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Let’s talk about the people who you choose to include in your network and who will help you succeed in your business. Without the right people in your circle, you won’t get nearly as far half as quickly as is possible.

In this episode we talk a little about our business networking and what you should do to supercharge your business

Mini Slide Hammer

Blending Hammer Nirvana

TabWeld PDR Glue

Revealing Video about glue pulling 


Shane: Let’s talk a little bit about hot glue. Specifically, for painless dent removal. What kind are you using? You know you can get a decent pull from any type of glue. I mean any. You can go get some stuff from the craft store, you can get stuff from Walmart. In fact, I used Walmart glue for a long time. Before I really got into the manufacturing side of PDR, Walmart glue was my glue. You know what I thought? All these colored glues are fancy ways to trick me out of money. How much better can they work? Well, to some degree I was right. Some of those colors suck and they’re there just to take your money.

Shane: However, once I opened my eyes and go some samples of the glues that were the real deal, glues that really did work better; I thought holy smokes, here I am again doubting the technical progress of our trade. Just because something looks different doesn’t mean it’s not better. It doesn’t mean it’s a scam. So, I started using colored glues. I found two that worked amazingly. Green glue and pink glue we stock and we talk stock both of them on But I wanted a glue that worked even better than that. Now, can a glue work too good? Yes, super glue and liquid nails work too good.

Shane: They will take the paint off the car. That’s not what we’re after. It’s a fine line between maximum adhesion but not going over the top and ripping the paint off the car putting us back further than we started in the first place. We want to leave the paint on the car. So, we need something that doesn’t have maximum adhesion for a hot metal glue. There’s a lot of glues out there that are made for construction and manufacturing that will make this glue look like it doesn’t work. Our glues that we use.

Shane: But we have a specific purpose and we need to find the maximum adhesion we can get out of those conditions and that’s what we’ve done with our new line of glue; Tab Weld. Tab Weld is the new standard for PDR. You don’t think it can get better because what you’re using works now, but if you want to function at the highest level you’ve got to squeeze the last two, three, five, ten percent of performance out that everyone else is leaving. It’s just like racing cars, everything has to be dialed if you want to go faster than the other guy.

Shane: And if you want to do a better repair with less pulls or do a repair that someone else said couldn’t be done you’ve got to have the best tools. And glue is so stinking cheap for how much you use. I did a six hundred dollar repair the other day, I was on it for four hours and I used two sticks of Tab Weld. The whole time and I glued bolt the whole time. It’s not a lot of money put in and there’s almost no other expenses in our business. Stop being short sighted. Buy the glue that’s going to make your life easier and more profitable.

Shane: Don’t forget that’s what I am all about in this business, making more money and if you’re using the right tools, you’re going to make more of it. I can promise you that. You’ve got the right lights, the right tools, the right tabs and the right glues and you know how to use it all magic happens. So, that’s what I’m trying to tell you about, there’s a glue that’s better than what you’re using now and it’s called Tab Weld. It’s still in early release stage, we’ve got samples out right now. If you buy anything on you’re going to get a sample.

Shane: You can go on there and just pick the sample you want. You’ve got to pay shipping if you do that. But very shortly here, in a matter of weeks Tab Weld is going to be released, full steam ahead and you can have as much of it as you’d like. Check out the website You can pop yourself on our mailing list there, so you can be notified the minute we are releasing it but we’ve got some exciting stuff coming out with that. You are going to be impressed. I promise you and if you don’t like it I’ll buy it back because I use it every single day. I can’t have enough of it. So, buy it, enjoy it, make more money,

Keith: I’m Keith Cosentino and he’s Shane Jacks and this is the PDR college broadcast. You’re place for paint less dent removal excellence. Every week we are going to be bringing you stories. We are going to be bringing you technique, tips and tools, all the things that we know that are going to help you increase the bottom line of your business. How to make more money with the given time and the given tools that you’ve got in this little crazy industry that we call PDR. Shane, why the heck do we need so much money?

Shane: Because, women.

Keith: I heard that my man. Because women. That’s why we need so much dang money.
Shane: They are expensive. Especially when it’s plural. They.

Keith: Yes. Yeah, you got a house full of them?

Shane: I’ve only got two. Three if you count the dog.

Keith: That’s a house full.

Shane: How many do you have? Women?

Keith: Four.

Shane: Yikes. That’s, that’s terrible. I’m not going to lie to you.

Keith: It’s very pretty in my house.

Shane: Pretty. It’s very pretty, yes. It’s very expensive though. So, let’s learn about how to make more money. How are we going to learn how make more money today, Keith? Before we get into that, how was your week man?

Keith: My week was amazing. Lots of work, lots of hustling, lots of knuckle busting and lots of tool selling. We had, we sold a lot of tabs this week. And people are continuing to buy the Tab 
Weld glue. At an accelerated pace.

Shane: Nice.

Keith: And Tab Weld is creeping out into the main stream tool market now so you should be able to get it just about anywhere you would want buy tools in the next month or two. So,

Shane: I just put it up on my site last night.

Keith: There you go. It’s on Shane’s site, it should be on most major tool sites in a while. Right now it’s umm there’s Tab Weld on its way to Dent Craft, Ultra, A-1, it’s on the site already for PDR outlet and I’m probably forgetting somebody else off the top of my head but it should be everywhere eventually. Elemi dent tools has it on their site. So, Tab Weld is creeping into your backyard.

Shane: And for good reason. The stuff is absolutely awesome. That’s all I’m using now. That is it.

Keith: That’s it. That’s all I use as well. I fired up my Stuckey gun which I hadn’t been using for a while because I had a hail damage scar, I thought this will be nice, I’ll have the gun right here next to me and I won’t have to drag cords around. And it had an old stick of green in it. And by the time it heated up I didn’t want to pull it out of the back and shove another one in so I just used it. It was good but I was sure happy to burn through it and put Tab Weld back in that gun. Tab Weld is my jam. That’s the first green I’ve shot since I’ve started using the Tab Weld and I thought maybe the green is just as good.

Keith: And it’s really good but it’s not just as good.

Shane: It sets up, in my opinion, a little too quickly. So, it does. And the window is smaller. If you leave it on there a while, you know, it’s like it just pops right off.

Keith: It’s interesting about these high performance glues, isn’t it? Like the old crappy glue seems like you could leave it on for three months and it still pulled decent.

Shane: Yeah, it was consistent across it’s uh it’s relative mediocrity.

Keith: Yeah, which is interesting but these higher level glues they stick harder but the windows are sometimes shorter.

Shane: For sure.

Keith: I think I’ve talked about this on the show before but you know if you have ever gotten into a hobby that has got gadgets like fishing or RC cars or cycling or whatever like something that has components that you can upgrade. When you first start the user the entry level stuff is pretty easy to use and you could hand it over to your friend and he could use it just as easy as you, but if you get into that hobby deeper and deeper and deeper after a handful of years the rig that you use is better but if you were to hand it to a newbie in the first day, they wouldn’t even understand how to use it.

Keith: Because you have adapted so many things to a high level and you slowly work your skill level up to be able to work with those things. They are so specialized they no longer work for everybody all the time but in the, in the specific discipline that they perform, they perform better than anything else. Like a target shooting, like uh Olympic level target rifle, you know?
Shane: Right. Even if they understand how to use it they don’t, they’re not going to understand the efficiency when they use it. The biking, I never thought about that Keith, like with mountain biking or road biking. The difference in a five-pound bike is astronomical in road bike cost, right? You know this, right? Keith?

Keith: Right. Yeah.

Shane: And it’s, the cost is astronomical and the difference. If you’re a newbie rider you’re not going to see that much of a difference and you’re going to hurt either way but if your, once you get on up and I’m not saying I’m a good rider by any stretch of the imagination but once you, I said five pounds. I meant a half a pound. Did I say five pounds?

Keith: Biceps are way too big. You said five pounds. A half a pound lighter.

Shane: I meant a half a pound. I apologize. I meant point five pounds. The difference is going to be astronomical once you get up and you’re more efficient in riding. But that new rider, that half a pound is going to mean very little to them. So, you are correct.

Keith: Yeah. So, that is exactly how I feel about a lot of the PDR tools we use. You know, like they are so specialized that we’re as high level techs they’re very useful to us for a first day guy, first year, first month they’re not really going to see the benefit. But once you get, yeah, what?

Shane: And neither will. But once you get once you get the skill set up there you can uh you can see a huge difference these, these glues like the Tab Weld is one of them. And that’s tiny difference between it sometimes it and the green. The green sometimes won’t stick if it’s really cold. I mean it sets up insanely quick, Keith. I mean just crazy quick. And that you, that, that window of opportunity for it to pull at all is relatively small when it’s cold. Tab Weld’s not so much like that. But the difference in the two at times when it’s warm is relatively small sometimes.

Shane: The difference sometimes in running down a rail and saving two or three minutes’ verses four or five of those that are the green glue and is popping off, you know, at times. It’s a huge difference. Another one is umm, umm are your tabs. It’s kind of the same way. Will other tabs pull? Keith?

Keith: Oh yeah. Absolutely. And some of those other tabs you can leave like we said a minute ago you can leave them on for three days. And their level of mediocrity will remain.

Shane: But when you start, when you start out in this business some of those tabs, yeah they will pull the dent up and leave a tiny little bit of a volcano and you knock everything down around it and then you pull it again, whereas when you start using the smooth series tabs because we can go so small with them and they give such a freaking hard pull Keith, that the difference is uh may seem minute to a beginner but when you’re really when you’re doing high level repairs at a fast rate as you possibly can it makes a huge difference. Those tabs do.

Keith: Let’s talk about that for a second. Because I think one of the things that people struggle with, and to be honest even myself at times struggle with is uh perfect tab placement in a relatively small round dent like a hail dent. You know if you’re, with these little smooth series tabs they’re going to snap up that little area you put them on and if they’re right in the center of the dent it’s an amazing thing and if they’re two millimeters to the side it’s not so amazing. It kind of sucks. Do you have

Shane: It is amazing. Actually it’s art at that point. Abstract art.

Keith: Do you have a trick for placing your tabs in the center of your dent?

Shane: The right placement is big other than that, no, no tricks. I don’t have a trick.

Keith: So, what’s your method?

Shane: Making sure, making sure your light isn’t too far away. But I don’t like wasting time so the light needs to be far enough away so when I pull my tab I can go ahead and do my knock down and get that thing flat. You know what I’m saying?

Keith: Yeah.

Shane: So, I wo, I mean my trick honestly is applying very slowly until the tip of that glue is barely touching the very center of that dent and then pushing down really fast. I mean that’s the only trick I can say.

Keith: Are you, are you, if talking about a rail are you squ, are you closing one eye or are you using both?

Shane: Uhh, I have no idea. I’ve not consciously thought about it. Or noticed what I’m doing. I, I think I squint to be honest with you. Because if you’re on a rail, you’re in a, unless you turn your head completely sideways you’re going to have to squint.

Keith: Right.

Shane: For it to, for the light to be in one eye. Does that make sense?

Keith: Yeah, that’s why I asked. Because sometimes,

Shane: I think I do squint. Yeah

Keith: I’ll tilt my head and other times I will squint. And I’m, I’m pretty good with my tab placement, like when I’m doing a volume job, like a rail, a beat up rail some of my tab placements is beautiful invariably I’ll miss a couple and I think that’s because I don’t have a consistent method for applying tabs. You know, I just do what I do and most of them I’d say nine out of ten end up higher, end up where I want them but a couple of them don’t and those cost me a lot of time because you ba, you’re further back than when you started when you do that because you’ve got to knock it back down and now you have an even larger dent to start over with.

Shane: Right. Right.

Keith: Sometimes it pulls easier because you’ve knocked it down, you knocked everything all wired and it pulls easier.

Shane: But, I don’t, I mean, I don’t know many who are immune to that. You know, I mean, I’m sure everybody does one or two on a rail where they miss. As soon as I say this somebody’s going to post how they are perfect every time and they do rails less than four minutes, with 170 dents on it. But you get, I mean I often times, well, I don’t want to get into that. Sometimes there may be somebody’s holding it down. It’s pulling errantly when you’re not actually placing errant.

Keith: Yeah.

Shane: But those tabs and glue especially comboed together ridiculous. That’s all I use man. I’ll use the titan sometimes the atlas titan tabs at times.

Keith: And the big black plagues?

Shane: Yeah and the big black plagues but other than that, that’s really all I use. Every now and then those orange waffle ones will work. It’s very, it’s very rare that I use anything other than those.

Keith: Umm, I’ll still use, umm a lock a tab here and there. The square ones especially. If I’ve got something in that middle range size where it’s not real tiny and it’s not real big but it’s umm really stout, it’s kind of like body line or something and it just doesn’t want to move, with anything else sometimes those will get it to loosen up. They’re over kill though.

Shane: Yeah, I’ll use a big square black one every now and then. That’s about the, well you know what I used one of the uh the crease ones the other day because I wanted to use the slid hammer with the crease and it, and it stuck really well but it’s pretty rare I use those also but yeah.

Keith: Yeah, most smooth myself as well but they’re in my box. Those lock a tabs. Once in a while on a flat panel those square tabs are almost over kill but if it’s on a body line and I can’t get it to move with a smooth series tab sometimes lock a will open the key or open the lock.

Shane: Yeah. So, where do you get your tabs, Keith?

Keith: Shoot just about anywhere but if you want to buy them from me, they are I believe we are going to have them on your site soon as well.

Shane: Yes.


Shane: When I added the umm when I added the Tab Weld last night I also added a, umm those in there with a little coming soon sticker. So, yes they are coming very soon.

Keith: And I just made a sale.

Shane: True that.

Keith: Naw, but you can get them umm at Dent Craft. You cannot get them at A-1 tool. Those suckers are not carrying the smooth series tabs. And if you like that be silent but if you do not like that you can tell them so. And then maybe they will carry them but right now they are probably the only major tool company that doesn’t carry them. You can get them at Ultra and even those over in the UK TDN Tools and Dent Checks they’ve got them. Yeah, but just about anywhere you want you can buy nice tools you’ll find the smooth series tabs and if you can’t find them hop on over to my site.

Keith: We have them coming out our wazoo. I’ve got smooth series tabs for days.

Shane: They don’t sell my stuff at Walmart so if you got a problem with that, hop on over to Walmart and tell them about it.

Keith: Yeah. Talk to the lady with the weird body and the unusually thick glasses. And the vest.

Shane: And the vest.

Keith: They still wear vest? I don’t shop there. I can’t stand shopping in that store.

Shane: Everybody goes into Walmart every now and then.

Keith: Man, I guess so. You know, every uh every year

Shane: Is that why you developed glue? So you wouldn’t have to go buy Walmart glue? Because that’s what you use to preach about. Or did you have one of your minions to go by it for you?

Keith: Yeah, yeah that is one of the reasons. That was the only reason I would walk into Walmart.

Shane: I cannot go into that store. Must go buy the glue.

Keith: When you go into that place man it’s like going into another dimension. We live in a relatively affluent part of state where I am but there’s still like five Walmart’s that you can drive to in 30 minutes. And when you go in one, well in fact I was in one a few months ago. Every summer we buy our kids a little dough boy pool because it’s ridiculously cheap. It’s like 400 bucks and it’s like 16-18-foot pool, four feet deep and it comes with a pump, a filter and everything and at the end of the summer I just give it away so I don’t have to deal with it in the winter time.

Keith: So I don’t have to clean it and maintain it and all that stuff so Walmart is the place that has these stink pools so every year at least once I’m going into a Walmart to buy pool and man there are some crazy people in that store. It’s bananas. It’s like they put out bait for them and they all just show up. I watched this lady cruise around the parking lot for like 30 minutes I was in my truck because the one Walmart was out of stock even though the website said it wasn’t so I was looking it up so where’s the next Walmart to go find this stinking pool and this lady was just walking around with her keys in her hand asking people for money.

Keith: And then she went back to her car and smoke a cigarette for a while and then walked around to the left to the right to the left to the right saying to people, oh hey, I just ran out of gas and I was thinking to myself, I really wanted to talk to her and say so when do you stop? How much money are you trying to get to? What’s your goal today? Have you set a goal? I can’t imagine a world where you just cruise around a parking lot and fake out that you’re out of gas. If you want to see that stuff it’ll happen at Walmart. Same as Gypsy Auto Repairs.

Keith: If you want to find a Gypsy, kick a nice car, kick in a fender just drive around Home Depots and Walmart’s for about three days. Somebody will find you.

Shane: What you’re experiencing at you Walmart’s out there, Keith is what I experience every day at every single establishment in my town.

Keith: Really?

Shane: Pretty much, pretty much. Yeah. It’s, I live in a back woods area. It’s, it’s uh I’m right outside, I’m 30 minutes outside of Greenville but man it’s uh it’s country. For sure. It’s uh and watching the people uh, we won’t go into that. We’re going off on a tangent that we don’t need to go off on.

Keith: Well, we are but I wanted to bring up the fact that you’re in this back woods place, admittedly and you’re still running a thriving retail PDR business.

Shane: Greenville’s different. I’m 30 minutes away so it’s a little different. So, I mean, there’s a lot of that in Greenville. But there’s also some wealth people in Greenville. But it’s nowhere near as wealth as your area.

Keith: Right, right.

Shane: Not even close. Well, relatively it is but if you wanted to focus on the fact that there’s a bunch of people in parking lots trying to beg for money you can say there’s nobody in town that wants to buy this stuff. Nobody will pay these prices but

Keith: Yeah

Shane: There’s plenty of guys that live in the same kind of parts state, same types of town in Kentucky and Alabama and all these other places and they’re doing just fine or they’re complaining about nobody here will pay their prices. It’s a mindset issue.

Keith: It’s a first world country and you know if it’s United States, and it’s a state there’s people there with some money somewhere. You just got to find them.

Shane: Are you trying to stay on the cutting edge of paint less dent removal when it comes to your tools? If so you need to have two things in your arsenal. One is Shane Jack’s Jackhammer Blending Hammer. Find it at If you want to learn Blending, we’ve got an awesome tutorial that goes along with the hammer right there on the site. You’re going to love it, you’re going to learn something, and you’re going to get better and make money. In addition to the hammer, if you are doing any glue pulling you need to have the Black Plague Crease Tabs.

Shane: It’s a six piece pulling set. The two largest are absolute monsters, they’re going to pull out collision damage like nothing else you’ve got available and the smaller sizes are going to be for the normal everyday kind of door edges and minor, minor collision dents and a dogleg and a bottom of a door. I’m telling you guys it’s going to change the way you do your repairs when you have the cutting edge tools and these are two of them,, Check out the sites guys. Bring yourselves into the twenty-first century.

Shane: You know what we’re going to do a little backwards today?

Keith: What?

Shane: I’m going to talk about the tool review first.

Keith: Alright. That’ll work. What’ve you got for us?

Shane: Our tool review is uh actually from PDR outlet. I don’t know if have reviewed anything from PDR outlet and of yet. These

Keith: That’s a great site. If you’re not familiar with it it’s and the guy behind the magic is a guy named Brian and a lot of the tools on the site, he is the manufacturer of. He makes them. He doesn’t get them from somewhere else and sells them so if you see a tool on his site that’s similar to tools on all the other sites like the silver mini lifter that Shane sells, I sell and everybody else sells. He is the originator of that tool. He’s kind of a quiet dude and there’s not a lot of marketing hype and fanfare coming out of his place and he kind of caters to the hail market but really solid tools and really competitive prices.

Keith: Honestly because he is the manufacturer there’s no extra step of profit that has to happen between his stuff and somewhere else. So, if you want to see a couple of unique tools you can go check his site out but what are we talking about of his today?

Shane: We’re talk, on a side not that mini lifter is basically all I use. The one that he sells. I use the Robo some, we have it in the shop also but that mini lifter is my number one go to. I believe they call it the ML101 but anyway. But that maybe the Dent Craft moniker for it but anyway today we’re going to talk about his Slide hammer.

Shane: He has two Slide hammers on his site Keith and he sent me one of his, the mini slide hammer which I wouldn’t have purchased just to be honest with you, before I actually got the thing they sent it to me and its really light weight. I pulled it out of the box and I was like what is this going to do but it has a solid snap to it and I’m using it on my rails that are light, that are you know when I say a light rail I’m talking about anything a quarter size and under. I know that may not sound light but anything a quarter size and under it weighs so little and it pulls hard enough where I don’t need any more than that on rails.

Shane: You know that I’m a slide hammer guy on rails I’m not a mini lifter guy on rails for the most part I use a slide hammer and we’ve discussed that before and I if it’s like a quarter size and under and they’re not stupid deep that’s what I’m grabbing now. I’ve only had it like a week, week and a half and we’ve still got hail coming through and now I’m grabbing that sucker. Every now and then I grab one of my other ones just for giggles. The weight of it you can last a lot longer with this thing so hop on over to What is it MSH is the sku on that Keith?

Keith: Oh yeah, Mini Slide Hammer.

Shane: It’s the Mini Slide Hammer. So,

Keith: When you’re doing a light rail like that with a small slide hammer what size tabs are you using? What’s your first tab?

Shane: Well it depends on the size of the dent. I mean, if it’s a quarter size dent I’m going to use a nickel size or smaller. It depends on the depth. If it’s shallowish I’m going to use a nickel size, if it’s deeper I’m going to use the smallest, what’s the smallest you have Keith? I’m sorry I don’t know the

Keith: Nine millimeter. BP9.

Shane: If it has a lot of depth I’m going to use the nine and I’m probably going to use a mini lifter to start it. Okay? With that nine using a Slide hammer if you rock it any up or down, left or right, it’s just going to snap off really easily and not give you the pull you need. Typical hail shallow I’m going to go one size under what the size the dent is. If it’s stupid shallow and big broad, I’ll use the same size as the dent.

Keith: Okay, so relatively like I’ll call it like normal hail. It’s not deep it’s not light, just kind of like in the sweet spot you’re going to go one size under the hail dent.

Shane: Yeah, around two thirds, three quarters of the size of the dent itself.

Keith: And when you’re pulling with a slide do you set it once and then pull it or do just put it on the tab and rip it?

Shane: Put it on the tab, I pull up on the slide hammer so it’s contacting the bottom of the tab, bottom of the tab head. Does that make sense? I don’t want that slack in there. I want tension on it. That slack in there is too much of a shock. If you just let it sit there all loosey goosey and so you pull up, put tension on it. I just do one snap myself. I know a lot of guys who will do bump bump. But I’m just the last bump.

Keith: No, that’s why I ask because you know you’re one of the fastest guys I’ve worked with and we haven’t done hail together. So, I wanted to see how you’re shaving that time off. So just if you think about it, if you’re only moving that slide one time per tab and some other guy is moving it three times that’s three times as long.

Shane: Correct. Yep

Keith: For the same result. So maybe I’ll try that the next time I have something like that. One, one pull. One snap with a slide.

Shane: That’s me.

Keith: I’m a mini lifter too but maybe I should change for the rails, for light stuff.

Shane: I don’t know. You know rails is not where I where I save time on rails a lot of it has to do with the hammer and not as much yeah no as much with the lifting.

Keith: With the lifting.

Shane: Where I kill time is blending on rails and where I cut time is with the blending on rails and I cut time with the pushing. You know, with the techniques to push. I’m not going to say I’m the quickest glue puller in the land. It’s just, I’m a better pusher and blender. So, that’s where I shave my time off.
Keith: Yeah, but I mean if you’re getting down fast, you’re fast.

Shane: Yeah. So, well Keith. How are the sales for the Edge Jack?

Keith: Really, really good. Guys are buying these things at an alarming rate. Which is a good thing. I don’t want to. I’m not going to through out there how many I’ve sold. What guys are doing; they’re starting to see the effectiveness of this tool. I’ve had oh I don’t even know how many, three four five guys say as soon as they got it everybody come over and turn their nose up and gave it the stank eye to it and said what is that? What’s that thing do? But you know but once they, they just haven’t heard of it but then once it was explained what it was or it put on a car and explains what happened or shown what it does they guy would say hey you’re going to get a few I would have a few messages you’re going to be getting a few more orders here and then boom boom boom there are you know.

Shane: Yeah, It’s a really effective tools but it’s not nearly as effective as think it will be until you throw it on a car and then you’re like holy crap there’s an insane amount of power here and an insane amount of accuracy so.

Keith: I’ve really enjoyed seeing guys post on Facebook the different applications they’ve dreamed up for it. You know like some guy did a BMW kidney grill with it.

Shane: Yep.

Keith: And edges. You know just weird edges all over the place. That you would think, oh yeah, I guess it work there.

Shane: You know what I found out that it’s going to work really well on the other day, I’ve got one coming in next week actually. The new Tahoe fenders, they have an edge on them. It’s not a roll any more they have a double panel edge now.

Keith: No kidding?

Shane: So you’re going to have to use a punch or a maul and a hammer or something like the Edge Jack to get that thing up.

Keith: So, when they take a door edge right to the fender lip that’s going to be a tough dent on the Tahoe.

Shane: No, it’s not going to be tough anymore if you’ve got this tool.

Keith: Cool. I haven’t done too many of those. I know guys are talking about the quarter panels are open now, that was exciting. I’ve done a door only on the new model. We don’t do any domestic stores here.

Shane: Yeah. I haven’t done any yet. This will be my first Tahoe that comes in and this is going to be an Edge Jack dent. So, it will literally take

Keith: I’m telling you

Shane: It will literally take me less than five seconds to fix that dent and I’m not joking. It will take me less than five seconds with that Edge Jack to fix that dent to completion.

Keith: Well, make a video and we’ll make it available.

Shane: Will do.

Keith: The five second fender fix.

Shane: Now that’s after I get my light set up. So, you know what I’m saying.

Keith: Oh yeah. Five seconds of actually pulling.

Shane: Yep. That’s all it will take.

Keith: Now do you. I don’t know if you can call it pulling or pushing with that thing. Your pulling but it’s pushing.

Shane: But it’s pushing. Yeah. I don’t know. I just call it awesome.

Keith: You know you’ve got a lot of options when you decide what to do with your invoicing and data capture for your dent removal or other reconditioning business, but the choice I’ve made for my company is Recon Pro by auto mobile technologies. This stuff has proven invaluable. I had a mountain of invoice books staked up in a room just in case I wanted to look something up. It was archaic, ridiculous. Now all of my technicians are on iPhones, they scan the VIN of the car, they enter a piece of information including capturing the email for your customers. It’s 2015.
Keith: You need to be building a mailing list for your customers so you can keep them updated if you want to run specials, you want to reach out and touch them, you need an email. This prompts them to enter an email so you can send them their receipt which is common via email. No paper in the truck to get lost. You guys this is the way to do it. There’s a lot of options you can take. There’s lots of competitors. But this is the one I’ve chosen. Check them out on-line, the product is called Recon Pro.

Keith: It’s not one guy who’s also a PDR tech building software. It’s a team of nerds dedicated to making your life better and that’s what you want. Check them out. Tell them we sent you over there. Recon Pro.

Keith: You know what I’m still using every day?

Shane: What?

Keith: Recon Pro.

Shane: Yes, sir.

Keith: For my invoicing. I’ve several guys in my company now and man in the past I used to have to physically go or get them to come to me so I could collect their invoices. Big stacks of paper and then often times I would wonder do I have all the invoices. How do they know? How do they know they’ve handed me every invoice? Unless they go through them number by number and then even then they had to void a couple here and there throughout the month and then the number sequence was off anyways. That is no longer a problem with Recon Pro. I don’t even have to go see them and waste their time or have them drive to me.

Keith: I just simply click on the link I see the report of what everyone is doing in real time. As soon as they enter an invoice it is in the report. So, it’s really powerful as a business owner and I’ve been talking to a lot of guys about their personal retail businesses around the country and a lot of them do not have a great system of tracking their production. They’ve got paper invoices and they’re getting lazy about counting them up at the end of the day, week or month and they work all month and just add them up at the end, if they add them up but with the Recon Pro you don’t have to add them up.
Keith: You can just go in there and look at the report at any time and there’s your total. Per week, per day and per month all there in front of you. So, if you’re serious about tracking your numbers it’s a very powerful tool. And if you have several employees and you want to track those that makes it infinitely easier. You can also set it up so you will know how much work is coming from retail, how much from wholesale, how much from body shops. You can set up those categories for all want. If you want to set up a category for pizza delivery trucks, you can do that. I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s possible.

Keith: There’s lots of options with Recon Pro so if you’re thinking about getting off paper and getting into the current method of tracking your business and you want to build a real business and not just a dude in the back of a truck with a stack of paper and some metal sticks then I would suggest heading over to and clicking on the Recon Pro area and getting in contact with one of the fellows over there and let them show you what it really can do because it can do ten times more than what I’m talking about. I only use it in a very specific way but it’s got capabilities for all kinds of stuff.

Keith: There’s a whole hail element to it that I don’t use because we don’t get the hail so I’ve never even bothered to learn about it but they’ve got all kinds of capability with that. And there’s other specific stuff they can do if you have other reconditioning services that you offer, they are set up for that as well. So, it’s not just for PDR, but it works very well for PDR. So, check out Recon Pro and get off the paper. Are you ready to get this show on the road?

Shane: We. I am.

Keith: Today we are talking about kind of the beginning of this show and the relationship between Shane and I. And that is in a sense, master mind groups. And if you’ve never been in the world of business, specifically on-line business you may have never heard this term: master mind group. But what a master mind group is a relatively small group usually under six people more often three or four. It’s a group of other people who are deadly serious about progressing in business and they want to do better and they want other people to help them on that path and they want to help other people. So, you find a handful of people who you respect and admire and hopefully that are as good as you if not a little bit better. And you form a group and you contact each other on a regular basis usually weekly. And talk about issue you’re having with your company and how you’re overcoming them. We’ll drill down a little deeper about what happens in a master mind group but the reason Shane and I became buddies is because we both respected what the other guy was doing and in our respective parts of the country with regards to our PDR careers. We both felt like we had something to offer each other so we both just kind of naturally started talking about this stuff and talking about our business issues and hiring and firing and all this kind of stuff and you know we’re both much wealthier today than we would have been without us meeting. Would you agree with that? We didn’t talk about that yesterday.

Shane: Actually I agree on a scale. I think I’m a lot richer and you’re a little bit richer. Honestly, because kind of originally when I was think about this topic earlier Keith, you were kind of a mentor of sorts and I know I’m not trying to get us off track here but the two kind of go hand in hand. Don’t you think? This kind of mentoring slash master mind thing. They’re related. They’re related.

Keith: Absolutely. Absolutely related.

Shane: There’re not exactly the same. I look at you as kind of as mentor, honestly, especially in the beginning and it wasn’t so much that I needed you to tell me these things. I learned an absolute butt load from you but it wasn’t necessarily that I needed you to tell me these things but that I kind of needed you to hold me accountable which was this whole master mind thing. A lot of it I did learn. That this was first time stuff for me as far as yeah it was in my head but I hadn’t actually fleshed it out, and I hadn’t actually spoken it myself or hadn’t thought about it, you know.

Shane: So I would say that yes I am much richer than I was that I would have been at this point had I not met you and you are exponentially lower in that case, however I’m not going to say I haven’t helped you. I believe iron sharpens iron, you know what I mean and we’ve sharpened each other and I may have been duller than you to begin with but now we are totally just up against one another and we’re staying sharp because we throw this off one another. I think you really need that. You really need an accountability partner of sorts or partners. You and I Keith that’s what we are to one another. We have others in the business.

Keith: Of course.

Shane: You’re not the only one I throw things off of. You’re the one I throw 99 percent of it off of though. You know, you’re my uh you’re the yen to my yang.

Keith: So, gay.

Shane: That’s why I said it.

Keith: But you know uh I appreciate those compliments but one thing that I don’t know if you’re considering completely is like the intangibles. It’s one thing for me to be able to tell hey close the customer this way and that way then you can see man I physically made more money on this job because of the things that Keith told me to do and that’s cool and that exist but you say you’re not doing the same thing for me but just not in direct relation to pricing a specific repair or a pricing strategy but there’s uh there’s just having someone with a mindset that’s different than yours, that’s in the same industry but has a different outlook.

Keith: I am able to bounce so many different ideas off of you and get a different perspective back but I might normally uh wouldn’t, but I might not have normally would have considered. It adjusts my trajectory that I end up in a much different place than I would have because I make a small shift months and months and months further back. And those changes result in sometimes much, much more money than what you realize in one specific job with a different pricing strategy or something. So there, the benefit of working together is greater than the sum of the individual parts that the guys bring to the table. It’s, It’s the

Shane: You and I, you and I are different. We think a little differently honestly. You and I had this discussion a few weeks ago.

Keith: Yeah.

Shane: And we won’t go into that, but the way we approach things is a little bit different. Even you and I have completely different uh, gosh and I am reticent to bring this up but you and I have completely different wives as far as the way that they react to things also and opposites attract. You know what I’m saying? So you and I are kind of, we think of things differently and you can pretty much see it in every part of our lives. To be honest with you. I live in the middle of nowhere and you live in a gated community full of million dollar estates.

Keith: Yeah and it bums me out that they are bring my property value down. You know, I’ve always heard your supposed to have the smallest house in the neighborhood.

Shane: Yeah. You’ve got Biltmore. Biltmore West.

Keith: So, if you don’t have these guys or the guys you’re hanging around with are not pushing you to be better and are not asking you tough questions and calling you out on your BS, you’re not going to make the progress that you could be making. And I was, well Shane you know I was telling you before the show that I was kind of get hesitant about bringing up the inner circle group because I’ve been talking, talking and talking and nothings coming true so guys are starting to not believe me so I don’t want to bring it up any more but it will come true.

Keith: When we figure out all this stinking software but that’s one of the main things I wanted to do with the inner circle is give guys the opportunity to network together and to form master mind groups from the inner circle because you can, how else are you going to pick a guy? If the guy is from your local market it’s kind of tough because you’re both competing for the same customers so not everybody, you’ll have one guy like you use to work with or something. That got you into the business that might be a candidate in your local market but that’s probably it so the rest of the guys should come from somewhere else.

Keith: Well, how do you know they’re any good? Well, you can see their Facebook post or something like that. You can’t really tell unless you just reach out and call somebody and it’s difficult to establish a relationship but the fact that someone else is in this inner circle group you know that they are a high level producer already because we are not letting people who are just starting out you know those guys are great but they need to be somewhere else for a while until they can come into the inner circle.

Keith: So when you meet someone there you’ll know that their automatically at least better candidate than somebody random off the internet to have a master mind group with or even just a single accountability partner that you make friends and you start bouncing your problems off of or your challenges.

Keith: I guess the word problem or challenge is quite different. It’s better to have challenges than it is to have problems because when you admit that something is a problem then you’ve kind of put it in your head that way that something is not going to go right. There’s an issue that can’t be solved but a challenge means there is a solution you just haven’t found it yet. You know?

Shane: It’s all a state of mind whether it’s a challenge or a problem honestly.

Keith: Yeah, a hundred percent. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. It’s the same issue but to one guy

Shane: It’s a problem

Keith: It’s a problem and to another guy it’s a challenge. How about this, has anyone ever asked you this question before Shane? You fill in the blank. Life is a blank. What’s your word?

Shane: Bitch.

Keith: That is not the best mindset. You’ll fail the Lipmann’s test.

Shane: You asked if somebody has said it to me. You asked the question incorrectly. Whenever somebody

Keith: Whenever somebody in your world

Shane: In, whenever somebody ask me that or says that, that’s what it says.

Keith: Well, okay. Describe your outlook in the world. Life is a? And then blank. If it’s bitch, then you’re going to have a tough time finding success in your market or in your life but

Shane: If you want to know that then I’ve never thought about it. I’m going to go neutral and say life is an experience. Period. That’s it.

Keith: That’s okay. My word is challenge. That’s the one that comes to my mind.

Shane: The reason I say experience is because it is what you make it. You know what I mean? And I would rather be on a Caribbean Island somewhere. That is a great experience. Fixing dents is a moderate experience. Collecting the money is a great experience.

Keith: It’s a means to an end. Right?

Shane: So, life is an experience.

Keith: Hopefully the way we worded it didn’t ruin the test for you listening but when you ask yourself that it’s kind of a gut check on how your outlook is affecting the rest of your life. If you say it’s a drag, it’s nuts or it’s crazy or even my response of it’s a challenge, that means it’s a little greater of a challenge than I probably wish it was, you know. The highest level producing guys, their answers are generally a game. And when you view it as a game and all you need to do is make the proper moves in the game, you win and it’s a much better place to be from a mindset perspective.

Keith: It enables you to make decisions that other people would fret over and get sweaty and lose sleep and if you’re looking at it as a game then you just make different choices in the game and you see what the results are then you make different choices based on those and the cycle continues until you die.

Shane: I’ll tell you another thing Keith and this is just kind of going, kind of getting us off that

Keith: Tangent?

Shane: But I need to get it out before I forget about it. Honestly. It just popped into my mind. Whenever we’re throwing things off each other, you and I. We talk about things with our products, it’s not so much the business but it can happen with the business and it has between you and I. When we’re, when you’re married to an idea or to a product or to a service or to an experience or a situation even it’s hard to step back and you know you and I will throw things off each other and you will say something and you’ll say well what do I do about this or do you think this is a good idea with say the tabs, the glue or whatever.

Shane: And I will look at it and I’m not criticizing you here at all. I’ve praised you enough for you to understand, for everybody to understand that I think you are incredibly intelligent and you’ve helped me an immense amount. Sometimes you’ll say things and I’m like really? It’s this can you all you got and your like oh yeah and I’m the same way. When you’re so involved and you’re absolutely married to one certain challenge or product or experience or whatever it’s hard to step back and actually think sometimes.
Shane: So, you need that other guy or that other person to throw things off of who will tell hey idiot it’s right here in front of your face. And it happens with both of us.

Keith: It sure does. It’s a really common problem and if you’re too close to a problem you just can’t see it for whatever it is. You can’t, you believe your own BS. But let me tell you that it is not easy to find that guy who you respect, who is your equivalent or greater and who will call you out on your crap. A lot of your friends will want to agree with you and say yeah I hear you man. Those guys are punks over there and they just want to have a really easy conversation with you. It takes someone who’s really convinced of their own opinions and frankly somewhat argumentative to call you out and have these conversations.

Keith: And if you go into the relationship with the idea that’s what you’re doing then it makes it a little bit easier. Hey the purpose of these phone calls are so that we both can get better and we have to call each other out on our crap and hold each other to our goals and things like that. But it’s not an easy person to find and you’re going to go through a few candidates before you find the ideal guy and those these master mind relationships may only last six months, or one year, or two years or three years and that’s okay. Because you might find yourself in a new state of mind or a new business situation that you need different help with.

Keith: Maybe you guys outgrow that relationship or maybe it just changes and you need to bring someone else who maybe have expertise in running the next level of business. The challenge I think and may it’s just in my mind but finding someone who wants to join your group who’s way better than you. How do you convince them to hang out with you? Go slumming but I think everyone brings their own talent with their own life experience and just because you haven’t achieved the same business milestone as someone else doesn’t mean that you don’t have valid feedback for someone else. So don’t discount what you bring to the table even if you don’t have but one, or two or five or ten-million-dollar business before you before you start.

Shane: Yeah, there are some. Ideally I would want Mark Cuban to mentor me you know, I mean but that isn’t happening so I’m stuck with you Keith.

Keith: Hey the only difference between Mark Cuban and I is all of them. When you think about guys like that you think okay I’m staring at forty years old pretty soon here and Shane you’ve had your birthday already

Shane: I’m staring at forty-one.

Keith: These guys like Mark Cuban. I think like I don’t know his complete story but he had to be a millionaire in his early twenty’s and a multi-millionaire and you know he made a billion dollars before he’s forty or right around there. I just think, there’s no way you catch up. If you’re thirty something and you don’t have a hundred million already well you’re not going to be hanging out with Mark Cuban.

Shane: Correct.

Keith: You’re too far behind. You’re not going to make that gap up.

Shane: I talked you into hanging out with me so I feel you know somewhat charming.

Keith: Shane you are extremely charming.

Shane: Why, thank you.

Keith: Especially to those Southern women the couple of times I’ve been out there I’ve seen you command them almost like the Pied Piper you’re like the Pied Piper of Southern women.

Shane: Yeah, you just got to use your eyes.

Keith: So if we decide to make a master mind group. What are the steps we would take? How would you do it if you were starting from scratch like right now technically well not technically, realistically neither you nor I are in structured master mind groups. We get all of our feedback from each other. We could probably use another guy or two in a master mind group and move forward even more quickly. And they don’t always have to be in the same industry. Now sometimes it’s more beneficial if you have someone from another industry. Who will ask you like honest questions about your industry and your business that you take for granted.

Keith: And they’ll ask you why it’s like that. When you’ve got to answer things like that you’ve really got to break down what you’re doing and why you do it the way you do. Because another dent guy would just agree with you. Oh yeah, you can’t start working out of a car lot before the manager approves the list. You don’t like that, that’s just how the industry works. And someone else will be like why, why can’t you do this? And you’ve really got to answer that question. So, you don’t have to stay in your industry for a master mind group.

Keith: It helps if someone knows a little bit about it sometimes but sometimes you can get a great perspective from somebody that’s completely removed.

Shane: It would be nice to have someone who is in a high level service business. Another high level service business. Similar to ours.

Keith: Yeah, a guy with a hand full of trucks or more. Or who you name it.

Shane: Yeah. Yeah.

Keith: Plumbing or whatever.

Shane: I was thinking, I’ve got an HVAC guy when you said, there’s a HVAC guy around here that he’s man his work is actually beautiful when he mastics the vents in the floor. The coming up out of the floor. It’s a freaking work of art. The guy does flawless work. And he’s well known as being the best HVAC guy around here. And he’s a very personable person too. You know? Almost kind of that

Keith: No coincidence.

Shane: Oh yeah, exactly. He’s almost got that fake flattery thing but people eat it up. You know what I mean? Especially around here.

Keith: All people but a buddy of mine got me reading again I say reading the book but I don’t read anything I listen to them on audio. I don’t look at any paper any more. But the old school Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People. And talks predominately about complimenting people and telling them the things that they want to hear.

Keith: He purposes that everybody loves to hear their name and they love to hear compliments and flattery even if it’s blatantly obvious that it’s not necessarily true they still love to hear it. And I think it’s true. I’ve talked about this before. If you look into your life to the one or two people you really look up to and everybody has a different person of course but if you picture that person, think about how they interact with other people and it’s almost never the guy who bust your chops or you know wants to sit and complain with you. They’re the guys that come into the room and give you a compliment.

Keith: They tell you how great you are and they appreciate your friendship or whatever. They just they bring such positive energy and I’m not a guy that talks about energy quote, unquote that often but when you think about that person you looked up to or that you currently look up to they’re generally in a similar personality type. They uplift everyone around them.

Keith: I have friends that are great ball busters and we have a lot of laughs and I enjoy their company immensely and like you and I bust each other’s chops all the time and it’s a fun relationship but when you think about the guy whose generally older than you and you really look up to him and you think man I hope I end up like this guy. That is generally really complementary. And I have yet to have someone to tell me no, no the guy I look up to is he’s super rich and he’s a real dick to everybody. No, that’s not the guy you look up to generally. So, I try to remember if I want to be like that guy I should try to be like that guy.

Keith: Giving people awesome compliments and sometimes digging deep to try to find something that you can complement somebody on is a pretty good exercise because there’s a lot of people you’d rather criticize but if you can find something great about them you can share it with them and you can watch them light up and make your life a little bit easier and make everybody a happier. So,

Shane: My silence during that whole diatribe was calculated.

Keith: Okay. If you wanted to start a master mind group today what would you do Shane?

Shane: Find a warm human body.

Keith: Okay. He’s alive. Okay, I’ll do it.

Shane: Find somebody with integrity.

Keith: Immensely important, challenging to ascertain unless you have some interaction with the person for a little period of time. Yeah.

Shane: Right. Yeah, it’s nearly impossible to ascertain if someone has integrity on-line or in one of these groups or whatever. Yeah, it’s going to be hard again to find that but again this inner circle thing once it’s going it will be a little easier to find that. Honestly.

Keith: It will be but for now that doesn’t exist so what would I recommend because on-line is a great place to meet people if you take it off-line. Get them on the phone or in person and realize what the whole picture is all about. But let’s assume you don’t want to go on-line. If I told you Shane, you can’t go on-line but you need to form a master mind group by the end of two weeks from now, what would you do?

Shane: If I were to form a master mind group I would find and I couldn’t go on-line I would find someone who is local that is in a different industry than I, two or three people. Honestly, that’s how I would do it.

Keith: I think that’s probably what I would do too but here’s a twist that I would involve in it. And I don’t mean you can’t go on-line and do research, I just mean you can’t go on Facebook and ask ten people if they want to be in your group.

Shane: I was taking on-line completely out. Okay, so, go ahead.

Keith: So I think what I would do to add to that because I would do the same thing I would try to find service guys and maybe something that is similar to what I do but just different enough that it’s different and try to find the leaders and tell them what I’m up to but I would want someone else from my industry who I think is doing a lot better than I am or at least looks to be.

Keith: So I would look up some companies from other states that I have that I don’t do business in and just start doing a regular web search for my trade in that state and when I see somebody I think has it together, their website is dialed, their presence on-line is dialed their reviews look good I would reach out to that individual and see if I could find the owner of the company and see if they would be interested in doing the same thing. Join a master mind group.
Keith: A lot of people are going to say, what the heck is a master mind group? You know, I’ve never heard of this before but if you look on-line you’ll find lots of people talking about it. It’s just guys getting together trying to make each other better and holding each other accountable. So if you are able to convey that clearly. You think about if somebody called you and said hey here’s what I’m doing. I’m a high level PDR guy out of Chicken Lips and I’m looking to form a group with other guys in other states who really want to get to the next level and we’re going to do a phone call once a week and talk about issues and see if we can come up with strategies.

Keith: If someone called you and said that it would sound pretty interesting wouldn’t it. Wouldn’t you at least be interested in hearing more about it?

Shane: For sure. I would think this guy has got it together. Probably more than I do because he’s the one calling me to put this thing together so automatically we’ve found the guy that’s better than us. If he’s calling you to put the group together. Right.

Keith: So I think that’s what I would do in addition to reaching out to some of the local guys. But some of the challenges that Shane and I experience, well one of them is our time zone difference.

Shane: Yeah, that kind of sucks.

Keith: It kind of does. One of us is always going to be up at a weird hour. Or smack dab in the middle of our busy day when we’re talking. That’s why I always make so many jokes about Shane always wanting to get off the phone with me because whenever I can call is always in the middle of a busy business day. Or I’m off early 5:30 or 6:00 and he’s either in the middle of dinner or hanging out with his kids. Or if I’m getting ready for bed at 8:00 or I’m getting ready for a little wind down time to make a phone call at 8:30 well it’s 11:30 where he is and he’s probably sacked out or getting ready to be. So it’s challenging.

Shane: And when you speak on the phone with Keith if you don’t pick up the phone and say Oh hi Keith, how are you? Then you’re in a bad mood. You know so at 11:30 I’ve got to drink caffeine. I’ve got to get all jacked up.

Keith: It’s either do that or do a bunch of cocaine.

Shane: Now I’m hooked on narcotics. It’s a bad situation. Just to please Keith my mentor. Dad, don’t get hooked on narcotics and caffeine. Get in a master mind group with somebody in the same time zone. So, there’s different kinds also of meetings. Is it always going to be on the phone? Physical in person?

Keith: Yeah. I’ve got a buddy of mine that’s the relationship is similar to Shane’s and I and mine that I meet in person. He lives in my town and we have uh and he’s not in my industry, completely different, he’s an Accountant. We talk about a lot of business strategy and he’s given me some great ideas. A lot of the things I’ve done in my businesses are results of directions that he has given me. And we have a great time, however, a challenge when you’re meeting in person with a guy your buddies with as well, is it’s unless you use a written agenda it’s difficult to stay on point.

Keith: Because you naturally will flow into different parts of conversation because you enjoy each other’s company. So, if the purpose of that meeting is a business master mind group then I would recommend a written agenda and dealing with those topics one by one. And these meetings by the way are not supposed to be super long. Under an hour usually because if you’re busy productive people you don’t have much more time than that. If you keep it short, then you will get to the points quickly and get through them. So keep your meetings relatively short.

Keith: The time has come the Black Smooth Series Tabs are a reality and they are available to you now on If you’ve been living under a rock, it is time to come out. We are making money out here with glue pulling and we are using the smooth series tabs to do it. We are getting pulls out of these tabs that you cannot get from any tabs no matter the price. These things flat hook up strong snappy pulls every time.

Keith: These tabs along with the green glue that we have also on the site are blowing people away. If you want to be a part of the movement get over there and get some tabs into your box. or, guys the game has changed, don’t get left behind. Stay on the cutting edge.

Keith: I guess we can dig down a little deeper on the agenda like how what do you talk about when you do it. And like I said neither Shane or I are in a multi-person master mind group both those meeting for me are two people so I’ll tell you the research I’ve done and see the way that most people say they work the best but the disclaimer is that I haven’t done them myself. But generally the formats that run, that seem to run well is that everybody initiates the call and takes a few minutes at the forefront talking about some wins they had in the week prior and what’s one thing that they won on.

Keith: And some guys like to say guys and gals like to say the one thing that they’re working on right now. And then you know that part is all of this is up for your creation. You can make it however you want. You generally start the call like that and then one person is in the hot seat so that person is going to share the particular issue they’re working on or struggling with right now and the other members are just going to listen and offer their advice on what that person should do and give them some action items for the next week and then they’re going to follow up.

Keith: And then that’s generally the end of the meeting. And then you will follow up with that hot seat person in the initial part of the next call and then the new person is in the hot seat. So, everybody gets a chance to be the focus of the call and take some direct criticism or direction from other members of the group and then you’re out of there. So a relatively short call with lots of content jammed down into it and definite accountability to your other members of the group. And a lot of them set really strict rules about showing up. If you missed like two calls you’re out. You get, it’s got to be a priority.

Keith: That’s why I’m keeping track of how many times you send me to voicemail. You’ve got three more.

Shane: I’ve got three more?

Keith: Yeah, and we’re out. Yeah. I’m putting a brick through the PDR calling podcast.

Shane: So, if I, here would be the alternative to not sending you to voicemail: Yes, Mr. Customer I can’t speak to you anymore, a dude from California, one of my friends has to talk to me. I know your hail car is worth four grand it’s okay go somewhere else.

Keith: As a side note man I wish you could change the number of rings you get for someone when you’re on the phone when someone else is calling. It’s like I’m on an iPhone and it’s on AT&T so I don’t know if it’s a setting. Maybe one of you nerds can tell me but I’m on the phone with Shane and I get beep, I look at the screen, if I put the phone back up to my head and I go hey Shane listen I’ve got to split, I’ve got a customer on the other line, right at that point it’s gone to voicemail.

Shane: Yeah.

Keith: You don’t get enough time to tell the person you’re on the other line with in a polite way that you need to go and grab the other call. It’s gone already. I wish I had another like 30, 40, 50 seconds to do that. One of my buddies who do that, he works on a phone for a living you know he’s like a sales guy and I’ve known him my whole life. He just goes, Hey, man I got to go. Boom. And he’s gone. I use to think it was real rude but now I understand. When you get that other call you don’t have the time to talk about why you need to go. You just need to vaporize. So, I’ve started doing it.

Shane: You’ve done it to me a few times.

Keith: Yeah, because I’m comfortable enough in our relationship that I can just hang up on you and we’ll just pick it up where we left off.

Shane: Exactly.

Keith: I can’t do that to my wife.

Shane: Oh wow, yeah. I’ll lose three or four-thousand-dollar hail jobs in a week over that.

Keith: So anyways, that’s kind of a rundown on why Shane and I know each other. What the benefit of our relationship is and we wanted to encourage you guys to have a similar relationship. And it’s not just a buddy who is cool and fun to talk to. That’s important but it’s not the purpose of this transaction, this interaction is to specifically push you forward in your personal or business goals. And you’ve got to find someone else that is interested in the same things.

Keith: It’s not easy but when you do man you can make a lot of progress and you’ll wonder how much further you can get if you just keep going down this path and how further behind you, you would be if you didn’t. It’s really great and it’s one of those things if you want to emulate successful, if you want to be successful you have to emulate successful people and this is something that successful people do on many different levels not just these kind of meetings but every industry has these high level producers that network with each other to help each other get better.

Keith: So, that’s what we want you guys to do so when the inner circle comes true you will be invited to join a master mind group with two of the other members. And we’ll give you some framework on running your meetings. That’s what we’re talking about. And it’s possible in the future that Shane and I will hold a webinar with other guys, you on the call or on-line and we’ll talk about stuff like this and run some master mind groups in an on-line format. I think that will be fun.

Shane: Yep. Keith and I challenge each other just as much as we joke around with one another, if not more. So,

Keith: Yeah, we sure do.

Shane: It’s not all fun and games. When we’re on the phone together it rarely is fun and games. So,

Keith: No, we’re too dang busy. That’s one real drawback to pursuing success is that it eats up a lot of time.

Shane: Yes, it does.

Keith: There’s not a lot of goofing around. And when you do want to goof around you’ve got to schedule it. Which is a crazy thing to say but it’s a reality. Well, I hope you guys found something you can take action on. I challenge you to at least find the one guy that you can have these conversations with and I would love it if you formed a group and tell me how it went for you and tell me if you guys are getting better because it would be great to hear. We will be back with you next week with another hour of awesomeness. But until then, get better.

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