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SPECIAL EPISODE! 4mo into his pdr biz…$43k in a MONTH?!

Special guest Jack Bucknell shares his success implementing the PDR College strategies in a real world environment and CRUSHING IT!

If you want to come to the Advanced Skills Seminar in 2018 (Jack has been twice), head over to http://www.pdrcollege.com/advanced-skills-seminar-2018

Remember to use the code BELIKEJACK at checkout and save $50!

Only while there is still space, seating is limited.


Got some tips of your own? Email them in and we will share them on the show: pdrcollegeonline@gmail.com

A1 Tool PDRC Mini Humpback tool! https://www.pdrtool.com/products/14y18d-pdrc-humpback-tool-made-in-usa


A1 Stanliner Snake Tools as recommended by Shane:



Blackplague PDR Crease Tab 2.0:



Shane’s Mini Jackhammer Blending Hammer


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