possibility or not but just wanted to get y’all’s opinion. Thank you for y’all’s time and all y’all’s efforts that you y’all put into the podcast. Get better.

Keith Cosentino: James, thank you for that question. It’s one that a lot of guys have. And I appreciate you for being so detailed about it and really laying it out for us and letting us know where you’re coming from and what’s going on.

So there’s a lot we’re gonna talk about about this question because there’s a lot to it. PDR is an exciting thing to get into, and especially when you’re in the body shop side. You see guys swing in, do a nice repair that looks beautiful. They do it quickly and make a decent wage; sometimes an amazing wage and they’re out of there. No chemicals, no machines, none of that stuff. So it’s very enticing to guys who are stuck at that building, especially in management working for someone else and trying to corral a bunch of guys. So you’re not the only production manager who would rather get out and get into PDR.

So you were talking about everybody tells you there’s no room. And that’s common in every market for people to say, “No, there’s no room.” But I decided I would look up the scene in Chattanooga because I’ve never even been there so I don’t know what’s going on there. And I agree that it is relatively competitive. There’s some guys with some nice sites there. So you’re gonna have a little bit of competition.

And it sounds like you know the business because you’re working in a body shop now. So you’ve got a slight advantage over somebody who’s coming in from outside the industry. You know a little bit about that, even know some adjusters and things like that probably. But you mentioned you wanted to go straight retail and that’s a fantastic place to be.

There’s always room for someone else in the retail market even if you just position yourself a little differently than everyone else in town. It’s not like you’re saying you’re better or worse but just a little different and that’s gonna appeal to some people. And some other people are gonna like your competitor side but you can make money. You may not own the market but you can work.

And I was kinda getting excited for you for a little bit there and then you mentioned that getting into PDR is what you wanna do but you don’t have any experience. Well, it just got a lot harder to do, especially getting into the retail market. I’m not sure that I could tell you that you could do it, not at least without a lot of practice.

So you mentioned the Dent Trainer site, which is an awesome site run by a couple of my buddies John Hiley and Mike Toledo. And these guys know what they are doing when it comes to fixing a car and running a dent business. They are a couple of studs and they got together and put this system together of I don’t know how many videos, over 100 I believe, videos mostly on dent techniques. But I think they’ve also started doing some business development stuff and some marketing stuff. And they’re trying to help in every way that they can via that site Dent Trainer.

So there’s no doubt you would learn a lot from Dent Trainer but, man, it is going to be an uphill battle without someone over your shoulder telling you, no, no, no, no, not like that, like this. Because I haven’t watched many of their videos, if I’m being completely honest, on the Dent Trainer side but I’ve been buddies with Mike and John for years. And I’ve seen the stuff they do and I know they do great videos but you can’t see everything in a video.

You can’t see that John’s thumb is on the shaft of the tool and not wrapped around the handle. You can’t see that he’s bracing his left elbow on his knew when he’s on this fender because it gives him more stability. All the little things that you’re gonna figure out the hard way, it’s gonna be tough to learn those from a video.

By no means am I discouraging you from going to Dent Trainer and subscribing because you’re gonna learn a ton. But if you’re gonna get into the retail market; you’ve got some seasoned competitors there. I spent a few minutes looking at some of the websites and some of them suck. But a couple of them are really nice, or at least pretty nice.

But regardless of the website, I can tell that the guys – there’s a couple guys in town that know what they’re doing. They can fix a car. So you’re gonna be competing with that. And that’s ten years, fifteen years of practice to get to those levels. That’s not easy. That is gonna be a tough, tough market to compete in.

I’m not saying you can’t do it. For some guys the most powerful fuel in the world comes from someone else saying they can’t do it. And there are plenty of PDR guys that have taught themselves from scratch in exactly the same situation as you or very similar. You know, they’re painters or they’re body guys So you can do it but if you were my buddy from high school and you called me and said, “This is what I wanna do,” this is not the path I would recommend for you.

I’d say, “Listen, you need to get in front of a guy who knows what he’s doing and pay him whatever he needs to train you. And it won’t be easy to find that guy because not a lot of guys wanna train other guys. And fellas that are busy and good don’t really have time to slow down and train somebody unless they’re gonna be very highly compensated. And most people will get some sticker shock at that.

Now there’s some trainers around the country that have a good reputation but that’s not how I learned so I can’t tell you that’s a great way to go, you know, going to a specific trainer. I think that’s the best bet if you can’t get somebody to work with on a long-term basis who’s gonna show you everything. If you can’t get that I would suggest gong to a trainer.

And if you wanted to spend a couple of months on the dent trainer’s side and practice at home, then go to the trainer, I don’t think that’s a bad idea. A lot of guys would tell you you’re gonna make bad habits and then have to unlearn them. But as long as you understand that might happen, it’ll still help your eyes adjust to seeing what you’re supposed to see and knowing what you don’t know at least, what you think you don’t know initially, that’ll help you get farther faster with a trainer, I believe.

I think if you ask the trainers they might tell you something different. They might say, “Come to me first, then go home and practice,” which that would work as well. But the first couple of months on your own with a dent trainer’s gonna be cheaper. And you may realize that you don’t like to do it, or you may realize that you are definitely into it and you love it. And then when you go to the trainer, you’re gonna be more willing to do the homework that he sends you home with because it’s gonna be a lot of homework.

You can’t learn to fix cars in three, five, six weeks. It’s not gonna happen. You can learn how you’re supposed to do some repairs but you gotta get experience. You gotta get cars coming to you with crazy dents, smashed up fenders into the doors and dings in weird places. You’re never gonna get the easy dents in the retail business. You’re gonna get junk. And I don’t mean stuff that can’t be fixed or shouldn’t. I just mean this junk is just random, different, crazy, hard dents. And to be consistent, to be that guy that keeps getting good reviews you gotta consistently perform high-quality repairs in all these different circumstances. And that takes a lot of experience.

So I don’t know if I would advise you to go right into retail. I think you might be setting yourself up for failure. I would advise you to work on as many cars as you can and sometimes that means working at crappy dealers even if you make almost no money. At least you’re getting paid to practice and you stay there and work until the cars look right. And then, you know, you’re just gonna fire those guys and move into the retail eventually.

But that’s probably what I would tell you. If you’ve got kids or a family rather, a family with a wife and kids, it’s gonna be really tough to practice anything at night consistently. If you’re a single guy and you can just do whatever you want, that’s a different story. But if you’ve got little ones and a wife who enjoys your company or even a girlfriend, practicing PDR two or three hours a night is gonna get old real fast. And people are gonna be tugging you away from it. So you’ve gotta be committed.

I guess that’s not the most inspiring answer you wanted to hear, James, but that’s the truth, man. That is the truth is it is not easy to break into but it’s very lucrative once you’re here. So that’s why there’s very few guys get out of the business. Guys get in and if they get good they stay in because it’s a great living and it’s a great lifestyle. But it’s not easy. If it was super easy, the market would be terrible because it’d be flooded with guys that just picked up the tools.

That’s something we didn’t even talk about is tools, how much you’re gonna spend on them. And you can probably start for a thousand bucks but you’re gonna need another three or four or five grand in tools once you’re up and running if you’re gonna do retail because you’ve gotta be geared up for everything. You gotta be ready to do a hail car or a fender kicked in. Retail’s a different market.

So that’s what I got for you. I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there with similar circumstances and I’m sure we helped them as well. So thank you for asking the question. I’m glad I could answer it. If you have a follow-up question, please ask it on the speak pipe widget on our website There’s a little gray bar on the side. You click that sucker and you can leave a voicemail from a phone or a computer. And that’s exactly what James did, and we thank him for that.

So moving on to the next topic, there’s some new technology out there for phones, mobile devices that I started goofing around with. And I think we’re gonna give it a shot here on the PDR College. This application is called Periscope and you may have heard of it already. You may know exactly what’s going on with it and you may have never heard of it.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an application that you can use to stream live video to multiple users at once and it’s all free. So if you download the Periscope app on your phone, you can follow people who broadcast or you can just browse around the world and see who’s broadcasting at this very minute and watch their channel. I don’t know why you’d wanna do that except just it’s kinda cool for a second to see what’s going on in Hawaii right now.

But I use it to follow a couple of internet business people who I think are on the cutting edge. So I’m interested to see what kinda stuff they pop up with. But I thought, man, this would be really cool to stream some situations that I run into in real time in real life out in the dent world. You know, we’ve got an interesting customer or car or whatever.

So I don’t know when those things are gonna happen but I’ve got the app on my phone now and when I come across something, I will broadcast it. So you guys gotta download Periscope to your phone and then do a search for me. You can just type PDR College and I’ll pop up there. My full name Keith Cosentino will be there. I don’t even have a little profile picture yet because I just set it up. I might have one by the time you find me but follow me.

And then the way it works is when I decide to go live, you’ll get a little alert as it’s going live. So you hear this thing go off, it has a unique little tone and if you’re not doing anything pressing you turn on the phone and there I am already streaming and talking. You can’t get there fast enough. It’s really quick.

And it’s kinda cool to know that someone else somewhere else in the world is live right now showing you something and talking about something. And then all the people who are watching can comment via text in the little text popup on the screen. And if you like what the dude or gal is talking about, you tap the screen and it floats these little hearts up which is like your way of giving feedback saying, “I enjoy what I’m watching.” So that’s like the scorecard for Periscopers, little hearts.

So we’re gonna give it a shot. If I get on there after a couple weeks and nobody watches me, that will be sad but it will be a reality and I’ll delete the app. But if I start sharing some things and you guys are interested in it, cool. Maybe it’ll be a fun little way to keep interacting and keep getting better out in the field.

And I’m sure Shane’ll be excited about this as well and he’s gonna be doing some Periscopes as well. So I don’t know what his user ID is yet so we’ll find it eventually and get it out to you. But right now just go get the app on your phone. It’s free. I believe it’s somehow hooked to Twitter. You can like sign in with your Twitter but I’m not too geeky on that so you gotta figure it out on your own. But Periscope is going to be a part of the show so let’s have some fun with it and see what we can learn.

So today, earlier in the show I talked about the special audio bonus with the little bit of phone skills coaching going on in there. And just wanna kind of expound on that a little bit. I had a compliment from a friend of mine who he tried to get a hold of me and my phones these days are generally forwarded to my lead tech. His name is Jerrod. And Jerrod handles his phone and my phone together so it’s kind of a fireball for him some days because he’s getting a ton of phone traffic.

But he is probably the best guy I know at handling it and getting through it with a system. So I’m gonna talk about his phone work and tell you the compliment I got from my friend. So my buddy tried to call me and the phone is forwarded over to Jerrod. And he gets the voicemail sometimes because Jerrod’s on the other line or whatever. And my buddy doesn’t leave a message because as soon as he figures our it’s not me he doesn’t have anything to say to him. He’s trying to get a hold of me so then he’ll text me.

But every single time when he calls and he doesn’t leave a message, he gets a call back from Jerrod every single time. So the guy’s kinda getting annoyed by it because he doesn’t want a dent repaired. He just wants to talk to me on a personal level. But he’s a salesman as well and he said, “I gotta give you a compliment.” He’s like, “If I could get my team to follow up the way Jerrod follows up, they would all double their incomes.” And I said, “Man, I appreciate that compliment.”

And I know it’s the truth because his numbers just keep going up and up and up. Every month he’s making more and more money. He’s crushing it now. He’s a really good technician but he’s crazy efficient. And he’s efficient because he’s broken it down into the system that I always talk about and he just plays by the rules. He doesn’t bend them or change them. He just does what needs to be done every time he gets a phone call.

And those things, you know a lot of them if you’ve listened to all the shows but the first one is to keep a phone log. So every phone number that rings into his phone, it gets written down on a sheet. And it’s not just a sheet with a number. It’s every section has an entire paragraph essentially of contact points about this call, the phone number, the guy’s name or gal’s name, area. There’s a million things on there. And he keeps that religiously.

So if he misses a call, the voicemail information goes in there. If there’s no voicemail, the phone number and the time goes in there and he’s gonna call them back. And his income is a direct representation of his phone work because listen, 90 percent of your contact is coming through the phone, if not more than that. I mean, that’s our main interstate of information from prospects to your wallet, coming through the phone.

So if you suck on the phone or you’re not taking it seriously, you’re missing so much business. And especially for you guys whose phone are not ringing off the hook, if you get three calls a day and you miss one of them because you didn’t call them back fast enough or you weren’t confident with your phone conversation, it’s 33 percent less than you could’ve been making.

If you get 20 calls a day and you miss one, you’re gonna feel it as bad. But some of you guys, I know because I talk to you all the time, some of you guys get one call a day or three calls a day. You can’t afford to screw those up. You can’t afford to miss those opportunities. You’ve gotta call everybody back.

So I’m not gonna go too deep on all this stuff right here today. We’re gonna keep this show a little bit short but what I’m gonna do is challenge you. I’m gonna challenge you this week. I’m gonna challenge you to answer every single phone call that comes into your phone this week, every single one. Don’t send them to voicemail. Even if you just picked up your tool and you’re getting ready to fix something and the phone rings, put your tool down and take that call, every single one. It’s just for a week to see what happens.

The other part of the challenge is to keep a log. I don’t care what your log looks like. I would like it to look like mine but just keep a log of the date, the time, the phone number, the name, where they’re from and what the damage is and what you told them. That’s the basic stuff. Keep that log for every single person you talk to.

And then at Thursday or Friday, go back to the log and look at it and look at the people that you talked to and you couldn’t close and call them back and check in on them and see what’s going on. You will close some of those jobs that you thought were gone or that you flat out forgot about if you use this stuff properly.

So if we’re keeping the challenge you’re gonna keep a log, you’re gonna return every call. And if you miss something, if you miss a call and there’s no voicemail you’re gonna call that number back. Here’s the rub. No texting, none. If somebody texts you, you call them back every time. And if they say I can’t call, I can only text say, “Hey, that’s great. I can only call with you to talk about these details. So maybe call me in an evening when you’re free and we can talk.” Only phone calls.

And some of you are gonna kick and scream on that because you’ve gotten lazy and you’ve gotten into this bit where you’re texting everybody back and forth, back and forth. And I got news for you. Everybody is willing to negotiate on a text, everybody’s a superstar, everybody’s a tough guy when you’re just typing into a phone. You gotta get them on audio then you’re gonna get the real person. You’re gonna be able to listen to the tiny little ums and uhs and hymns and hahs. And all that stuff matters. So get off the text.

So that’s the challenge. Let me know if you’re gonna do it. Just put a comment under this episode on PDR College and say I’m taking the challenge. One week. This is Monday if you’re listening to the show when it comes out. Just until Friday, every single call. It’s not that hard but you will make more money. You will send me a message Monday or Saturday or Sunday and say, I made an extra 3, 5, 600 bucks, a thousand bucks because I snagged two jobs that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise that were gonna go away.

So as you can tell I’m passionate about this. I can talk for hours and hours. And if I go ahead and complete the phone skills course that we were talking about, I will teach for hours and hours on it. And hint, it looks like it is going to happen. There’s already been a decent amount of volume. We just need a handful of guys more that are interested in it that’ll push us over the edge and I’ll make it.

But this is a passion of mine. I’ve gotten really good at it, I’m proud of that and I can teach it because it’s very basic. You don’t have to create magical things. You just have to follow a system. And even the line of questioning to get to the truth about what’s going on with the vehicles and the customers, it’s all in a system. You can follow it all.

So I’m excited for other guys to put that to work for themselves because I’ve seen Jerrod basically go from nothing. He was a guy who had no phone skills with his other jobs. It was not part of his life. He was not a sales guy. He was not an appointment taker. He just handled business at his other jobs. And I’ve seen him go from knowing nothing about that world to being an absolute monster.

And it’s because he didn’t try to go in there gun-slinging. He just said, okay, show me exactly what to say, show me what to write down and I’ll do it. And he does it perfectly. And the guy makes stupid money because of it. So I know you guys can do the same as long as you’ve got a little bit of traffic. That’s the only rub. The phone’s gotta be ringing a little bit. If your phone’s not ringing at all, it doesn’t matter how slick you are, you can’t make something out of nothing on the phone. So they gotta be ringing a little bit and then we can help you gather them all up and squeeze some money out of them.

So that’s the challenge, I hope you take it. Follow up with me and let me know how it goes. We’ll keep the show nice and short today but before I leave I am going to have a normal tool review we haven’t done really officially for a couple of weeks. So we had just a little bit of hail come into our town from a few hours away so we had a couple cars popping up here and there at body shops. It’s all kinda gone now.

But in the meantime I was like, oh man; I don’t really have hail tools. I’ve got plenty of tools that can do a hail job but if I’m gonna do like two or three cars, I had to call Shane and say, “Dude, I don’t know what hail rod I should get.” And he’s like, “Of course if you’re chasing hail you need ten different things but for what you’re doing you probably don’t need like a big breakdown bar but you do need a nice hail rod.” And I didn’t have one. I just had a normal fixed tip, you know, non-interchangeable tip 40 something inch rod.

So he said, “Go over to Dent Craft and get their dual-tipped hail rod and then put an R4 tip on both sides and one of them gets one of those cherry caps and the other one doesn’t. Do everything with that on the roof. Start with the soft tip, flip it around and use the bare metal.”

So I took his advice blindly because the dude is a stud, especially when it comes to hail. We all learned that in Shane’s Income Revealed episode where he’s talking about how much he’s making doing hail repairs in a week I think at that time. It was retarded. So now I listen closely when he’s talking about hail repairs.

So I got that tool and Dent Craft calls it an RHI48. That’s a 48″ hail interchangeable tip rod. And the tips are just 180 degrees of each other so you can just flip the tool upside down. But one of the things that strike you when you first grab it is that it’s not a half inch, it’s five-eighths. So it doesn’t seem like that much larger but it’s a really stout rod. I mean, that thing’s a monster.

And it’s not the longest things you’ve ever held at 48″ but it’s pretty long. And for everything but a giant SUV, it was a great roof tool. And man, with that tip set up that Shane recommends, it’s the R4 with the Dent Craft, so cherry tips on it, the little red covers. You start with that and then as you’re getting down to the last push or two, if you have to you just flip it around and then you go bare steel.

I was flying through stuff because I didn’t get that tool right away. I was using my normal tools on a car and then I got that tool and did a car or two. Big difference. So man, that’s the kinda stuff I was talking about earlier with that suggestion about how to get into the business whether you have an in-person trainer or you go on Dent Trainer or you try to learn on YouTube and practice by yourself. That’s the kinda stuff that you get from a one-on-one trainer that you’re not gonna get by yourself. Legitimate recommendations for real stuff in real time for the situations you’re dealing with.

And I’ve been doing this stuff, I don’t know, it’s my 17th year now. And since I don’t get hail, I never really had to pay attention to this kinda stuff. And now just enough cars to cross my plate that I’ve gotta think about them in a different manner than the one random one that shows up every month. This is the tool so I cannot recommend that tool highly enough. It’s 150 bucks and you’re gonna make your money back in the first five minutes you hold it.

So if you don’t have a hail rod, get it before it hails in your town or before you get a hail car. You’ll thank me when the car shows up instead of, you know, scrambling after the fact. So RHI48. We’ve got a link to it on and you can go straight to Dent Craft site and see that. So that’s the tool.

Don’t forget to go and download Periscope to your phone and follow me on it and I will make some cool live broadcasts with regard to PDR. That’s gonna be kinda fun. And I’ll have to start getting haircuts more often if you guys get to see me. All right fellas. Thanks for hanging out with me. It’s been a pleasure. I look forward to talking to you next week.

And I’m especially looking forward to that Advance Skill seminar. I know we’re a ways out but I’m pumped about it. Now that we’re starting to build that thing out it’s gonna be epic. And I don’t use that term very often but it is gonna be. It’s gonna be fantastic. So have a great day, accept my challenge, answer every call and get better.

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