Join the PDR College Community

Do you know about the PDR College Community?

The PDR College Podcast has been running for about two years now. In that time, we have connected the highest level technicians from all around the world with each other to help one another grow their companies.

We are so PROUD of that fact and our mission: To help PDR techs and business owners increase their revenue and their rewards in this fun industry.

Well, now we have built a place where all these high level techs can gather together and learn from each other. You simply cannot appreciate how helpful and insightful other guys who have already been through YOUR barriers can be for you TODAY.


Chances are, with a large enough group most every obstacle you face (real or perceived…more on that later) has been conquered by a member already!

That’s why our motto is Give. Get. Grow.

We only want members who desire to give help to one another. If that’s not who you are, then please do not request membership. We want to network with techs who desire to see success in and all around them. When you have a mentality like that you cannot help but end up successful. It’s a universal rule.

That’s the vibe in the community and we want you to come and join in.

If this sounds like your jam and you want to be a part of the revolution,


Don’t get left behind.