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PDR College Podcast #136

Getting Top Dollar for Your Repairs w Paul Kordon Paul Kordon is one of the world leaders in retail PDR and especially the customer experience. Join us here and pickup some actionable steps you can take today to start making more money! Shane Jacks Signature PDR Tools   Best glue tabs for dent repair in […]


PDR College Podcast #135

Educate First to Own Your Market Do you want to occupy that position in your market of Expert? What do ALL experts have in common? They know more about the subject matter than you do! So if you want to BE the expert, educate and enlighten customers and prospects about what you know… and what […]


PDR College Podcast #134

Brice Kelly: From wholesale only to Retail Goldmine Let’s learn the steps Brice has taken to go from the run of the mill anywhere USA lot technician to one of the busiest Retail PDR technicians in America. Shane Jacks Signature PDR Tools Best glue tabs for dent repair in the world? Right here Here’s what […]


PDR College Podcast #133

What’s Wrong with Shane’s Website? Bonus: Shane shares the exact technique he used to repair 24 Bullet Train Doors Guys, there are a TON of nuggets hiding in this episode! Shane reveals a staggering payday he had fixing some very unconventional items: High Speed Train Doors! He shares the dollar figure (astonishing) and the ACTUAL […]


PDR College Podcast #132

Ask for the SALE…with Confidence! On this weeks show, Shane shares average sales statistics, how confidence is paramount in life, and how each effects how you run your business. Shane Jacks Signature PDR Tools Automobile Technologies ReconPro for invoicing Blackplague Gang Green Tabs Related PostsPDR College Podcast #13199Pros and Cons of Hiring and Answering Service […]


PDR College Podcast #131

Pros and Cons of Hiring and Answering Service + More Let’s learn a little more about the 2017 Advanced Skills Seminar! Also, Shane and Keith go in depth on two listener questions that YOU won’t want to miss. Blackplague Green Tabs are #1 in the nation Shane Jacks Tools Repair edges better than anything Keith […]


PDR College Podcast #130

One on One PDR Business Coaching w Keith Loyal fan of the show, Patrick Borton gets over an hour with Keith to help him develop his local PDR business and level up. Gang Green Glue Tabs are taking over the world See why Shane Jacks Signature Tools are taking over the #1 SPOT RECON PRO […]


PDR College Podcast #129

Shane & Keith Coach a 20 yr Tech to build his retail business In this episode, we had a fan of the show reach out to us to ask a few questions about transitioning into more retail, which are questions we got A LOT so we decided to answer his questions in the form of […]


PDR College Podcast #128

Defining Who & What you are Are you all over the map with your service business? One day you’re trying to get 200 bucks for a half dollar sized dent, then the next lowering your price to gain customers?  Shane has been there, and knows how to GET OUT!!  Learn how defining WHO and WHAT […]


PDR College Podcast #127

The Call In Show (audio gets better a few minutes in) WOW! This was a crazy show! We took calls from fans of the show and made a podcast out of it. To say we had a few technical issues would be the understatement of the year. BUT we pulled it off and here it […]


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  • Richard

    Hey guys!
    Questions: Do you know if there is a part# for adapter for mini lifter’s such as Keco-Robo to grab the tabs with the large ring installed in center of pull tab? Also it appears the Black Plague tabs have a bolt screwed in middle on longer tabs what attachment is needed for that application also? I have not purchased a mini lifter yet until I understand what I need.
    Thanks a Million also for the great POD Cast episodes.

    • Keith Cosentino

      Hey Richard! There isn’t an adapter for the rings. The blackplague tabs that have bolts will work in virtually every standard liter as the bolt head is identical to a standard tab head size!

  • Charles Walker

    Good Afternoon Gents,

    Quick question? Can you guys explain how you work dents on front doors that have laminated glass as I am terrified that I will crack one if I have a deep dent that requires top tool access only.

    Thank you,
    Charles Walker –
    Dent Hero