PDR College Podcast #122

Confidence: The Income Crushing Intangible

Get your mind right with Shane on this latest episode of the PDR College Podcast!

Arnold's Story

100 ways to motivate others

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Shane Jacks Signature PDR Tools

Best PDR Glue Tabs money can buy

AMT ReconPro for Invoicing

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PDR College Podcast #118

Top TEN Things to Avoid in Your PDR Career

After 18 & 22 years respectively in PDR, Keith and Shane have learned a LOT about what to DO for success and even MORE about what NOT TO DO!

Here are TEN things to avoid in your PDR career to keep you on the path of success.


Don't avoid getting the best tools you can for paintless dent repair! Like

 http://www.blackplaguepdr.com/ for glue pulling tools


Shane Jacks Signature Tools  for Blending hammers and edge repair tools


ReconPro for Invoicing

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PDR College Podcast #115

How to Make 10K Per Day

In this show Shane breaks down the methodologies and strategies he uses to do 5 figure days by himself in Paintless Dent Repair.


Buy the best glue tabs for PDR at Blackplague pdr



Shane's Hammers can be found here


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    Interview w James Catron: 2016 Glue Pulling Champion In today's show we dive deep with 2016 Dent Olympic Glue Pulling Winner James Catron!
 James used Blackplague Gang Green Smooth Series tabs and TabWeld glue to take home first place! We ask him every question we can think of to…
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    Are Your High Prices Costing You Money? We preach high prices for your PDR business 99% of the time, but are these strategies costing you money via lost business in the long run? Today we go deep on this topic to find out. Use a blending hammer to fix minor…
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