PDR College Podcast #154

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Leaving $250K and Starting FROM ZERO w/ Ken Mori

Ken Mori (www.dentdominator.com) was in a great place with a great income. Until he wasn’t…Learn what techniques he used to start from scratch in a town where he knew no one and made his money back AND MORE in about 2 years.


A1 PDR Tool of the month! Aussie Hand Tool Set w Ratcheting Handles


Shane Jacks Signature PDR Tools


Best glue tabs for dent repair in the world? Right here


Here’s what Keith uses for his invoicing

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  • Mike Chatfield

    thanks guys as I listened in on this podcast today. Was just looking to see the 250k to zero startup again. Appreciate your thoughts.

  • Chris Dimiceli

    New to pdr here, got one quick question, what is a rock lot?